Flint Cemetery

3361 Old Fredonia Road, Princeton, Ky.

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John Flint
Departed This Life
Oct. 29th 1819
Aged 56 Years

John Flint's information is listed in DAR records, as follows:

Service - South Carolina ---- Rank - Sergeant
Birth (Circa) 1762 Ireland
Death (Ante) 11 -- 1819 Skinframe Creek, Caldwell Co., Ky.
Service Description - Capt. Ross, Dragoons, 1781
2nd wife Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard Thomas Hamilton
Residence when entering service - Craven Co. probably South Carolina
Ancestor number A021710

Caldwell Co., Ky. marriages Book 1 Page 22
John Flint md. Elizabeth Hamilton Jan. 5, 1815

Sherrye owes finding the grave of John Flint to the owner of the farm at 3361 Old Fredonia Rd.. She told him what she was looking for, he asked who the person was, then when she said John FLINT he gave permission for her to go on his property.

Sherrye stated the grave is up a hill, through a red gate and under a powerline.

After she came home, we learned William HAMILTON's grave is overgrown in a wooded area.
His stone is also limestone.

Across a dividing fence, in an adjoining field, but in the same area of 3361 Old Fredonia Rd.
what may have at one time been called the Hamilton Cemetery is the grave of

William Hamilton
1768-July 22, 1811
43 years of age

Additional DAR, Cemetery and Marriage information by Peggy Gilkey
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Addition Information for John Flint
John Flint 1762 -1763

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