Guess-Givens Bible Records

Bible Records

Information from Brenda Underdown to Mary De Howe Fullington
concering names found in this bible record.
Dated 12/18, 1999



Mary De,               
I have never really done a lot of research on the Givens family, but they are very closely tied in with Fielding and Mary Catherine Walker Brantley family and yours.

In the Bible, I'm sure the H.D. Givens Nov. 21, 1861 is Hugh D. Givens that was (1st) married to Mary Rebecca Brantley's sister, Caroline Brantley. The C. M. Givens in the Bible is Caroline Brantley. (the dates matched with what I had). I'm just sure that the L.R. Givens is Luther, who was a son of Hugh and Caroline, and I bet the J. L. Givens is another child, but I don't have a name.

Caroline died 1900, and in 1901 Hugh married his niece Sophia Guess, a dau. of Daniel Franklin and Rebecca Brantley Guess. The Sophia A. Givens in the Bible is Sophia Guess, the dates matched with what I had from Repton Cemetery.

The R.T. Thurman was Robert and was married to another dau. of Fielding and Mary Catherine, Parthenia Ann Brantley, she died 1867, and he married her sister Emily Sophia Brantley. Robert died in Florida, he had gone there for his health. I wish we could have talked with mable (Collins) Brantley, she was raised by a brother to Hugh Givens, Milton Givens. But she died this passed summer. ,br>

The only two names in the Bible I couldn't figure out for sure was the J. L. Givens Born Dec. 30, 1884 and Lena Givens April 12, 1894. It sure would be nice to know how the Bible got to Texas, but looks like it's
That is good.