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Meek's Cemetery

Location- 2 miles on Hwy 91N, 1/2 mile on 139 to Carner Hill Road from Princeton, Ky.
Crider Quadrangle   37.08'56"N Latitude    87.54'23"W Longitude

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This cemetery is mantained by perputual fund which is held by Farmer's Bank & Trust
Princeton, Kentucky

Shelton Lowery   1846-(July 2,) 1927
(brother of Margaret Jane Lowery)

Effie Mae (Lowery) Blevin
1878-(Mar 26, 1950)
dau. of Shelton Lowery
J. W. Blevin
(Effie Mae Lowery md. 1st John W. Blevin)
(md 2nd to John Newton Goodaker Mar. 23, 1935, Caldwell Co., Ky.)
(Effie Mae Goodaker is buried at Cedar Hill Cem, Princeton, Ky).

James Allen Lowery
1867-(Oct. 15,) 1942
(son of Shelton & Rebecca Lowery)
Ida (Rich) Lowery
1870-(June 11,) 1962
married March 27, 1898 Caldwell Co., Ky.

Earl Lowery
March, 1904-July 11, 1927
(son of James A. & Ida Lowery)

Leamon Lowery
Dec. 4, 1898-July 11, 1919
son of James A. & Ida Lowery

Hermon K. Lowery
Aug. 1, 1907-Feb. 26, 1991
(son of James Allen Lowery

Tiline Lowery
Sept. 14, 1909-Sept. 14, 1991
(married Sept. 9, 1933 Caldwell Co., Ky.)

Hiram Lowery
March 23, 1870-Nov. 5, 1937
(son of Shelton Lowery)

Emma (Lane) Lowery
Jan. 12, 1880-June 23, 1943
Hiram Lowery md. Emma Lane Feb. 16, 1898 Caldwell Co., Ky.

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