Living & Learning Program
Caldwell Co., Ky. 5th Grade Students

Pennyrile Forest State Park, Dawson Springs, Ky.

Once again Richard P'Pool was the coordinator for the re-enactors for Thursday night.
Everything went as planed. That day the 5th graders participated in several hands on crafts and learned many new things

As it begain to get dark the children were brought and seated in a semicircle. There were bon-fires to help stay warm and for lighting.
Judge Bill Cunningham was once again the narrator for the evening. As Judge Cunningham told the story of each person that had shaped and molded
Caldwell Co., Ky. history, those persons appeared out of the darkness with a hearty
"Hello The Camp."
At that point Judge Cunningham invited them into the Camp to tell the students "their story."
Below are photos of some of those people.

Richard P'Pool gives some last minute direction to re-enactors
Linda Ward, Spencer Brewer and Peggy Gilkey
Linda, in the black skirt is a librarian at the Glenn Martin Genealogy
Center in Princeton, Ky.

Gen. John Caldwell & wife Judith portrayed by
Spencer Brewer, Earlington and Laura Kinsolving, Dawson Springs, Ky.

William & Elizabeth Ford Prince protrayed by, Ohio Valley Chapter INSSAR
member Kenneth Gilkey and wife Peggy a SAR Ladies Auxillary member,
Gen. John Caldwell Chapter, DAR member

Peggy Gilkey with Richard Byard of Crittenden Co., Ky.
Richard portrays a Civil War Soldier
Peggy & Richard are also cousins

Shane Brewer, Earlington, Ky. portrays
Robert Barrett one of the last Civil War veterans.

Civil War Soldier portrayed by Robert Ward, Princeton, Ky.

A small part of the group of re-enactors
Front right, Peggy Gilkey, Newburgh, In. (Elizabeth Prince)
Back l-r Linda Ward, Princeton, Ky. (Miss Nannie Catlett)
Laura Kinsolving, Dawson Springs, Ky., (Judith Caldwell),
Spencer Brewer, Earlington, Ky. (Gen. John Caldwell),
Richard P'Pool, Princeton, Ky and Shane Brewer, Earlington, Ky.

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