Baker-Phillips Cemetery

Baker Cemetery and Phillips Cemetery

Baker CemeteryÖ..both sections, one is in front of the church and one near the back. From Marion, KY drive on Highway 60 East 8 miles turn to Highway 365 on the left and go 1.8 miles to Baker Church, and the church and cemetery is both located by this highway on the left with the second section on Baker Hollow Road to the right of the church.

Phillips Cemetery
This is from Debbie Phillips Roberts
This is news to me and thought it would be to others. All of these years I thought this was both the Baker Cemetery. The cemetery where Dad is buried (Bro. Robert as he was known to hundreds in this area) is soon going to get a new archway that says "Phillips Cemetery" over head. Most people donít know it, but that part of the cemetery does not belong to Baker Church. It belonged to my Papaw [Edgar Ovel Phillips] and was passed down to his son, Aubrey, and then his children when he died. Itís separate from Baker Church, so we figured it was high time it was named, so an archway with the name above it, is in the making right now and should be there in the future.                                

Jun 2008 the arch has been placed here.

Years and years ago when the road came thru there, it split Papaw's farm, leaving that area and some more on up the road, across the highway. The first burial there was the Samuel's child, Major Samuels. When he died, his father (who was an own cousin to my Papaw) came to Papaw and told him he needed a burial site for his son, and asked could he bury him on that strip of land that Papaw owned in front of the Baker Church. Papaw told him YES and told him he wouldnít be charged a thing for a plot there, so go right ahead. This was the beginning of Phillips Cemetery. After that, one and another started burying there and of course, now itís come on down the line to include Dad [Bro. Robert] and Aubrey. Both of these brothers are buried there at Phillips Cemetery. So that's the story on that little section of cemetery there.                    
Everyone thinks or assumes it belongs to Baker Church, but it does not.