Information submitted by E-mail Linda Ward

Clinton Masonic Lodge # 82

Princeton, Ky.

Those listed below were all Past Masters of Clinton Lodge # 82 F & AM..

Adams, Earl Leonard (ca. 1945)
Baker, J. Elliot (ca. 1900)
Beck, James Thomas (ca. 1955)
Boitnott, B. B. (ca. 1940)
Boitnott, Don B. (ca. 1955)
Brock, Alfred (ca. 1830ís)
Cassidy, Howard (ca. 1830ís)
Chandler, E. B. (ca. 1950)
Clift, Clinton (ca. 1940)
Coats, Thomas J. (ca.1900)
Coleman, Robert C. (ca. 1930)
Craig, R. F. (ca. 1935)
Cunningham, Mark (ca. 1950)
Curry, Charles S. (ca. 1910)
Darby, Franklin W. (ca. 1860ís)
Davidge, Rezin H. J. (ca. 1840ís)
Davis, W. B. (ca. 1920)
Dearing, Arthur M. (ca. 1930)
Delaney, William S. (ca. 1860ís)
Drennan, Cal H. (ca. 1940)
Dudley, William (ca. 1860ís)
Dugger, John H. (ca. 1920)
Egbert, Edward J. (ca. 1930)
Engelhardt, Christian F. (ca. 1935)
Farmer, Dowell Ray (ca. 1955)
Franklin, Frank M. (ca. 1940)
Gardner, David H. (ca. 1900)
Glover, Ira C. (ca. 1945)
Goodwin, Hugh A. (ca. 1930)
Gordon, James Frank (ca. 1920)
Grandstaff, William L. (ca. 1940)
Gray, Earl (ca. 1940)
Hodge, Henry A. (ca. 1900)
Jewell, Jim W. (ca. 1910)
Johnson, Edward M. (ca. 1910)
Johnson, T. J. (ca. 1850ís)
Jones, Hezekiah M. 1870ís)
Jones, Joseph B. (ca. 1930)
Lofland, Charles (ca. 1830ís)
Longshow, L. M. (ca. 1880ís)
McGoodwin, P. B. (ca. 1830ís)
McGowan, John W. (ca. 1860ís)
McGowan, William (ca. 1830ís)
McGuirk, W. J. (ca. 1930)
McLin, John J. (ca. 1870ís)
Martin, Kelly L. (ca. 1930)
Miller, William H. (ca. 1860ís)
Murphy, Lawrence M. (ca. 1955)
Nuchols, A. Clyde (ca. 1940)
Oliver, Robert Mackey (ca. 1955)
Palmer, William BillĒ E. (ca. 1960)
Price, H. M. (ca. 1940)
Rascoe, John P. (ca. 1860ís)
Shattuck, Frank E. (ca. 1920)
Sims, L. B. (ca. 1930)
Stallins, Fred (ca. 1920)
Strong, Orval T. (ca. 1950)
Towery, George W. (ca. 1920)
Tyler, Mark (ca. 1850ís)
Vick, Kelsey T. (ca. 1960)
Vinson, E. B. (ca. 1950)
Walker, Lonnie A. (ca. 1935)
Webb, Charles (ca.1830ís)
Weller, James C. (1830ís)
Whitnel, John (ca.1830ís)
Wolfe, Power (ca. 1940)

Linda Ward of the Glenn Martin Genealogy Research Center, Princeton, Ky. is working on an album
of pictures and information of the above mention men for the Clinton Masonic Lodge of Princeton, Ky.
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