"Bubbie" Martin Family

Parthinia Culver

Smithland Days

Gang Coming Together

Courthouse Flooded

Night Riders Take Prisoners

1937 Flood Events"

The Bells of Town

The Day I Tapped the Bell

Fruit of the Vine

Baseball Days

Tied to a Tombstone
Rivertown Memories  

The top of Smithland Cemetery looking towards the river

Rivertown Memories

Growing up in Smithland, Ky. during the 1930's and 40's by Melvin "Bubbie" Martin
Permission to post these stories here for your enjoyment was given by
Melvin "Bubbie" Martin

About "Bubbie" Martin

Bubbie and Imogene Martin live in Smithland, Ky. where their two children and two grandchildren also reside. Bubbie's wife Imogene, and kids for a long time had wanted him to write down some of the stories he has told them about things that have happened in Smithland and things he and his friends did growing up in a small town.
Bubbie's sister-in-law Parthinia Culver took on the task of assembling the stories, proof reading and staying after Bubbie to complete them.
Those stories were published in 2001 and the books are being sold by the Livingston Co. Genealogical & Historical Society.

Here you will find some of the stories Bubbie has presented in this book about his life growing up in a rivertown called Smithland, Ky.
The book is filled with these stories, if you have found them intresting and want to read more you may order the book.

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