Rock Bridge Cemetery is located on Highway 189 in North East Christian County, Kentucky near Apex, about 2 1/2  miles from the Muhlenberg County line (Pond River).

Sept. 14, 1848 Cave Springs Missionary Baptist Church, Muhlenberg County, Ky:
The Church agreed to dismiss the Brethren and Sisters whose names are here  enrolled.
Sivinna (probably Divinna) Grace, James Harkins, Archibald Cain, John C. Oglesby, Joseph C. Grace, B. F. Oglesby, Lucy F. Oglesby, Emeline Oglesby, Keziah Ann Oglesby, Scintha Oglesby, Martha W. Grace and Jane Oglesby for the purpose of constituting a church at Rock Bridge. Done by order of the Church.
Taken from Cave Springs Church minutes.

From the COUNTY OF CHRISTIAN, Ky., edited by William Henry Perrin Oct.1884, page 306: "The Rock Bridge, another Baptist Church, was built about 1849-1850. It is a log structure, and about 10x25 feet in dimensions. Nothing has been gathered as to its present membership, and only that the Revs. Spurlin and Meacham were for a while its pastors.

The records for the Rock Bridge Church and cemetery have been lost, and no idea when or why they changed to the Methodist religion. The Church was abandoned sometime between 1994-1996.

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