Caldwell Co., Ky. Cemetery Board

In August 2004 a Cemetery Board was formed by county ordinance with a goal of obtaining
grant funds from the state to preserve and maintain only the cemeteries in Caldwell County, Ky.
that are not in perpetual care.

The board's mission is to restore, preserve and protect abandoned or neglected cemeteries that lack perpetual care funds

Board Members are:
Gregory Watson, Richard P'Pool, Frank Morse, Rick Morgan, Linda Bennett

Thank You to all of you for your hard work and dedication!!

Cemeteries Cleaned 2008

Update on this cemetery cleaning provided by Frank Morse

Jan. 12, 2008

We had our first cemetery cleaning for 2008 on Sat. Jan. 12. We worked on the Blue Cemetery located close to the junction of Hwy 91 North and Old Fredonia Road. The cemetery is close to the Old Elkhorn Tavern site on Skinframe Creek. There were eight people there to help........

J.D. Wilson, Barry Copeland, Dr. Duane Miksch, Gary Hamby, Rick Morgan, Jared Nelson, Richard P'Pool and Frank Morse worked for a couple hours.

We burned all the brush and tree limbs that we cut and those that had been cut previously.
Linda Bennett showed up with a big box of doughnuts!
Frank Morse

See Photos Of Blue Cemetery

Jan. 26, 2008
Volunteers met to clean the Centerville (Livingston Presbyterian Church) Cemetery

Volunteers were: J.D. Wilson, Donnie Boone, Gary Hamby, Rick Morgan, Dr. Duane Miksch, Barry Copeland, Nancy Paris, William Ralph Paris and John Wright

See Times/Leader News Photo Of Centerville Cemetery Cleaning

Oct. 25, 2008
Volunteers met to clean the Dawson Cemetery - Hopkinsville Rd.
& E. B. Morse Cem. on the UK Resaerch and Education Center property
See Times/Leader News Photo Of Dawson Cemetery Cleaning

Nov. 1, 2008
Volunteers met to clean the Crider Cemetery in Fredonia, Ky.
located near the intersection of Marion Rd. & Old Mexico Rd.