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Crider Quadrangle    On the hill behind Donaldson Church in Farmersville, Ky.
Latitude 37. 12' 30"N   Longitude 87.54'36"

Photos contrubited by Gail Caraway unless otherwise noted.
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Some information from Kentucky Death Records 1911-2000

Origins of the Morse Cemetery

On my first trip to the Morse Cemetery, I was told a story about how the cemetery began.
The land was owned by William Asher and a gypsy family was traveling through Caldwell County and their small child had died with typhoid fever. Everywhere they stopped to bury the child they were ran away, everyone was scared of taking typhoid. William Asher told them to take the child and bury it on the hill and they did.
There is a small grave there with flat creek stones piled on it, this is said to be the grave of the gypsy child and the first burial in the cemetery.
Since that time, I have heard similar stories about other cemeteries in Caldwell Co., so I don't know if this story is true or just a wonderful family legend to be passed from generation to generation.

      Peggy Gilkey

This is the pile of rocks, it is near the middle of the cemetery.
It is supposed to be the first grave in the cemetery and the grave of a gypsy child.

View of the whole cemetery

Photo by Frank Morse - Oct. 2005

Photo by Frank Morse - Oct. 2005

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