John Lindsay Freeman


his granddaughter

Betty Freeman Sellers

My grandfather, John Lindsay Freeman was the second child and first son of David O. Freeman and Nancy Larowe. He was born on the 1st day of August 1870 in Kokomo, Grant County, Indiana. About the age of 16, he and his family moved to Tr igg County, Kentucky.

His brothers and sisters were:

(1) Mary Elizabeth born Oct 22, 1868, Kokomo, In and died Sep 1, 1924 Evansville. Mary married William Clarence McCormick Jan 11, 1908 in Trigg County, Ky.

(2) Janie May born May 1, 1873 and died May 3, 1947 in Evansville, Ind. May married Marshall Wallace Oct 12, 1891 in Trigg County, Ky.

(3)William Otto born Feb 12, 1876 and died Apr 25, 1951 in Cadiz, Trigg County, Ky, Bill married Elmira (Minnie) Cothran Jan 1, 1897 in Trigg County, Ky.

(4) Sarahan Rosietillie born Oct 26, 1878 in Kokomo, Indiana and died Dec 2, 1946 in Sikeston, Mo . Rose married Jeff Timmons in 1895.

(5) Errea Myrtle born Feb 25, 1882 Kokomo,Indiana and died Jul 28, 1906 in Trigg County, Kentucky. Myrtie died of consumption as a young woman.

(6) Edward Wilford born Sep 22, 1886 in Trigg County, Kentucky and died Apr 3, 1949 at Butlerville, Marion County, In. Eddie never married.

John Lindsay Freeman first married Claudie Wallis, the daughter of Irvin Washington (Uncle Dick) Wallis and Sarah A (Sally) Edwards the 21st of November 1891 in Trigg County, Ky. John an d Claudie had two children, Sam Wilford and Lucy Lu. Claudie died the 17th day of April 1902 in Trigg County, Kentucky as is buried at the Wallis Graveyard.

John Lindsay Freeman married Sara Florence Allen Boyd of Trigg County as his second wife. John died March 29, 1913 in Cadiz, Ky leaving his wife and two small sons:

Robert David (Robie) born Sep 13, 1908 in Trigg Co and died Jun 19, 1969 in Calvert City,Ky. Robie married Ruby Alma Allen the daughter of James Lee Allen and Mary Lee (Mollie) Greenwood November 17, 1929 in Trigg County, Ky.
Rubie and Robie had two children:

Mahala Marlon Freeman born Mar 5, 1938 in Cadiz, Trigg County, Ky
Charles Delmas Freman born Dec 15, 1940 in Trigg County also.

William Thomas. (Thomas) born Feb 6, 1910 in Trigg County,Ky and died May 5, 1963 in Evansville, Indiana. Thomas married Hazel Lurline Faughn the daughter of James Benjamin Faughn and Martha Ann (Annie) Faughn on the 15th day of Septem ber 1935 in Trigg County, Ky. They resided in Evansville, Indiana. Their greatest joy was to return to Trigg County to visit their family.

Thomas and Hazel had one child: Betty Jane born in Trigg County, Ky on the 25th day of March 1937. 

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