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Rev. Robert Henry Emerson Family

Front row:
Rev. Robert Henry Emerson, 3rd wife Susie (Rucker) Alston and Robert's son George
Second row:
Robert's sons: John C., Exel, and Admiral Dewy Emerson.

Robert H. Emerson
b. April 9, 1861 Caldwell Co., Ky. d. July 29, 1929 Caldwell Co., Ky.
buried Cedar Hill Cem., Caldwell Co., Ky.
son of John Robert Emerson & Helen Tinsley
md. March 2, 1884 Caldwell Co., Ky.
Eliza Crow
b. Nov. 1863 Caldwell Co., Ky.
dau of Charlie Crow, Sr. & Edy Cook
Children by Eliza Crow:

  • George b. Feb. 1885
  • Ethyl b. June 1887
  • Eveline b. July 1890
  • Robbie b. April 1893
  • John C. b. Aug. 1895 d. July 18, 1984
  • Betsy b. April 1898 d. Aug. 23, 1916 Caldwell Co., Ky.
  • Admiral Dewey b. June 6, 1900 d. March 30, 1976
  • Exel Emerson b. Nov. 13, 1902 Caldwell Co., Ky.
    d. June 1972 Indianspolis, In.
    Robert H. Emerson md. 2nd to Susie M. (Rucker) Alston
    Dec. 28, 1911 Caldwell Co., Ky. book 7 pg. 562-563


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    George W. Emerson
    Etherine Emerson
    Eveline Emerson
    Robbie Emerson
    John Curtis Emerson
    Admiral Dewey Emerson
    Exel Emerson
    Mary Edna Calvert
    Kalib Simpkins
    John C. Emerson Family
    John C. Emerson at work
    Jennie Calvert
    Ruby L. Calvert
    Nannie Baker
    Clark E. Martin
    Rachel V. Cook
    George Tandy Family
    Myrtle Mae Calvert Johnson
    Myrtle Mae Calvert
    Mattie Moore Cook
    Ernest B. Calvert
    Marshall J. Calvert
    Ruth Calvert & daughters
    Clark E. Martin and son Carlton
    Clifton, Charles & Walter Tinsley
    George W. Emerson and an unknown woman
    George W. Emerson and Ethel Emerson Hollowell
    Mary Baker Tinsley and Mary Edna Calvert Emerson
    Tinsley Day Program from 1929
    Tinsley Day Program from 1931
    Tinsley Day Program from 1932
    Tinsley Day Program from 1941

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