Keeney Cemetery

Cobb Quadrangle
1 mi S of Hopson Store on Hwy 514, on old Lacy farm
Longitude 36.58'27"N     Latitude 87.49'57"W
Cemetery information submitted by Bedford Murphy

Leslie J. Poindexter  
(husband of Bertha Keeney)
1881 1947

William Jefferson Keeney
11/11/1883  7/20/1896
T'was not in cruety, not in warth
That the reaper came that day
T'was an angel that visited the earth
And took the flower away

Margery "Keeney" Von Hondarf
12/23/1889   6/18/1957

James E. Keeney
1864 1945

Mary Susan "Childress" Keeney
1865 1942

Ethel K. "Keeney" Murphy
(wife of George W. Murphy, Jr.)
6/1/1887  10/19/1956

J.F. Keeney
12/4/1867   9/28/1868

T.J. Keney
son of T. J. and L.A. Keney
8/11/1866   12/13/1886

Grace Lorene Merrick
daughter of Shevie and Mary Merrick
2/19/1918  10/19/1919

Wayman W. Keeney
7/12/1890 5/26/1919

11/28/1852 2/20/1868

Mary Ann "Keney" Meric
12/26/1827 1/3/1902
(2nd wife of John C. Merrick)

Martha Keney
(Martha Patsey McFarland Keeney)
wife of Thomas Y. Keney
5/18/1807   5/26/1879

Thomas Y. Keney
(Thomas Jefferson Keeney)
1798   4/26/1858

Guy Pool
7/29/1891  3/13/1926
WW I, Co. I, 16th Inf.

William "Bill" Wallace Merrick
12/23/1852   12/27/1919
and his wife
Julia Ann (Keeney) Merrick
10/13/1857    6/4/1936
(no stones)

Leslie Merrick
1923   1935

Wesley Merrick
1923   1937
(Leslie and Wesley were twins)

Bertha, Margery, Ethel and Wayman Keeney were brother & sisters
(note different spellings for Kenney & Merrick)

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