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Peek Family

The Peek Family in 1911 near Dycusburg, Kentucky.

1) Marion Peek (married Mary B.Green), 2) Richard Mentril Johnson Peek,
3)Newman Peek (married Maude Kemper), 4) Sarah Ann Davenport Peek
(previously married William McCree), 5) Dave Peek (William Dave Peek
married Lula Margaret Walker), 6) Lillie Peek (married Arch Kemper), 7)
Lula Peek (wife of William Dave Peek), 8) Gustava (Sis) Peek (daughter of
Joseph Richard Peek and Sue Peek), 9) Charlie Peek, 10) Joe Peek (Joseph
Richard Peek), 11)Sue Peek, (Cora Sue (Wilborn) Peek, wife of Joeeph)12)
Charlie Walker (husband of Ollie Peek, not in picture), 13) Henry McCree
(son of William McCree, grandson of Sarah Ann Davenport), 14) Ed Nichols
and 15) Henry Peek (married Virgie Green)


Peek's Saw Mill