Dickey Cemetery, Crittenden Co., Ky.

Dickey Cemetery

Crittenden County, Ky.

If you have information on anyone buried at the Dickey Cemetery
Please contact Debbie Roberts

The Dickey Cemetery (listed as destroyed on the Crittenden Cemeteries page) is on the Roger & Debbie Roberts farm, located on the left side of Hwy. 120, 2.4 miles east of Marion. There are no headstones, only small rocks in the ground. It was discovered in 2001, after finding some hints as to where it was located in the old writings in the 1940's of Joseph Nathan Dean. He had been given directions left by someone and knew it was near the Dickey Spring on the old farm, once owned John and William Dickey in the year 1800.

A friend and I searched for and located what we believe to be the cemetery. We cleared the brush and leaves away and found sandstone markers in the ground in rows... lying just west of the Dickey Spring....as told by Mr. Dean. Sadly, since then, children have ridden four wheelers through it and nearly all rocks are now missing.. but I do know the location of the cemetery. My husband and I planned to put up a fence around it at some point. By the time we located the cemetery, cattle had been in the field for many years, and later four wheelers and loggers have been on the property... so little remains of the Dickey Cemetery, but we still plan on marking what we remember to be the peremiter.

We would also appreciate any input from anyone who knows of an ancestor buried there, so that we may compile a listing of burials.

Known burials there are:
(Old) Daniel Travis, John and Benjamin Wheeler, both sons of John and Susanna Clark Wheeler.
(This according to records left by J. N. Dean).
I would estimate that in 2001 we located around 15-20 graves with stones. All in rows, going up the hill, beside Dickey Springs.

At one time the main road to Marion ran right in front of the Dickey Springs and traces of that road are still visible there today.
There are many more graves there, but I have found no further records of who those might be.
The cemetery is so old, no records exist of many of those buried there.

The Dickey Springs was a watering place for travelers and their horses on the way to Marion. It still exists today and I am told by previous owners it has never been known to go dry, no matter how hot and dry the summer was.

Debbie Phillips-Roberts
Crittenden Co. Ky.
Feb. 25, 2005