Jordan Cemetery

(Completely Destroyed)

This cemetery is located on the old Charles W. Calvert farm
US Hwy 62 W - Caldwell Co., Ky.

Anyone with more information on those buried at this cemetery, please contact
Peggy D. Gilkey so they maybe posted here

Malinda Jordan
July 26, 1804  March 26, 1839

Lila Hyde
wife of B.F. Jordan
Oct. 30, 1831   Nov. 1, 1893

Benjamin F. Jordan
March 10, 1823  May 6, 1862

This was the listing of headstones in this cemetery when done by Arawana Kyle Mar. 29, 1967
At that time it was reported in the OAP book "cemetery completely destroyed except for these three stones."
April 1, 2005 even these three stones are down and cattle are running in the cemetery.