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NOTE: Directions are meant to point the researcher in a near-to point and they are not a perfect locator.
Directions are from Eddyville unless otherwise specified.
Exceptions are GPS latitude, longitude directives.

CLC = Cemeteries of Lyon County, printed 1989 by Lyon Co., Ky. Historical Society
LBL = Land Between the Lakes, in Lyon Co., Ky.
GPS = Global Positioning Systems, latitude and longitude

Ouad. = Quadrangle location where cemetery is located.
Bghm P.= Birmingham Point Quadrangle
Dyburg = Dycusburg Quadrangle
Eddy = Eddyville Quadrangle
Fredonia = Fredonia Quadrangle
Gr. Riv. = Grand Rivers Quadrangle
Lamasco = Lamasco Quadrangle
Mont. = Mont Quadrangle
P'ton West = Princeton West Quadrangle

Better location descriptions are in the Lyon Co. Cemetery book, than below, because of space constraints.
Reseachers are asked to check in the Cemetery book for better addresses/directions.
All items and directions subject to corrections.

By listing cemeteries from different sources, there could be some duplications on this listing.
Some of these cemeteries now exist only on paper or in folks memories. Some have been destroyed by "progress", others by neglect, nature or pure greed. Some are one or two stones, some have sandstone rocks only for markers
Anyone with additional cemetery names, locations or GPS are requested to submit them to me at Email

Submitted by Kenneth E. Gilkey, Jan., 2005

Barnett (LBL) Bghm P. -- off 453, on Smith Bay, Ky. Lake 36.904N -88.163W
Barrett Lamasco--hwy 93, old Barrett place (CLC)    
Bell P'ton West--off hwy 293 NE of I-24 exit 45, Louard Lewis farm (CLC)    
Bell Family Eddy--Marlin Crumbaugh farm (CLC) 1989    
Bethany Church Lamasco--near Confederate, on hwy 274, Bethany Ch. (CLC) 36.58'43"N 87.59'43"W
Bethlehem (LBL) Mont--off Old Ferry Rd., Bethlehem Cem. Rd. 36.988N -88.078W
Bonner (LBL) Eddy--1/4 mi S of Carmack, Carmack Bay, Barkley Lake 37.015N -88.118W
Bruce Lamasco--hwy 274, Rolling Mill area (CLC)    
Chestnut Oak Gr. Riv.--hwy 62, hwy 810, Springs Rd. 37.016N -88.175W
Cobb Fredonia--on 1943, 1/2 mi SW of jct. 855 & 1943 37.08'53N 88.06'51"W
Cobb Mill Fredonia--hwy 1943, 1 mi jct. 1943 & 373 (CLC)    
Confederate Lamasco--hwy 93S, 1 mi S on 274, across from Bethany Church 36.58'43"N 87.59'39"W
Cook farm P'ton West--off Hopewell Ch. Rd. near river (CLC)    
Cotton Lamasco--hwy 93 S of Lamasco Norvell Cotton's farm (CLC)    
Cotton Family Plot Lamasco--in field behind Bob Gray cemetery (CLC) 36.58'35"N 87.56'32"W
Crab Creek (black) Eddy--W. Fairview Ave., Eddyville, Ky. 37.093N -88.086W
Cummins-Rogers Lamasco--in field near Friendship Church (CLC)    
Dickerson (LBL) Eddy--on TVA Rd. 117 37.014N -88.091W
Doom Chapel Gr. Riv.-- on hwy 62, near I 24 & 62 jct. at Kuttawa (CLC) 37.04'18"N 88.07'44"W
Doom Family Plot Gr. Riv.--near Macedonia Church, on Emmett McKinney farm (CLC)    
Dry Fork Lamasco--hwy 93, 2 mi E of Lamasco on Dry Fork Creek Rd. 36.963N -87.901W
Eddyville Eddy--in Old Eddyville, Lake Shore Drive 37.047N -88.067W
Evans Family   ---- Iuka Community (CLC) 1985    
Faughn Eddyville--in campground, at Eddy Creek Marina 37.00'21"N 88.01'24"W
Ford Family   -- (black) Dryden Creek, Moulton Community (CLC)    
Freeman-Cash P'ton West--1/4 m S of 293, 1/2 mi near Lyon-Caldwell line 37.06N -87.980W
Friendship Lamasco-- 3 mi from Lamasco on Friendship Ch. Rd. (CLC)    
Gillespie Family Plot Lamasco--hwy 274, 1/4 m from Moulton School (CLC)    
Glenn Chapel Eddy--on Glenn Chapel Rd, between hwys 295 & 373 (CLC) 37.06'53"N 88.06'54"W
Gray (Isaac) Lamasco--93E from Lamasco, 778S to Gray Cemetery Rd. 36.978N -87.94W
Gray (Bob) Lamasco--hwy 93, at Lamasco, to McNabb Creek Rd. S., to Edna Ln. 36.96N -87.916W
Gray (LBL) Mont--off Gray Truck Trail, on NE side of Smith Bay 36.54'61"N 88.9'08"W
Hall (D.W.)
Family Plot
Lamasco--hwy 274 near Rolling Mill (CLC)    
Hall (John)
Family Plot
NO location given (CLC) 1985    
Hebron Church Fredonia--hwy 62, hwy373, hwy1943 (CLC) 37.07'45"N 88.07'26W
Hematite (LBL)   --Lookout Tower Rd. 36.55'14"N 88.5'78"W
Henderson Chapel (LBL) Mont--Brandon Chapel Rd., 2 mi SW of Crossroads 36.997N -88.119W
Hickory Grove Eddy--Old Eddyville, Overlook Drive (CLC)    
Hildreth # 1 (LBL) Mont--3/4 mi NNW of Carmack, W side Davenport Bay 37.028N -88.118W
Hildreth # 2 Mont-- due NNE of Carmack, E side Davenport Bay 37.032N -88.114W
Holder Family Plot   ----Sunnyside Road on Julian Gray farm (CLC) 1985    
Howard, Grasty & Hall Family Plot Lamasco--hwy 274 near Ramey Cemetery, Birdie Banister farm (CLC)    
Hopewell P'ton West--1 mi S of 818, on inpoint Eddy Creek Bay 37.02'31"N -87.59'22"W
Isaac Gray Family Plot Lamasco--E of Lamasco on McNabb's Creek (CLC)    
Jarrett Family Plot   --(destroyed) hwy 295 N, Bill Thompson Rd. (CLC)    
Jones # 1 Gr. Riv.--hwy 641, E side Barkely Dam (CLC)    
Jones # 2 Fredonia--US 641 N of Eddyville (CLC)    
Kansas (See Walnut Grove)    
Knoth Family Plot P'ton West--James Knoth Farm in Hopewell Comm. (CLC)    
Kuttawa Park Eddy--on hwy 295 Kuttawa, Ky. 37.56'90"N 87.23'87"W
Kuttawa (black) Eddy--alongside Kuttawa Park cemetery 37.56'90"N 87.23'87"W
Lady (LBL) Eddy--approx 3 mi due N of Crossroads 37.041N -88.093W
Lamasco Baptist Church Lamasco on hwy 93 in Lamasco, Ky. 36.59'09"N 87.56'07"W
Lee - Dodd (LBL) Off the Trace Rd. Hwy 453, take road 111 Pisgah Bay on Ky. Lake **** ****
Liberty Church Eddy--hwy 62 E 5 mi, hwy 818 1.3 mi. (CLC) 37.05'12"N 88.00'23"W
Long Hill (black) Eddy--hwy 93 S, hwy 730, Mose Lander Rd. (CLC)    
Macedonia Gr. Riv.--hwy 93 W, toward old Iuka Ferry 3 mi. (CLC)    
Mathis Lamasco--also called Longfield Cemetery, hwy 93 to 274 (CLC)    
Mount Pleasant (LBL) Bghm P.--(black) Trace Road S, TVA Rd. # 301 (CLC)    
Mount Zion Gr. Riv.--     (CLC)    
Newby (LBL) Mont--500 ft SSE after end of Gray Truck Trail 36.890N -88.150W
New Bethel Church Fredonia-- hwy 641N of Eddyville 4.4 mi (CLC) 37.08'33"N 88.03'22"W
Nickell (LBL) Bghm P.--from Canal, 2.8 mi on Trace Rd. (CLC)    
Old Holloway Lamasco--hwy 293 (CLC)    
Old Jones Eddy--off Cobb Mill Road (CLC)    
Oliver Eddy--hwy 93 across from Pleasant Hill Church (CLC)    
Oliver-Fuqua P'ton West--on hwy 903, 1000 ft. SW of intsct 730 36.005N -87.963W
Oliver-Jones P'ton West--Eddy Creek Rd., to Oliver Cemetery Rd. 37.028N -87.955W
Paradise (LBL) Bghm P.--Trace Rd. 5 mi. TVA Rd. # 116 (CLC)    
Parker Lamasco--off 1272 S on Dry Fork Creek Rd. 36.990N -87.955W
Peek Gr. Riv.--NW of Iuka, hwy 93 to 819 approw 1.5 mi. 37.100N -88.210W
Piercy Lamasco--on hwy 778, 300 ft. inside Trigg Co., line 36.942N -87.930W
Pleasant Hill Lamasco--4 mi S of Eddyville on hwy 93 (CLC) 37.03'02"N 88.02'10"W
Providence Eddy--US 62 E, 3/4 mi to Providence Cemetery Rd. 37.06'03"N 88.02'59"W
Ramey Lamasco--on hwy 274, off hwy 93 (CLC)    
Riverview Eddy--Old Eddyville, 1/4 mi S of Ky. Pent. (CLC)    
Rolling Hills Eddy--City Cem., Eddyville, Jenkins Rd. and Chestnut St. 37.101N -88.078W
Rolling Mill Mont--Dryden Estates, Hwy 274, off Rolling Mill Rd., Lake Barkley 36.55'57"N 88.00'34"W
St. Stevens (LBL) Mont.--     36.998N -88.066W
Saratoga P'ton West--hwy 293, Saratoga United Methodist Church (CLC) 37.03'37"N 87.59'50"W
Sardis (LBL) Eddy--on TVA Rd. 124    
Sexton Family Plot    --on Spring Creek, Robert Doom farm (CLC)    
Soden Hill Eddy--near Soden Bay on Lake Barkley, S of I-24 (CLC)    
Steinbaugh Lamasco--off 93 W from Lamasco, 1 mi on Barnett Rd. 36.985N -87.954W
Vanzant-Gray Lamasco-- hwy 93, off hwy 778 (CLC)    
Vogle TVA moved this Cem to Hickory Grove Cem.,
Old Eddyville, Ky.
Wadlington ------Wadlington & Kingsolving Family Plot, on Liberty Road on Bill Williams farm (CLC)    
Wallis Family Plot Lamasco--hwy 818, on Willard Gray farm (CLC)    
Walnut Grove Gr. Riv.--(black) hwy 62, across road from Doom Chapel (CLC) 37.56'90"N 87.23'87"W
White Oak Spring Dyburg--(black) off 295N (CLC)    
Woodson Chapel (LBL) ------Woodson Chapel Rd. on Molloy Bay, Barkley Lake    
Yates Gr. Riv.-- 1 mi. NW of Barkley Dam, Will Holt farm (CLC) 37.228N -87.893W
Yates Family Plot P'ton West--hwy 62, across road from Hopewell Bapt Ch.    
Isolated Graves Approx 15 listed in (CLC)    

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