Caldwell Co. Elementary School
Princeton, Ky.
5th Grade Living & Learning Program
Sept. 25, 2008

Pennyrile Forest State Park

On Sept. 25, 2008, the Caldwell Co. Elementary School
5th Graders approx. 130, were bussed to Pennyrile Forest State Park
for a Living & Learning program on the history of Caldwell County from
the era of the Native Americans to present day.

The children participated in programs during the day Thursday where they
learned to do things such as grinding corn and making corn cakes (hoe cakes).
After the evening meal they were entertained with bluegrass and folk song music.

As it begain to get dark they were led to a campsite, which contains a fireplace
and chimney and concrete pad, which are the remains of an old building site. It
makes the perfect stage for the Caldwell history that is about to unfold before them.
The school librarian, Tammy Sanders, was the coordinator of the whole thing.
Richard P'Pool was the coordinator for the re-enactors for Thursday night.
It is a night that the 5th Grade Students will never forget.

Frank Brown, who is the Caldwell Co. Schools Director of Transportation was
the narrator for the evening. The children were seated in a semicircle around
the stage as the program begain. As Mr. Brown told the story of each person
that had helped in the formation of Princeton and Caldwell Co., Ky. history,
those persons appeared out of the darkness with a hearty "Hello Camp."
At that point Mr. Brown invited them into the Camp to tell the students
"their story."

Many volunteers participate in this program each year to help make the history of Caldwell Co., Ky. and our Nation real and exciting for the 5th Grade students of
Caldwell Co., Ky..

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by Ken & Peggy Gilkey
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