History of
Sugar Creek Baptist Church

The Princeton Second Baptist Church sponsored a Sunday School on Sunday afternoon in the old Sugar Creek school on the Nichols road in 1953. In that same year H. D. Knight conducted a "brush arbor" revival meeting on the Nichols road where it turns to go to Jake Hollow.

In 1954 the Northside Church began to sponsor the Sunday School and have preaching service in a house owned by Denzil Oliver under the leadership of Irvin Parrett, pastor and Gorman Mitchell, Sunday School Supertendent. Prayer meetings were held in the Claud Boitnott home.

In April of that year the Northside Church pledged to match up to $1,000.00 if the people of the Sugar Creek Mission would raise $1,225.00 and Ellis Nichols gave an acre of land on Highway 293 for the building.

The first service in the building was June 19, 1955. Bro. Parrett would have the preaching service at 10:00 and then he would go back to Northside and Gorman Mitchell would come after the Sunday School at Northside to lead the Sunday School at Sugar Creek.

The Church was organized on February 26, 1956. The organizational council was composed of the following ministers: H. G. M. Hatler, H. D. Knight, W. B. Ladd, Wade Cunningham, Leon Oliver, Harvey Holland, Joe Williams, and Eldered Taylor.

There were 44 charter members. The total members in 1974 was 184.
Two men have been ordained to preach: Oscar Marshall and Cecil Shelton.

The Church has had thirteen pastors: Harold Greenfield, Jackie Geurin, H. G. Sullivan, James Moreland, Luke Watson, Jesse Ladd, Bill Davis, Paul Sigler, Joe Bagwell, J. R. Bruce, Don Williams, Tony McCall, Jim Powell.

This history of Sugar Creek Church was taken from a cookbook compiled and sold in the late 1980's by The Ladies of Sugar Creek Church.
Since that time there have been other pastors, among them Bro. Bill Graham.
If you know of others please send their names to be added to the list.
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