With the help of Dorthy Emerson Mingus this picture has been identified by John Emerson

Emerson Children

The little girl in the front left is Mildred B. Emerson
Born Nov 03 1926 Passed away March 01 2000.
Her first husband was George Lancaster, no children.
Her second husband was Claude Krisel, two children.
Her third husband was Archie Brown, five children.

The little girl in the front right is Dorthy Emerson
Born August 01 1928, still alive.
Her husband was Robert Mingus, three children.

They are the daughters of Admiral Dewey Emerson
born june 06 1900 and passed away in 1976 and
Lula Gordon Emerson born Oct 05 1908 still alive.
Granddaughters of Rev. Robert Henry Emerson
born April 09 1861 died July 29 1929, and
Eliza Crow Emerson born in 1863 died in 1909?

The adult lady on the left Kirksey Johnson, the lady on the right is her
daughter Louise Johnson, They are from Caldwell County, and they
moved to Michigan and then to California.