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NOTE: All directions/addresses unless otherwise specified are outward from Princeton, (P'ton) Ky.
Directions are meant to point the researcher in a near-to point and they are not a perfect locator.
Exceptions are GPS latitude, longitude directives.

Quad. = Quadrangle location where cemetery is located.
OAP = "Our Ancestral Plots" Cemetery Book by Arawana Kyle, printed 1968
CCA = "Caldwell County Ancestors" Cemetery Book Vol. II by Gregory Watson, printed 1998

Better location descriptions are in the Caldwell Co. Cemetery books, than below, because of space constraints.
Reseachers are asked to check in the Cemetery books for better addresses/directions.
All items and directions subject to corrections.

By listing cemeteries from different sources, there could be some duplications on this listing.
Some of these cemeteries now exist only on paper or in folks memories. Some have been destroyed by "progress", others by neglect, nature or pure greed. Some are one or two stones, some have sandstone rocks only for markers
Anyone with additional cemetery names, locations or GPS are requested to submit them to: Ken Gilkey

Submitted by Kenneth E. Gilkey, Jan., 2005

Adamson Crider--SW of Hwy 91 abt 1 mi S of Crider, Ky. 37.09'34"N 87.59'36"W
Armstrong Olney--Cook Grady farm, nr Lewistown Church (unnamed in OAP) 1 Armstrong stone, 3 unmarked    
Asher Crider--Flynn Ferry Rd., Flatrock Loop Rd. to Asher Cem. Rd. 37.13'14"N 87.57'44"W
Asher-Morse Crider-- (black) 175 Brown Hill Rd. (CCA 1998) 37.12'43"N 87.55'42"W
Ashby P'ton East--Hwy 91S on Holmes Cook Rd., Isaac McCormick farm (OAP 1968) 37.02'11"N 87.45'50"W
Ausenbaugh Dawson Springs--1 1/12 mi. of Dawson Spgs on Mt. Hebron Rd. 37.09'21"N 87.42'59"W
Baker Crider--on Glenn Board farm near Rufus 37.14'15"N 87.52'56"W
Baker Cobb--Celia Calhoun farm (OAP 1968)    
Baker P'ton East--Hwy 91 near Hwy 672 (OAP 1968) 37.03'53"N 87.46'45"W
Baker Cobb--behind Douglas Riddley home (same as above?)    
Barnes Dalton--1 1/2 mi off Hwy 293N near Rufus 37.17'19"N 87.49'15"W
Barnes-Steward Crider--Donaldson Rd. on Burton Dairy farm (CCA 1998) 37.13'39"N 87.54'45"W
Beck P'ton West--off 293 S turn N on Caldwell Chapel Rd. 37.04'42"N 87.57'49"W
Beckner Olney--abt. 8 mi on Hwy 293N, past Liberty Church, 0.3 mi. on right 37.13'45"N 87.50'27"W
Beech Grove Church Dalton--293N, Hwy 70, then 1/4 mi on Beech Grove Church Rd. 37.15'54"N 87.49'40"W
Bethlehem Crider--hwy 291, N of Crider, on Good Springs Rd. 37.10'20"N 87.58'19"W
Beulah Hill
Baptist Church
P'ton East--hwy 62, Jones-Keeney Rd, Mt. Hebron Rd. 37.06'57"N 87.47'03"W
Blakeley Cobb--Ora Bryant farm (OAP 1968)    
Blakely Dawson Spgs SW--E of hwy 91 behind Pleasant Grove Ch. (OAP 1968) 37.01'57"N 87.43'29"W
Blue Crider--Skinframe Cr. Rd. at old Elkhorn Tavern (OAP 1968) 37.08'56"N 87.58'04"W
Blue Spring
Baptist Church
Cobb--off 139 S, on Blue Spring Church Loop Rd. 36.57'29"N 87.52'04"W
Board Crider--Rufus Rd.-on old Dick Board farm (OAP 1968)    
Board-Baylor Crider--(destroyed)70/139 intsct. across from Cecil Sigler home 37.14'41"N 87.54'21"W
Boaz Cobb -- hwy 139, Sims Rd. to Red Hill Rd. abt. .2 miles before Caldwell-Trigg line. 36.57'49"N 87.48'53"W
Bond P'ton East--4 mi 139 S, left on 126, 1 1/2 mi to Bond Cem. Rd. 37.01'42"N 87.50'32"W
Brelsford Crider--Hwy 91, Dalton Rd.- Johnny Stone farm (OAP 1968) 37.10'52"N 87.58'49"W
Brooks Fredonia--intset, Old Mexico Rd. & hwy 91 (destroyed) (CCA 1998) 37.12'42"N 88.03'50"W
Buss Ferguson P'ton East-- Hwy. 91, Dripping Springs Rd., Littlejohn Rd. (OAP 1968) 37.02'11"N 87.47'47"W
Byrd Dawson Spgs--on Hwy 62, .6 mi. before Tradewater Bridge 37.09'42"N 87.42'44"W
Caldwell Chapel (Also called Halleck Chapel)
P'ton West--N off 293 S near Caldwell Chapel on
Caldwell Chapel Rd.
37.04'27"N 87.57'50"W
Calvert (Briarfield) Crider--Hwy 1119 across from Union Grove Church 37.12'26"N 87.52'55"W
Calvert Olney--Hwy 293 N, Nichols Rd. to end of Edwards Rd. 37.10'38"N 87.49'35"W
Calvert Crider-(destroyed)1/8 m. from WildCemRd-CriderRd.& hwy 139 37.10'28"N 87.56'03"W
Campbell-Sigler Shady Grove hwy 91 N 2 mi. -- hwy 139 N approx 16 mi. then right on Shady Grove -Webster Rd. approx 1/2 mi.      
Cantrell P'ton East--on hwy 128 apprx 1 mi S of McGowan (OAP 1968) 37.02'41"N 87.50'14"W
Carner (H.R.D.) Crider--off Bethany Ch. Rd. in a field on hill behind church 37.10'16N 87.53'18"W
Carney Shady Grove--0.7 mi. N of Creswell 37.16'46"N 87.54'44"W
Cartwright P'ton East--Sandlick Rd. (hwy 278)    
Cartwright Crider--past end Tyrie Rd. on hill overlooks creek (CCA 1998) 37.09'16"N 87.53'19"W
Cedar Hill P'ton East-- Princeton City Cemetery 37.06'38"N 87.52'30"W
Childress Cobb--on Sims Rd., .2 mi S. of intsct. with Cravens Rd. 36.59'09"N 87.49'39"W
Clift Crider-- off Donaldson Rd. 2 1/2 m. N. of Farmersville
(CCA 1998)
37.13'36"N 87.55'44"W
Clift Hill Crider-- N of hwy 70, off West Fork Rd., on old Clift Farm 37.14'31"N 87.56'39"W
Cline (Destroyed) Dawson Spgs SW --1000 yds off 91, SE of hwy 672 37.02'50"N 87.44'22"W
Coleman Dawson Spgs--1/2 m N of WK Pkwy on Melvin Riley farm (OAP) 37.10'33"N 87.44'15"W
Cordy Cook P'ton East-- hwy 91 S, hwy 672 apprx 1/2 mi S of Crossroads Ch. on E. side of road-1/8 mi due E 37.04'09"N 87.45'08"W
Baptist Church
Olney--(New Cem. 2003) Hwy 239N, Nichols Rd 1/2 mi., Cornerstone Cem. Rd..
A. B. Ortt Farm (Church is in P'ton)
37.11'18"N 87.50'41"W
(Eb Morse Cem)
Crider-- hwy 91, Good Springs Rd., Grey Rd. 37.09'55"N 87.56'48"W
Craig P'ton West--S. of hwy 91, Craig Cem. Rd. 37.07'18"N 87.56'55"W
Creekmur Dawson Spgs--Hwy U.S. 62 E near Mt. Pisgah Church 37.10'22"N 87.44'38"W
Creekmur (John) Olney--293 N, right on Nichols Rd., left on Jake Hollow Rd. approx. 3/4 mi on left past culvert 37.11'34"N 87.49'57"W
Crews P'ton East--1/2 m NE of hwy 278 on Edward Scott farm    
(Plesant Green)
Crider--Old Fredonia Rd., 900 ft. S. of Bobby Gill Rd. 37.08'17"N 87.57'26"W
Crider (in Fredonia) Fredonia--Old Mexico Rd. on Sis Ordway Baker farm(CCA 1998) 37.12'48"N 88.03'54"W
Crider (black) Fredonia--located abt 800 Old Mexico Road, on right side of rd. 37.13'14"N 88.04'20"W
Crisp Olney--off 293N, Clinton Perry Rd. abt. 1 mi, near Split Rock Bluff    
Cross Roads Church Dawson Spgs. SW-- hwy 672, at Cross Roads Church 37.04'45"N 87.44'45"W
Crowell Olney--S of Rufus on Crowell Cemetery Rd. 37.13'01"N 87.52'09"W
Cumberland College P'ton West--Behind Calvary Bapt. Church in Princeton 37.06'53"N 87.53'50"W
Davis Dalton--on Webster Rd. at intsct of Clyde Coleman Rd. 37.18'59"N 87.51'51"W
Dawson P'ton East-- 91 S btwn. Princeton & Cedar Bluff on Norval Oliver farm 37.05'43"N 87.51'16"W
Dearing P'ton East-- Hwy 278 to Scottsburg Rd. to Dearing Cem. Rd. 37.06'52"N 87.47'32"W
Deboe Crider--off 139 on Deboe Cemetery Rd. btwn. Calvert Rd. & Bethany Ch. Rd. 37.11'22"N 87.53'31"W
Dillingham Dawson Spgs--on Cleve Stevens farm near Tradewater River 37.10'59"N 87.43'59"W
Dogwood Lane (Odgen) P'ton West--293S to Dogwood Lane (2nd rd. past Country Club) (listed in OAP 1968 as Unnamed) 37.04'79"N 87.53'82"W
Donaldson Bapt. Ch. Crider--Enon Rd. at Farmersville 37.12'17"N 87.54'39"W
Dollar Fredonia--off hwy 902 near Fredonia, A.O. Prowell farm
(Cem. destroyed by cattle being feed in it)
Dorr or Old Orange P'ton East--across from 2063 Scottsburg Rd.(Hwy 1603) 37.05'58"N 87.47'49"W
Drennan Olney--off Hwy 293, N of Needmore, Luther Winn farm 37.13'56"N 87.49'33"W
Dunning Pton East--off hwy 91 S, 1/4 mi S on Holmes-Cook Road 37.02'36"N 87.45'11"W
Dycus Eddyville--N of hwy 62 at Dulaney, 1/4 mi from Caldwell/Lyon line, 0.3 mi S of Old Fredonia Rd. 37.07'26"N 88.00'28"W
Eddy Creek
Baptist Church
P'ton West--hwy 293 S 5 mi, hwy 903 2.1 mi, hwy 515 1 mi 37.02'08"N 87.54'27"W
Eureka Olney--293N on Eureka Rd. abt. 1/4 mi on right side of rd. 37.08'47"N 87.51'45"W
Fairview Olney--293 N 2 mi, Olney Rd, Fairview Cem. Rd. 37.09'50"N 87.49'40"W
Feagan Fredonia-on Feagan farm near Good Springs Ch.(CCA 1998)    
Felker Dalton-- on right of 293N, nr. jct. of Webster Rd.& 293N, E. of Quinn 37.17'51"N 87.48'47"W
Flint Crider--3361 Old Fredonia Rd. 37.07'45"N 87.56'48"W
Flournoy Fredonia--at end of Betty Ford Spur Rd.(CCA 1998) 37.11'01"N 88.05'00"W
Fowler P'ton West--Old Fredonia Rd. btwn John Call's & White Sulpher Rd. 37.07'27"N 87.55'53"W
Fralick Shady Grove--on hwy 902 1 1/2 m. N of Enon on Crittenden Co. line 37.16'40"N 87.57'50"W
Fred Hart Farm P'ton East--91S, 1st r. on left past Friendship Church 37.03'17"N 87.45'21"W
Fredonia Fredonia--hwy 91 Fredonia, Ky. 37.12'27"N 88.02'59"W
Galloway (M. M.) Dawson Spgs.--Boss Young farm (OAP 1968)    
George Crider--E White Sulpher Rd. beside Pat Hillyard residence 37.09'16"N 87.56'31"W
Gill Crider--1851 Crider-Dulaney Rd. on the Gill family farm (CCA 1998) 37.07'77"N 87.59'12"W
Glass P'ton East--abt. 7 mi E. on hwy 278 (Sandlick Rd.) 37.04'48"N 87.45'45"W
Goodwin P'ton East-- hwy 91S, Otter Pond Rd., 1/2 mi. on Dripping Spgs Rd.- on right 500 ft. due SSW- on old Wyatts farm (OAP 1968) 37.02'44"N 87.48'12"W
Gore P'ton West--2 mi.SW of Eddy Creek Church, nr Dry Fork Creek 37.01'16"N 87.53'31"W
Grady (destroyed) Olney -- US hwy 62 near George Gray Road 37.08'01"N 87.45'57"W
Gray #1 Cobb--hwy 139 on John Harts farm 1/4 mi NW (OAP 1968) 36.58'56"N 87.51'44"W
Gray # 2 Cobb--1 mi NE of hwy 139 Hayden Mitchell farm (OAP 1968) 36.59'07"N 87.52'08"W
Gray # 2 (black) Cobb--same as above, behind Dr. Frank Gianninni res.    
Gray (Robert) P'ton West--hwy 293 S approx 5 mi, Martin Rd., on Tom Ferguson farm, reclaimed & copied by Glenn Martin  2004 37.03'24"N 87.56'24"W
Gresham P'ton East--on Collin Ladds farm (OAP 1968)    
Grooms Chapel P'ton West--1/2 W of 293 S on Grooms Lane (Hwy 1185) 37.05'37"N 87.54'11"W
Guess-Morse Crider--Brown Hill Rd. 2 mi W of Farmersville, Jim Carner farm 37.11'43"N 87.55'26"W
Hamiltan Crider--next to 3361 Old Fredonia Rd. (Flint Cem.) (CCA 1998) 37.07'45"N 87.56'48"W
Harper # 1 Dalton--1 1/2 mi E. of Creswell Church on Cannon Rd. 37.16'32"N 87.52'13"W
Harper # 2 Dalton--Cannon Rd., to end of Littlefield Rd. (single Masonic Stone) 37.16'30"N 87.51'13"W
Harper Crider--at Farmersville, Enon Rd. to Harper Cem. Rd. (CCA 1998) 37.12'03"N 87.54'47"W
Hart Dawson Spgs.SW--on Mrs Rob Cotton farm (OAP 1968)
(also called new Van Hooser)
37.04'48"N 87.44'21"W
Heady Crider--off Shady Grove Rd. nr. Union Grove Ch. on Oates farm 37.19'09"N 87.52'53"W
Hill Fredonia--3 mi. E of Fredonia on S side of hwy 91 37.11'03"N 88.01'23"W
Holeman Crider--off hwy 139 on Morgan Hill Rd. 37.13'42"N 87.53'36"W
Holeman-Sigler Crider--on hwy 1119 (Briarfield Rd.) at 2 mi marker, 100 yrds due E. on old Carlos Deboe farm 37.11'28"N 87.52'21"W
Holland P'ton West--2 mi SW of Eddy Creek Ch., nr Dry Fork Creek 37.01'37"N 87.53'36"W
Hollowell (Black) P'ton West-- in field S of hwy 172, on John Brown property 37.00'04"N 87.54'01"W
Howard P'ton East--Hwy 91 S. at Friendship Ch. appx. 1800 ft NE on Denham farm 37.03'35"N 87.45'41"W
Howard (slave) P'ton East--Battle Creek Rd., off Dripping Springs Rd. (1 sandstone left in cem.) 37.02'55"N 87.46'47"W
Hunter Olney--2 mi E of Midway on hwy 62, 1 mi on James Keeney Wildlife Management Rd. 37.08'44"N 87.45'02"W
(Henry Clay)
Olney--Hwy 62E, N. side, (info from Greg Watson)    
Irvin Dawson Spgs SW--hwy 91S 10 mi, .6 mi past Pleasant Grove Ch. 37.01'40"N 87.43'15"W
Jackson (John) Olney-- (listed in OAP as Dawson Spgs. Quad, located across from McGregor Cemetery on McGregor Cem. Rd. (1 sandstone, 1 grave) 37.13'28"N 87.48'23"W
Jackson (Boyd) Olney--hwy 293N to Princeton-Olney Rd., approx. 4 mi., to Jackson Cem. Rd. 37.12'19"N 87.48'18"W
Jake Hollow (2005) Olney--2 slave graves, off Nichols Rd. on Jake Hollow Rd., 2 sandstones (info from Shellie Board 2005)    
James Olney--Hwy 62, Lewistown Ch. Rd., James Cem. Rd., 3/4 mi. N of WK Parkway (OAP 1968 named Old Woodruff, was actually James Cem.) (See Old Woodruff) 37.09'13"N 87.48'10"W
Jane Nichols Olney--1 1/2 mi N of hwy 62, Lewistown Ch. Rd., left on Jane Nichols Rd. 37.08'29"N 87.48'30"W
Jenkins (Whitnel)
Family Plot
Olney--hwy 293 N, P'ton-Olney Rd., on old Guy Smith farm. 37.10'17"N 87.49'32"W
Johnson P'ton East-- hwy.139 at end of Guess Rd., on old Kevil farm 37.02'48"N 87.52'27"W
Jones Olney--hwy 293 N 1 mi. S of Needmore 37.12'50"N 87.51'23"W
Jordan P'ton West--on Charles W. Calvert old farm, Hwy 62W, 1 1/2 mi from Lyon Co. line on right (cemetery destroyed by cattle) 37.06'24"N 87.58'28"W
Keeney Cobb--1 mi S of Hopson Store on hwy 514,on old Lacey farm 36.58'27"N 87.49'57"W
Kesterson Dawson Spgs SW--S of 91 turn on Hardy Mill Rd. nr. Irvin Cemetery (OAP 1968) 37.00'58"N 87.43'44"W
Kevil P'ton West--1/4 mi SE of 139, Guess Rd., on old Kevil farm 37.02'54"N 87.52'33"W
Kevil (black) P'ton West--on right side hwy. 139S in field, half way btwn Rock Spring Church and Hwy. 515, on James Lee Wyatt farm.      
Kilgore P'ton West--200 yards off hwy 903, W of Dry Creek 37.01'37"N 87.55'58"W
Lamb P'ton East--due W off old railroad bed from Claxton 37.05'46"N 87.47'39"W
Lamb (Shelton) Olney--1/4 mi S side hwy 62 abt 7 mi E of P'ton 37.07'37"N 87.48'04"W
Lance Nichols P'ton East--hwy 62 E to Lance Nichols Cem. Rd. 37.07'16"N 87.47'32"W
Lebanon Church P'ton East--hwy 278 (Sandlick Rd.) at Lebanon Church 37.04'26"N 87.47'51"W
Leech Crider--hwy 1119 on farm at 1765 Briarfield Rd.(CCA 1998) 37.11'18"N 87.52'32"W
Leech Hill Crider--on Leech cem. Rd. off West Fork Rd. 37.14'38"N 87.55'23"W
Lester Princeton East approx. 1/2 mi NW of Millwood Cem. on Harmony Ch. Rd. then 400 foot NW of 90 * curve in Rd. 37.01'00"N 87.80'82"W
Lewis Olney-- 62E, Baker Hill Rd. to end of Old Madisonville Rd. 37.08'20"N 87.50'32"W
Liberty Church Olney-- on hwy 293 N approx. 8 mi 37.13'36"N 87.50'43"W
Littlefield Olney--On Lewistown Church Rd., on right, on Tommy James farm, nr. McGregor-Goodaker Cem. (all sandstones), cross Flynn Fork Cr. twice (info from Shellie Board) 37.10'15"N 87.47'47"W
Livingston Fredonia--off hwy 70 S, abt 1 1/2 mi on Livingston Cem. Rd. 37.12'36"N 88.00'25"W
Presbyterian Ch.
Fredonia--nr old site Livingston Presbyterian Ch.(CCA 1998)
37.13'29"N 88.03'54"W
Lowery Shady Grove--1/2 mi E of Creswell Ch. on 902 btwn 139 & Rustin Rd. 37.16'10"N 87.55'06"W
Lowery Gum Springs Dalton--293N, .7 mi N of intsct Hwy 70 & 293N, old Everette Creasey farm 37.16'16"N 87.48'55"W
Marquess P'ton West--139 S., hwy 1272, Marquess Cem. Rd, near Lyon Co. line 37.00'43"N 87.55'23"W
Mason Olney-- hwy 293, Sugar Creek Church Rd. on Lindsay Gray farm 37.11'23"N 87.51'49"W
McConnell farm P'ton East--200 yards off hwy 672, 2 mi N of Cobb on Mashburn Rd. 37.00'19"N 87.46'24"W
McElroy Crider--Old Fredonia Rd. W of Crider on Floyd Dunbar farm 37.08'00"N 87.59'54"W
McGowan Fredonia--hwy 91, right side Wayne McGowan Rd. (CCA 1998) 37.11'28"N 88.01'20"W
McGowan (black) P'ton East--hwy 91S, 128 turn right at Rock Spring Rd. on left in field 37.03'37"N 87.51'05"W
McGregor Olney--hwy 293 N to Needmore Rd. to McGregor Cem. Rd. 37.13'31"N 87.48'18"W
McGregor-Goodaker Olney--2 mi N of WK Parkway (N at Lewistown) 37.10'14"N 87.48'04"W
McNeely Olney--on curve on Needmore Rd. on E. side of rd. abt. 200 ft., abt 1 mi due W of Olney on Tradewater River 37.13'15"N 87.47'10"W
Meadows Dawson Spgs.--L off 62, nr Co. line, Byrd Rd., Meadows Cem. Rd. 37.09'49"N 87.42'44"W
Meek Crider--2 mi on 91 N, 1/2 mi on 139 to Carner Hill Rd. 37.08'56"N 87.54'23"W
Melanie Lane P'ton East--behind Chapel Cooper res. 451 Melanie Lane 37.06'28"N 87.50'56"W
Memorial Gardens P'ton East--hwy 91 S Princeton Memorial Gardens 37.05'06"N 87.51'16"W
Merrick Cobb--500 yards from Blue Springs Ch. Cemetery 36.57'30"N 87.51'53"W
(Jacob Lady)
Cobb--on hwy 139 S. on old Luther Gilkey place nr Blackhawk 36.57'48"N 87.52'38"W
Merrick (Jim) Cobb--hwy 139 S., hwy 276, 1 mi past Blue Spring Church, nr. Johnny Reddick res. 36.57'19"N 87.51'20"W
Micksch (Joseph) Olney--(NEW cem. 2004)-683 FoxMeadow Rd.-off 293 N, off Ridge Rd. 37.14'23"N 87.50'41"W
Millwood P'ton East--Harmony Church Rd off hwy 126 going N. 37.00'28"N 87.47'54"W
Mitchell - Cline Dawson Spgs. SW--1/4 mi off hwy 91 near 672 37.02'50"N 87.44'22"W
Mitchusson, E.M. See Satterfield    
Mitchusson - Chambers P'ton East -- 300 yds. on right of hwy. 139, 1st farm rd., abt. 500 ft. N. of hwy 514 37.00'12"N 87.51'55"
Morse Crider--on hill behind Donaldson Ch. at Farmersville 37.12'30"N 87.54'36"W
Morse Olney-- abt 2 mi W. Liberty Church, hwy. 293N, Ridge Rd., Lakewood Rd. 37.14'14"N 87.52'06"W
Morse Crider--hwy 91, hwy 139, 1 1/2 mi S of Farmersville, on old J.H. Carner farm (CCA 1998) 37.10'57"N 87.54'17"W
Morse-Blackburn Crider--in field at Rufus & Shady Grove Rd. 37.13'09"N 87.52'53"W
Morse (E.B.) Dawson Spgs--4 mi NE of P'ton on Jeff Watson farm (OAP)    
Morse (Green) Crider--cem. on right side of Ray Rd, on peak of hill, 1 1/2 mi from 139 intersection 37.12'44"N 87.53'53"W
Murphy Cobb--abt--1/4 mi S of 139, old Adams farm (OAP 1968) 36.58'36"N 87.51'46"W
Murphy (John) Cobb--hwy 139 Old Blue Spring Rd., 1 mi, on Derwood Mitchell farm 36.58'09"N 87.51'44"W
Nabb Cobb--hwy 139 S, 0.5 mi S of 139-514 intsct., 1 mi N of Hopson Store 36.59'57"N 87.51'26"W
Newsom Dawson Spgs. SW-- hwy 91 S, 800 ft. past Hwy 91-672 intsct., near Christian Co. line 37.02'35"N 87.44'30"W
Nichols P'ton East--hwy 278 (Sandlick Rd.) on Eual French farm    
Nichols Olney--hwy 293N, turn right on Nichols Rd. 1/4 mi., on right in middle of field. 37.11'08"N 87.50'56"W
Norman Fredonia--off hwy 91, Dalton Rd. to Norman Cem. Rd. 37.10'59"N 88.00'02"W
O'Brion Crider-- Enon Rd., at end of Lillard Watson Rd. 37.11'55"N 87.56'23"W
O'Hara P'ton East--on hwy 91 at Cedar Bluff 37.05'10"N 87.50'45"W
O'Hara (Slave) P'ton East--on hwy 91 in field behind Princeton Memorial Gardens. 37.05'17"N 87.51'27"W
Old Ben Carter Olney--on Lewistown Ch. Rd. N of WK Pwy to Ben Carter Rd. 37.08'46"N 87.48'14"W
Old Dunning P'ton East--hwy 91S, left on first rd. past Friendship Ch. to end of road 37.03'28"N 87.45'09"W
Old Fredonia Fredonia-- (Crider Cem. in OAP 1968 -- Old Fredoina in CCA 1998) hwy 902, 1 1/2 mi N of Fredonia behind Marion Ivy Phelps res. or hwy 91, 0.6 mi. from Fredonia, on hill after end of Hugh Yates Rd.-- 200 yrds. into woods. 37.12'42"N 88.03'39"W
Old Jacob Holt
Lyon Co., Ky.
Eddyville--1/2 mi in Lyon Co. on 62 btwn 4706&4772(CCA1998)    
Old Pickering P'ton East--on Albert Moore farm (OAP 1968) 37.05'05"N 87.45'20"W
Old Woodruff Olney--1 mi N of WK Parkway (OAP 1968) (See James) 37.09'13'N 87.48'10"W
Old Wyatt Fredonia--Floyd Jones farm at Fredonia (CCA 1998)    
Orr Crider--E. of intsct. GoodSpringRd. & Coleman-Crider Rd.(CCA) 37.10'28"N 87.56'02"W
Otter Pond P'ton East--hwy 128 and Otter Pond Rd. (OAP 1968) 37.01'45"N 87.49'30"W
Parker-Kennady Crider--ShadyGroveRd. btwn Rufus Rd. & 139-70 int.(CCA 1998)(Called Sigler-Kennady-Parker Cem. in OAP 1968) 37.14'33"N 87.53'28"W
Perkell Fredonia--4051 Pleasant Valley Rd., on backside of farm (destroyed) (CCA 1998) GPS approx. 37.08'53" 88.01'20"
Perkins Crider--Old Fredonia Rd. just past Crider-Dulaney Rd. on left 37.07'57"N 87.59'25"W
Perry P'ton East--hwy 139 S. to 126, appox 1 1/2 mi., 1/2 SE of 126 in field 37.01'15"N 87.51'09"W
Perry Olney--293 N approx. 4 mi to Perry Cem. Rd. 37.10'36"N 87.50'51"W
Pettit P'ton West-- 2 mi W of P'ton on Eddyville-P'ton hwy. (OAP 1968)    
Pickering Dawson Spgs. SW--Pickering farm, old Bob McGregor pl. (OAP1968)    
Piney Grove Chapel Dawson Spgs.--off hwy 62, S on hwy 672 abt 3 mi. 37.07'45"N 87.42'37"W
Phelps Crider--hwy 293, Old Wilson Whse. Rd. to Phelps Cem. Rd. 37.09'21"N 87.52'28"W
Pleasant Hill Shady Grove--hwy 902 near Creswell 37.16'17"N 87.56'12"W
Pollard P'ton East--hwy 672, Mashburn Rd. on Howard McConnell farm 37.01'09"N 87.47'06"W
Pool P'ton East--hwy 91 S abt 1 mi past Cedar Bluff 37.04'49"N 87.49'48"W
Quinn Church Dalton -- across Webster Rd. from Quinn Church 37.17'39"N 87.50'11"W
Quisenberry P'ton East--Harmony Ch. Rd. between Harmony Ch. & hwy 672 on left behind a white house (abt 3/4 m /left side rd.) 37.00'06"N 87.47'24"
Ray Crider--NW of Farmersville off Frogs Lane Rd. 37.13'17"N 87.55'11"W
Riley Crider--5590 hwy 902 on top of hill (CCA 1998)    
Roberts # 1 Dalton--293N 1.3 mi. on Hwy 70, on opp. side of rd. from Williamson Spring, on W.G. Smith farm (unnamed in OAP 1968) 37.15'29"N 87.50'33"W
Roberts # 2 Dalton--hwy 293 N approx. 10 mi on Bob Fryer farm 37.15'04"N 87.49'53"W
Robertson P'ton East -- hwy. 139S to 1272, just past Ed Chambers Rd. 37.01'06"N 87.52'30"W
Robertson Fredonia--4051 Pleasant Valley Rd., backside of farm (CCA 1998) 37.09'11"N 88.00'51"W
Rock Springs Ch. P'ton West--approx. 5 mi S of P'ton on 139 S 37.03'36"N 87.52'45"W
Rogers P'ton West--200 yards off hwy 903 W of Dry Creek 37.01'21"N 87.55'24"W
Rorer Fredonia--hwy 91, btwn Turley &Wayne McGowan Rds.
(CCA 1998)
37.11'37"N 88.01'04"W
Rowland P'ton East--1 mi. S of hwy 91S on Stephens Rd. 37.04'09"N 87.50'08"W
Rowland Crider--hwy 70, 1 mi N. of Flatrock on Flat Rock-Enon Rd., to Rowland Cem. Rd. 37.14'35"N 87.58'33"W
Rucker P'ton West--200 yds W of Bill Sparks res. at 11654 hwy 293 S. (unnamed in OAP 1968) 37.04'17"N 87.56'29"W
P'ton West--1/4 mi SE of 139, Bryant Strobie farm (OAP 1968)
(also called E.M. Mitchusson Cemetery)
37.03'37"N 87.52'42"W
Scarberry Olney--hwy 62 abt. 8 mi E of Princeton 37.07'51"N 87.48'24"W
Scott P'ton West--hwy 62 near Dulaney 37.06'00"N 87.58'51"W
Scott P'ton East--on Virgil Phelps farm on Sandlick Rd. (hwy 278)    
Sebron-Kilgore P'ton West--from intsct. of 903 & 515, go S on 903S 0.6 mi, 3/4 mile due W of 903 nr confluence of Eddy Creek & Dry Creek 37.01'59"N 87.56'01"W
Sigler Crider--(destroyed) Calvert Rd., on curve, on Jim Slaton farm 37.11'42N 87.53'19W
Smith Dalton--293 N to Webster Rd. to Ed Hill Rd. 1/2 mi S of Quinn 37.17'17"N 87.49'56"W
Smith P'ton East--N of Sandlick Rd.(OAP 1968)    
Smith (Spencer) Dawson Spgs.--NW of Mt. Hebron Rd. 2 mi., old Casteel farm    
Stallins (George) Olney--left off hwy 62, near Midway on Stallins Cem. Rd. 37.08'38"N 87.46'51"W
Stevens Crider-- at Crowtown, on hill behind MillikanMarineSales (CCA1998) 37.07'34"N 87.53'39"W
Stone Crider--Flynn Ferry Rd. (Enon Rd.), at end of Byron Ridge Rd. 37.12'09"N 87.57'01"W
Sugar Creek
Baptist Church
Olney--on 293 N approx. 5 mi from Princeton 37.11'02"N 87.51'22"W
Tandy P'ton East--hwy 139 S abt. 6 mi on R.B. Tandy farm 37.01'41"N 87.52'21"W
Tinsley (black) Crider--Skinframe Creek Rd., where Crider-DulaneyRd. starts (CCA1998) 37.08'07"N 87.58'43"W
Tosh Crider--near Good Spring Church off Good Spring Rd. 37.12'04"N 87.58'59"W
Towery Shady Grove--off hwy 139, Towery Cem. Rd. 4 mi N of Creswell 37.17'27"N 87.54'00"W
Travis Fredonia-- (destroyed) off hwy 902 on Blackburn farm    
Traylor Crider--off hwy70 near Flatrock on old Dick Boyd farm (CCA1998)    
Trusty Dawson Spgs. SW--Ky. 91 S 10 mi left on hwy 672 2 mi. right on Trusty Rd. 1 1/2 mi. end of Rd. 37.04'50" 87.43'08"
Unknown P'ton East--across from H.B. P'Pool res. on Battle Creek Rd. off Dripping Springs Rd. (destroyed by 2005) 37.02'46"N 87.46'39"W
Unknown Dawson Springs--across hwy 62 from Byrd cem. due SSW approx. 500 ft. behind barn (can't locate in 2005) 37.09'35"N 87.42'49"W
Unnamed in CCA (Rowland) Crider--3494 Flynns Ferry Rd. on Douglas Durard farm    
Unnamed in OAP Olney--Ed Dunning farm in Lewistown Comm.(OAP 1968)    
Unnamed in OAP
(see Littlefield)
Olney--on Tommy James farm near the McGregor-Goodaker Cemetery (markers are all sandstone)
(info from Shellie Board -2005)
Vanhooser Dawson Spgs. SW--Beshear Lake, hwy 672 on Alexander Rd. 37.07'50"N 87.42'23"W
Wadlington P'ton East--1/2 mi SE of hwy 126 on Julian Littlepage farm 37.00'51"N 87.50'26"W
Walker Crider--across rd. from 3198 Farmersville Rd. (CCA 1998) 37.11'10"N 87.54'46"W
White P'ton East--1 1/2 mi E. of hwy 91, on Bob White farm (OAP 1968) 37.02'35"N 87.46'34"W
White Sulphur Crider--White Sulphur Rd. at White Sulphur Baptist Church 37.08'07"N 87.56'33"W
Wilcox Crider--11517 Marion Rd. (hwy 91) (CCA 1998) 37.08'37"N 87.55'33'W
Wild Crider-- Coleman-Crider Rd.-end of Wild Cem. Rd. 37.10'35"N 87.55'57"W
Wiley Olney -- 3 1/2 mi. NE of P'ton on John Hollowell farm (DAR 1960)    
Wiley Bridge P'ton West -- 293 S, on Joe Jones Rd. at Eddy Creek, on left nr Wiley Bridge 37.04'17"N 87.54'10"W
Williamson Dalton--293 N 13 mi, left on hwy 70 abt 2 mi, cem on right nr. Williamson Spring. 37.15'29"N 87.50'47"W
Winn Crider--2 mi. S of 70-139 intersection, Leonard Baker farm 37.14'11"N 87.53'16"W
Witherspoon. Olney--hwy 62 E abt 3 mi N of Midway on Longbreak Rd. 37.09'10"N 87.46'44"W
Woods P'ton East--on Guy Shoulders farm
(cows in cemetery) (OAP 1968)
Young Olney--hwy 62, White Schoolhouse Rd., Young Cem. Rd. 37.11'20"N 87.45'46"W
Young (Claxton) P'ton East--between Beulah Hill & Claxton (New) 37.06'27"N 87.46'31"W

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