Lewistown Christian Church
Lewistown Christian Church

Lewistown Christian Church Members 1909

Submitted By: Reta Young

This was found in some old papers of my Aunt, Alma Virginia Young, daughter
of Verdie Young (below), who left Caldwell Co. in 1918 for Kansas.

Typed as written.

The Following Record of :-
“Lewistown Christian Church” is to take effect from the fouthe Lords
day in March in the year ninteen hundred and nine.

It will contain the names of all members who can be found to identify
themselves with the cause at Lewistown.

May Christs Diciples in Lewistown be found worthy of God’s richest
blessings in all the years of his earthly tabernacle.

Our Motto;-
“The truth in Love”

NAME ADDRESS DATE 1909 Baptism Letter Aug Claude Martin --- Dawson Hugh Hopper --- Clanton, Ky. Carie Jordan, --- " Miss Dawson, --- Ky. Ivy Barnes --- " Verdie Young ---- " Francis Morse --- Princeton K Richard Boyd --- Lewistown,Ky Everet Barnes --- Dawson Eldon Lane --- inactive Alvin Creekmore --- (Creekmur) --- Princeton Bervie Young --- Dawson William Wylie --- " John Wylie --- inactive Mary K (?) Jane Tyrie Janie Wright Tyrie Emma Williams --- Inactive Mary, King Williams --- Cathrine Stallins Mattie Barne Minnie Cook Mary Ressie Williams Macie Williams Lulu Stallins --- Lewiston active Clint Nichols Baker --- Dawson Walter Lee Hoppe_ --- Dawson John Dan De—ing --- Dawson