Zeke Merrick Cemetery

Information submitted by:
Ruth Anne Mitchell & Betsy Meredith

Zeke Merrick Cemetery

off Hwy 139S on Blue Springs Road., approx. 500 yds from
Blue Springs Church, on Hazel Rd., Caldwell Co., Ky.

GPS    Latitude 37.57'30" N    Longitude - 87.51'53" W

1st Row

Ezekiel T.(Taylor) Merrick
(Nov.)1847-(June 10,)1904
(son of John C. Merrick, Jr. & Diana Ulrey Vied)
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(md. May 22, 1878 Caldwell Co., Ky. )
(Pernecia) Necie A. (Childress) Merrick
(Jan. 16,) 1857-(Jan. 31,)1945
(dau. of Richard & Melinda (Cherry) Childress)
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Eula Merrick

R. L. (Robert Lee) Merrick
1865-(June 22,)1938
(son of Ezekiel T. & Pernecia Mitchell)
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Huell B.(Brandon) Merrick
May 13, 1917-March 10, 2003
(son of Fred Elwood & Ella E. (Merrick) Merrick, Sr.)
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md. Nov. 28, 1947 Dalton, Whitfield Co., Ga.
(Mamie) Frances W. (Wilson) Merrick
Sept. 21, 1925-Oct. 9, 2004
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2nd Row

Fred E. (Elwood) Merrick
Oct. 22, 1874-July 21, 1962
(son of Jacob Lady & Irene (Holt) Merrick)
(md. Feb. 5, 1899 Caldwell Co., Ky.
Ella E.(Merrick) Merrick
July 5, 1880-Nov. 15, 1968
(dau of Ezekiel T. & Pernecia (Childress) Merrick)

Wade T. Merrick
April 1, 1903- Dec. 25, 1905
(son of Fred E. & Ella E. (Merrick) Merrick

Samie J. Merrick
Oct. 6, 1904-Jan. 6, 1906
(son of Fred E. & Ella E. (Merrick) Merrick

Lillian Merrick
June 26, 1906-March 12, 1908
(dau of Fred E. & Ella E. (Merrick) Merrick

Ora L. (Lucy) Merrick
Oct. 23, 1901-July 6, 1916
(dau of Fred E. & Ella Merrick)

Fred E. Merrick, Jr.
Oct. 7, 1924-Jan. 31, 1987
(son of Fred E. & Ella E. (Merrick) Merrick
md. Jan. 31, 1968
Shirley J. (Uzzle) Merrick

Robert A. Merrick
Dec. 7, 1919-Oct. 25, 1992
U. S. Army-World War II
(son of Fred & Ella (Childress) Merrick)
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3rd Row


4th Row

Ed Fox
Ada Merrick Fox


5th Row


Robert E. Merrick
Dec. 24, 1943-Dec. 25, 1943
Son of Harper & Fannie

Harper G. Merrick
Nov. 29, 1911-Nov. 29, 1997
Sons-Glenn, Robert, Archie
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Fannie B. (Sanders) Merrick
Sept. 7, 1914-Nov. 25, 2000
Sons-Glenn, Robert, Archie

6th Row

Hoy C. Swatzell

Ovid G. Swatzell

Cleveland (Earl) Swatzell
(July)1887-(Jan. 30,) 1982
(son of George W. & Martha A. Swatzell)
(Cleveland Swatzell md. Nov. 14, 1907 Caldwell Co., Ky.)
(Margaret) Dianah (Merrick) Swatzell
(dau of Ezekiel T. Merrick & Pernecia (Mitchell) Merrick)
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Thomas Glenn Merrick
April 13, 1936-Feb. 21, 2005
son Michael Glenn
Footstone - PFC. US Army-Beloved Father

Archie C. Merrick
Oct. 6, 1946 - _____
md. Aug. 30, 1963
Linda S. Merrick
May 24, 1948-Aug. 28, 2002
son Harvey Kenneth

7th Row

Gertrude Alton Merrick
March 9, 1918-____
md. July 30, 1940
Wm. Andrew Merrick
Dec. 10, 1909-July 24, 2000
Our Children
Infant Daug.
Wm. Roger "Billy"
Leroy Dale
Footstone -Sgt. U. S. Marine Corps

8th Row

Archie T. (Taylor) Merrick
Sept. 24, 1937-Aug. 10, 1999
(son of William Thomas & Mary Hazel (P'Pool) Merrick)

Mary H.(Hazel P'Pool) Merrick
April 12, 1905-May 13, 1999
(dau of Richard A. P'Pool & Ninnie Alice Watkins
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md. Nov. 16, 1920
(William Thomas) Tom Merrick
Sept. 8, 1894-Feb. 27, 1977
(son of Ezekiel T. & Pernecia (Childress) Merrick)
Footstone-PVT. U. S. Army WWI
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Roy Merrick
(March) 1887-(Jan. 5,)1958
(son of Ezekiel T. & Pernecia (Childress) Merrick)
Grace (Oliver) Merrick
1893-(April 1,)1980

J. C. Vowell
June 10, 1917-Nov. 28, 1983
(son of Skyl Vowell & Grace I. (Oliver) Vowell Merrick)

9th Row

Mildred M. Mitchell
Dec. 17, 1921-June 2, 1958

10th Row

Suzanne K.(Wander) Merrick
Aug. 4, 1947-Feb. 23, 1999
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md. 9-24-66
Randal W. Merrick
Jan. 27, 1947-____
(son of William Thomas & Mary Hazel (P'Pool) Merrick)

Richard (Earl) Merrick
(Oct. 7,)1935-(Jan. 28,) 2006
(son of William Thomas & Mary Hazel (P'Pool) Merrick)
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Ethel (Childress) Merrick wife of Gregory Pool Merrick
is buried here in an unmarked grave.
Ethel Childress Merrick was a dau of John L.
Childress 1850-1911 and Cor nelia Virginia Hooper 1863-1936

This is found in newspaper abstract for Ethel
Childress Merrick dated 2/8/1910.

Mrs Pool Merrick died last Saturday at the home of
her father, Mr Jack Childress three miles northeast
of Cadiz Ky. of consumption.
The remains were buried Sunday at the Merrick
graveyard near Blue Spring Church in Caldwell County.
A husband and one Child about 15 months of age
besides many other relatives mourn her death.

note: She must have died Feb. 1910.

Pernecia A. MERRICK
abt 1891-Dec. 12, 1944
dau of Robert Lee Merrick & Gabrella Hawkins
Death Certificate # 26215 lists that she is buried at this cemetery
(from Emma Lou Tabor's records)