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Christian County, Kentucky

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Hill, Walter W. & 
Sarah Wood
Crow, Daniel, Hill, Sizemore, Stephens, Underwood, Wood, Woosley
Jackie Maine

McCord, John Ellison Andrews, Doss, Long, McCord, Ritchey
Daniel Dockrey

McLean, Malcolm Cooper, Guess,  McLean, Morgan, Orme
Lettie Mae Lee 

Morgan, Joseph &
Clarisa Fuller
Brewer, Fuller, Hand, Money, Morgan, 
O'Bryan, Phillips, Roberts, Underwood.
Jason Canon

Roper, Edwin Justin & 
Eula Mae Rogers
Aldridge, Atkins, Baynham, Freeman,  Lacy, Oglesby, Rogers, Roper, 
Anne Weldon

Underwood, James W. & Katherine Meacham, &
Harriet Owings
Hill, King, Meacham, Owings, Underwood, White, Wood, Wright
Jackie Maine

Wood, Geo. H. & 
Eliz. A. Underwood
Allen, Cannon, Duly, Underwood, Wood.
Julie Gibbs

Wood, John &
Elizabeth Johnson
Johnson, Underwood, Wood
Jackie Maine


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