Crider Pleasant Green Cemetery


Located at 4200 Old Fredonia Rd. 900 ft. S of Bobby Gill Rd.
It is near the spot where the Old Pleasant Green Church once stood.

Crider Quadrangle    Latitude 37.08'17"   Longitude 87.57'26"W

This cemetery is cared for by donations.
There is a group call the Kentucky Memorial Association, which meets once a year.
Anyone wishing to donate to the maintenance of this cemetery may do so by contacting:
Cherry West
810 Maple Court
Hopkinsville, Ky. 42240
or email for information

Some photos by Peggy Gilkey - May 31, 2005
This cemetery was in need of mowing when we stop by but it was evident that it is being cared for.
This is only a partial listing of this cemetery, more will be added as they are found.

Some dates from Ky. Death Records

For more information on some of the people buried here be sure to check these websites

Emerson & Calvert Families
(Includes photos and information)

Family Tree of Green Calvert

Family Tree of Helen Tinsley

This view is to the right side of the cemetery.
This is the new part of the cemetery

Clem M. Black
1880- (Feb, 6) 1915
Annie Lee Black
1912- (Sept. 14,) 1914

Clayborn C. Tinsley
Son of H. & M. Tinsley
March 1, 1892 - Nov. 8, 1902

Darcus Tinsley
1806-July 12, 1896
Note: The 1870 Caldwell Co., Ky. census lists
Clayborn Tinsley 65 mm farm laborer b. Tn.
Dorcas 50 f b keeping house b. Ky.
Clayborn 27 mb farm laborer b. Ky.
Louisa 13 f b at home b. Ky
Betty Capeston 82 fb without occupation b. NC.
The 1880 census lists Dorcus as a widow and as being born in NC

Sanford Tinsley
_____ - April 6, 1898
abt. 67 yrs old
Colored USA-CW

Elizabeth      his wife
____ - Oct. 4, 1894
abt. 63 yrs old

Mamie Shirl Brasher Johnson
Nov. 1, 2001

Below are burials found in Ky Death records, obits and family records
If you have information on these or other burials in the Crider Pleasant Green Cemetery,
Please consider adding them to this cemetery list.
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Melinda Calvert
1858- Aug. 2, 1950
(dau of Green Calvert & Cassandra Morse)

Times Newspaper- Princeton, Ky. 1950


Melinda Calvert, colored, passed away at the home of her daughter,
Mary and Jim Tinsley in Crider community Thursday of last week.
"Aunt Melinda" as she was called by both white and colored friends
was about nine years old when slavery was abolished, She was owned
by the Calverts, wealthy white people during slavery. She had worked
in many white homes and found it a pleasure to work and comfort those in need.
She was the mother of two daughters who married ministers, Mary Tinsley
and Nannie Martin wife, wife of E. Martin of Madisonville, Ky. who with several
grandchildren survive.
Funeral services were held at the residence Friday P.M. by her pastor and burial
in the colored cemetery nearby was largely attended by white and colored friends
who placed many floral designs on her last place of rest.

These photos and information were submitted by John M. Emerson, Sr.
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Malinda E. Calvert
1856-Aug. 2, 1950
dau. of Green Calvert & Cassander Morse Calvert

Marshall Calvert
Feb. 27, 1916-Feb. 8, 1945
Ky Pvt. 365 Inf. 92 Inf. Div. WWII
(son of McClarden Calvert & Helen Cantrell Calvert)

McClarden Calvert
(Dec.) 1892-Aug. 21, 1957
birthdate from 1900 Caldwell Co., Ky. census - Dec. 1884
(son of Harper Boyd & Jennie Calvert)
(parents names from obit of Harper Boyd)

Helen (Cantrell) Calvert
April 23, 1891- Oct. 27, 1994
birthdate from 1900 Caldwell Co., Ky. census - April 1890
(dau. of Wilson & Mittie Cantrell)
(note: pts names from family records)


Danbridge Easley
(Ky. K. 8th USCT Heavy Art)

Wake Hollowell
Sept. 18, 1894-Nov. 2, 1971

John "Juno" Morse
1872 - March 8, 1959
Betty Morse
1872 - Feb. 17, 1951

Della M. (Copeland) Osborne
1903-Dec. 15, 1935
md. Oct. 10, 1919 Caldwell Co., Ky.
Homer B. Osborn
1898-March 14, 1954

Halsey P. Rickets
Oct. 4, 1916-Aug. 1, 1945

Julia A. Tinsley
April 11, 1843-Oct. 24, 1922
wife of George Tinsley

George G. Tinsley
June 4, 1841-Jan. 10, 1927

James N. Tinsley
May 6, 1880-Dec. 24, 1969
(son of George & Julia A. Tinsley)
md. abt. 1902
Mary B. Tinsley
1886-May 8, 1972
(dau. of Melinda Calvert & Ross Baker)

Roberta "Robbie" (Hollowell) Calvert
June 10, 1919-Nov. 27, 1937
dau. of Will Hollowell & Etherine Emerson Hollowell
md. Dec. 16, 1936 Caldwell Co., Ky. Ernest B. Calvert

Harland Morse
July 10, 1984-April 4, 1953

Hubbard Easley
May 25, 1885 - Mar. 7, 1887

Edith Cavell Calvert
Sept. 1, 1921 - Sept. 1, 1921
(son of S. P. McNary & Rubie Calvert)
(information from Ky. Death Certificate)

Nina Calvert
d. July 17, 1922
abt 32 yrs
(dau. of Jerry Nichols & Sula Bumpus)

Sylvia Calvert
d. June 5, 1927
abt. 85 yrs old
(dau. of Lucille Bumpus)

Henry Calvert
d. Jan. 19, 1921
abt. 70 yrs old
(son of Lank Calvert & Sylvia Calvert)

Mary Jane Calvert
Aug. 29, 1934
age 15 yrs. 9 mos. 20 days
(dau of Charlie McNary & Pearl Crider)

Frank Morse
d. Nov. 22, 1919
abt. 84 yrs old

Nora Morse
d. Jan. 4, 1928
abt. 46 yrs old
(dau. of Mary Morse)

Betsie Morse
d. Aug. 24, 1923
abt. 110 yrs. old.


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