Rucker Cemetery

Princeton West Quadrangle - 200 yds west of Bill Sparks Res. 11654, hwy 293S
Caldwell Co., Kentucky  
GPS Latitude 37.04'17"N    Longitude -87.56'29"W

Information from Shellie Board June 30, 2005

Photo by Ken Gilkey

This cemetery was cleaned several years ago by the landowners.
At this time it is overgrown and barely accessable.
Caldwell County has started a program to clean the overgrown and abandoned cemeteries in the county.
Volunteers will be needed to help clean the cemeteries this fall and winter
If you wish to help, email me and I will tell you who to contact.... Peggy Gilkey

Photo by Ken Gilkey

Rucker Cemetery
Sparks Farm
11654 South Jefferson St.
All transitory visits of Descendants Welcome

Rev. James Rucker
Born Dec. 1, 1747
Departed Mar. 2, 1827

Ann Rucker
Departed Sept. 12, 1813
In The 63RD Year Of Her Age

Susan Rucker
Consort of Rev. James Rucker
Departed July 5, 1827
Age 64

Joshua Rucker
Born May 8, 1811
Departed Sept. 2, 1846

Remember Me, As You Pass By,
As You Art Now, So Once Was I.
As I Am Now, Soon You Must Be.
Prepare For Death, And Follow Me.

Elizabeth P. Kem
Consort of T. S. Kem
Born April 20, 1817
Departed 1849
In The 32ND Year Of Her Age

Theopolis Cooksey
Died Aug. 9, 1868
In The 84TH Year Of His Age

Wash Rucker
Born Aug. 21, 1825
Died July 21, 1879

Munchester, Nanny J.
Born March 2, 1843
Died Dec. 23, 1889

Plus Assorted Broken Pieces of Marble

These burials listed in the Kyle "Our Ancestrial Plots Cemetery Book"

John B. Rucker
Born Sept. 17, 1768
Died March 2, 1856

James C. Munchester
Born March 31, 1843
Died Nov. 17, 1876

Mrs. Rasco wife of Wm. Rasco
Born Feb. 1, 1795
Died Feb. 8, 1860

John W. Munchester
son of
J. C. & N. C. Munchester
Born Jan. 29, 1874
Died Feb. 25, 1874

Born 1849 & died Aug. 17, 1849
Rock was broken but was beside Elizabeth Kem marker

Two Twin Boys born June 9, 1857
Died the 10 & 15 of June

Unmarked Burials taken from Ky. Death Certificates

dth. cert. # 12364 dth. vol.1914
Len B. Hopper
Sept. 8, 1853 - May 3, 1914
(son of Wm. C. & Elizabeth (Lamb) Hopper)