Caldwell Co. Elementary School
Princeton, Ky.
5th Grade Living History Program
Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009

This year because of so much rain the 5th grade students were bussed back to Princeton from the Pennyrile Forrest State Park on Thursday night for the Living History Program.
The program was done inside the Elementary School Gymnasium.
This was just another little bump in the road for Tammy Sanders and all of the others that work with her and Richard P'Pool to do this wonderful program for the children each year.

The "Story Teller" Frankie Brown gets ready to tell
the students the history of Caldwell Co., Ky.

Simon Kenton (April 3, 1755 April 29, 1836)
was a famous United States frontiersman
and friend of Daniel Boone, Simon Girty,
Spencer Records and Isaac Shelby.
Simon Kenton was portrayed by Richard Grainger who watches the long hunter portrayed by Dennie Mize from Cerulean Springs stricking a piece of flint to build a fire. Dennie Mize was portraying Richard P'Pool's 6 times great grandfather Jacob Morris who is buried on the Pennyrile golf course and spent his first winter in Kentucky with John Thompson in the Thompson Cave over by the Main Lodge.

A new character was added to this year's program.
Johnny Appleseed protrayed by Joe Farless.
He was a huge hit with the children. Next to him is Sacagawea (Saka-ga-wea), Shoshone Indian woman who helped with the Lewis & Clark Expedition, played again this year by Laurie Moquin and Seaman, played once again by Soloman takes a little nap before his big appearence for the 5th graders.
Laurie and Soloman are from Cadiz, Ky.

Ken and Peggy Gilkey once again had the pleasure of telling the 5th graders a bit about William Prince the founder of Princeton, Ky. and his wife Elizabeth.

General John Caldwell and wife Judith portrayed by Spencer Brewer and Linda Vincent enjoy a
burger and chips before the program begins.

George and Julia Tinsley once again portrayed by
Al Curry & Lisa Moore (Lisa not pictured)

Jane Vanhooser portraying Miss Nannie Catlett, 1st and only female school superintendent 1897-1901 Miss Nannie also bought the Banner Newspaper in 1902 and in 1903 the Banner and the Leader consolidated.
She was the editor from 1902 until her death Dec. 15, 1931

Next to Jane are Dr. and Mrs. Duane Miksch, Dr. Miksch portrayed himself and told the 5th graders about his years working with the NASA Space Program

Robert Ward as a Confederate Soldier during the Civil War. I think Robert was happy to be in modern times where there are cokes, chips and burgers, but he sure knows his Civil War stuff.

Another Confederate soldier played by Zack Cummins
Not pictured were the two Union Soldiers played by Miles Ward and Richard Byard

Is this an honery looking group of men or not ?
This year they did double duty and also filled in
as the Night Riders of the Tobacco Wars era.

The James Gang /Night Riders protrayed by Rick Williams, Mike Stevenson, Rick Morgan and Dwight Meeks, seated
Not pictured was Gerald Igleheart

The part of a modern day Marine was played
by Lt. Colonel Roger Mitchell. The event was on Thursday night and he had retired Wednesday the day before after 26 years.

Another view of Jane VanHooser as Miss Nannie Cattlet
Notice the trees behind her, the forrest was brought inside this year.

Linda Higgins-Johnson and Jeannette Parrent protrayed Native Americans
and told the 5th graders about the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears march through Caldwell Co., Ky.
There were many others that I have not named, and all did a wonderful job for the
Caldwell Co., Ky. 5th Graders.

A tireless worker and coordinator for the event each year is Richard P'Pool
Despite all of the rain and last minute changes that were made, he and all
of the others did a great job in putting on this program for the students !

Ken and I think this is such a wonderful program for Caldwell Co., Ky. 5th graders.
It is a lot of work for the principal, teachers and coordinators who do this each year for them
They also plan field trips to Caldwell's historic places and activities to make history come alive for the children
The other re-enactors all enjoy getting together each year and the children make a wonderful audience
We are excited each year to be a part of all of this !!
Ken & Peggy Gilkey

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