Civil War

Civil War Soldiers of Livingston County, Ky.

  • Cemetery book by Livingston Co., Ky. Homemakers Clubs
  • Micro-filmed 1910 Census records
  • Karyn's personal knowledge from walking the cemeteries taking the information
  • information submitted by Karyn

    Civil War Soldiers buried in Livingston Co., Ky.

    Pvt Samuel A. Bateman
    Co E 48th Ky Inf
    Union Army
    Watson Cemetery

    Pvt George Manhart
    Co G 29th Il Inf
    Union Army
    Carrsville Cemetery

    Pvt Clinton Belt
    Mar 6, 1838--Nov 18, 1904
    Co E 48th Ill Reg Inf
    Union Army
    Carrsville Cemetery

    Sgt John S. Sanders
    Sept 26, 1837---July 4, 1870
    1st Sgt Co B 48th Reg Ky
    Inf Union Army
    Sanders Cemetery
    See Gravestone Photo

    Pvt William H. Evans
    Co B 48th Ky Reg Inf
    Union Army
    Evans Cemetery

    Charles Webb Miles
    Feb 14, 1840--Apr 6, 1862
    died Battle of Shiloh
    Confederate Army
    Miles Cemetery

    Steve Conkle
    Co A 48th Ill Inf
    Union Army
    Conkle Cemetery

    Amos B. Chittenden
    Co B 30th Ky Reg
    Union Army
    Bethel Cemetery

    David W. Kimsey
    48th Ky Inf Co E
    Union Army
    New Union/Ditney Cemetery

    John W. Bush-Lawyer
    June 3, 1836---Nov 14, 1906
    Capt Ky Inf 48th Co G Union Army
    Smithland Cemetery

    ** U.S.C.H.A. was United States Colored Heavy Artilary**

    Peter Holland --Smithland Cemetery
    Co F - U.S.C.H.A.

    Corpl Leo Chisley--Smithland Cemetery
    Co C 13 - U.S.C.H.A.
    Anthony Ferguson--Smithland Cemetery
    Co A - U.S.C.H.A.

    Preston Stone---Smithland Cemetery
    Co B 8 - U.S.C.H.A.

    Thomas Walker--- Smithland Cemetery
    Co H 8 - U.S.C.H.A.

    Levi P. Pippin---Smithland Cemetery
    Co D 8 - U.S.C.H.A.

    Alf'd Foreman---Hodge Cemetery
    Co D 8 - U.S.C.H.A.