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Submitted by Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS


Kentucky did not grant pensions to men with service in the CSA until 1912. To obtain a copy of the pension files, write the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Archives, 300 Coffee Tree Rd, Frankfort, KY 40602 and list the pension number. The names with an * are listed in Crittenden County Court Order Book 14, pg 204 (13 May 1912) as having filed an application for a CSA, but are not listed in the index of pension applications at the Kentucky Dept for Libraries and Arc

Name                                                   Pension Number

Binkley, Amanda Rebecca (wid. of Frederick M. Binkley)   #1215

Bragdon, Nancy C. (wid. of William Bragdon)              #3842

Brantley, Mrs. Mary Robertson                       (no pension)
(wid. of John Henry Robertson)

Brasher, Sarah Conyer (wid. of Isaac N. Brasher)         #88

Brown, Mary J. Cook (wid. of Rutherford B. Brown)        #4442

Brown, Rutherford B.                                     #2356

Buckalew, A.*								

Crider, Stephen F.                                       #3440

Damron, Eliza (wid. of William)                          #4030

Dameron, W.J.                                            #2084

Finley, Elizabeth (wid. of John R.)                      #1684

Fowler, R.E.                                             #1692

Franks, Margaret E. (widow of Joshua Newton Franks)      #1309

Garrett, George T.                                       #389

Guess, D.F.* 							 

Hogard, J.P.*							

Holloman, John W.                                        #1356

Holloman, Mary Stinnett (wid. of John W. Holloman)       #4120

Howard, James A.                                         #1360

Hughes, Eliza Williams (wid. of J.L. Hughes)             #4055

Hughes, J.L.                                             #731

James, Docia Clay*						

King, Joseph 			                          #1398

King, Missouri A.*							

Lear, Mary Clark (wid. of James Lear)                    #3706

McKee, H.W.                                              #1435

McKee, Sarah Brantley (wid. of H.W. McKee)               #4493

Myers, John A.                                           #1813

Myers, Sarah Pollard (wid. of John A. Myers)             #3697

Nunn, I.D.*							

Nunn, Samuel A. (applied from Union Co, KY)              #2226

Nunn, Anastasia (wid. of Samuel A.) 	              (no pension)
Nunn, Sarah Shaw (wid. of Ira D.)                        #3145

Pickens, Nora McGruder (wid. of Richard. E. Pickens)     #4188

Pickens, R.E.                                            #2456

Russell, James                                           #985

Thurmond, B.B. (applied from Webster Co, KY)             #2846

Towry, Jasper N.                                         #1008

Walker, Rebecca Jane (wid. of James Irwin Walker)   (no pension)
Willamson, Horace                                        #1116

Williamson, Rhoda Asbridge (wid. of Horace Williamson)   #3708

Wood, Pricey Brown (wid. of Robert W. Wood)              #2505

Wood, Sarah Woody (wid. of Reuben Wood)                  #3178

Wooten, J.T.                                             #755

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