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JAMES and JANE ( Hutchinson ) CRAWFORD
a brief

The Crawfords, are one of the oldest families in Livingston County, Kentucky.

James Crawford was the first of this family who came to America from Ireland. His ship docked at Charlestown, South Carolina about 1765, and he brought with him two brothers Robert and Joseph and their good friend Andrew Jackson Sr.

James Crawford and Andrew Jackson Sr. married sisters. James married Jane Hutchinson and Andrew married Elizabeth Hutchinson.

James's parents John and Hannah ( Anderson ) Crawford, were Scottish, but resided in Ireland. They were linen manufacturers and owned a great deal of property.

James and Jane built a very large and fine home on a breathtaking knoll, commanding the post road at Crawford's Branch of Waxhaw Creek, South Carolina and many times would offer hospitality to passing travelers.

Andrew hurt himself lifting a heavy log and died in February 1767, leaving behind a pregnant wife and two boys Hugh (4) and Robert (2). A heavy snow had fallen in theWaxhaws when Elizabeth and her sons were bundled into a wagon for the funeral procession to Waxhaw church about 12 miles away. They stopped at the home of George McKamey for refreshments, he was married to Jane and Elizabeth's other sister. When they arrived at Crawford Plantation there was plenty of food, brandy, and fellowship and before they knew it, night was upon them. When the procession finally arrived at the cemetery they realized that Andrew's body had been left behind, so they hurried back to get it. Elizabeth and her sons took up permanent residence in the home of James and Jane ( Hutchinson ) Crawford, and just a few days later Elizabeth gave birth to her third son. She named him in honor of his father Andrew Jackson, Jr. And consequently the seventh President of the United States was born and raised in the home of his Aunt Jane and Uncle James Crawford, and our G.G.G.G.G.Grandfather and Grandmother.

James and Jane had four sons and three daughters: Thomas, William, Margaret ( Campbell ), John, Martha ( Lang ), James, and Elizabeth ( Turnbull ). And it was John Crawford who came to Livingston County, Kentucky and made camp with his family just about two miles below Carrsville.

James was wounded while serving proudly in the American Revolutionary War. And was the patriarch of the Livingston County, Kentucky Crawford Family. James Crawford was born about 1745 in Ireland and died on 30 April 1818 in York, South Carolina. Jane ( Hutchinson ) Crawford was born about 1734 in Ireland and died on 17 Sep 1776 in Waxhaws Settlement, Lancaster Co. South Carolina.


The capstone of the South Carolina birthplace argument is the letter that Jackson wrote on August 11, 1824, to James H. Witherspoon of Lancaster, South Carolina, who had asked him where he was born. Jackson replied from Nashville:

D'r Sir, your letter of the 24th ult. is Just recd, and altho an entire stranger to you feel a lively interest in your prosperity and that of your family your lady being the descendant of a distant relation by marriage, I mean your Ladies mother. I have a great with to revisit my native state, and once more mingle with those friends of my Juvenile days who may still be living. . .
As to the question asked, I with pleasure answer. I was born in So Carolina, as I have been told at the plantation whereon James Crawford lived about one mile from the Carolina road [crossing] of the Waxhaw Creek, left that state in 1784, was born on the 15 of march in the year of 1767.
                        yr mo obdt. Servt.
                              Andrew Jackson


There is a marker in Andrew Jackson State Park in the Waxhaws area where the State of South Carolina believes Jackson was born on the home of his uncle James Crawford. The birthplace is known as the Crawford Cabin and a reproduction stands in the park. .

Address: 14 miles south of Rock Hill on South Carolina State Route 5. The Park is located on Route 1. Address: 196 Andrew Jackson Park Road; Lancaster, SC.