The information below was found on the back of a collector  plate (shown below) owned by Ken & Peggy Gilkey
The building was used for several years as the Senior Citizens Center and is now being use as the
City Hall for Princeton, Ky.
On May 2, 2009 this plate was presented to Mayor Gail Cherry for the City of Princeton
  Submitted  by Ken & Peggy Gilkey

First Christian Church

Princeton, Kentucky

The "Princeton Banner" of Oct. 6, 1891, gave 1833 as the date the First Christian Church, Princeton,
Ky. was organized, but in 1834 almost all the members died in a cholera epidemic.
In 1849 Mrs. Angeline Henry and Mr. Wheatley reorganized a Congregation of Disciples meeting
alternately in their homes each Sunday. Later the meetings were held in the courthouse.
The first building erected in 1859 was destroted by fire in 1897.
The present building was dedicated April 30, 1889 by Rev. F. M. Rains, pastor.
Present pastor - Rev. George Filer

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