Graves of Vietnam War Veterans in Livingston Co., Ky.

Graves of
Vietnam Veterans
Livingston Co., Ky.

Information from family files, records and research of
Karyn Dorsey Schronski
Karyn has an extensive collection of photos of cemeteries in Livingston Cemetery if you wish to contact her for more information on them email Karyn

  • Salem Cemetery
    John Paul Joyce
    June 24, 1938-Oct. 13, 2001
    Col. US Air Force
    See Photo

  • Salem Cemetery
    Thomas J. Porter
    Mar 10, 1930-Jan 4, 1971
    Ky SFC HQ&A Co 122
    Maint BN Korea, VietNam

  • Salem Cemetery
    Dwight David Woolf
    Dec 13, 1946-Aug 4, 1967
    Ky Sp5 498 Med Co Air COMC Vietnam

  • Bethel Cemetery
    Homer Carl Williams
    May 2, 1941-Dec 12, 1973
    Ky Pvt US Army-VietNam

  • Oak Grove Cemetery
    Charles Ray Matheny
    Feb 10, 1946-Aug 17, 1973
    New York SP4 US Army VietNam

  • Oak Grove Cemetery
    Jack Earl Weaverling
    Aug 26, 1935-Jan 22,1976
    Sgt US Marine Corp-Korea,VietNam

  • Cothron Cemetery
    Gilbert Wayne Butler
    Oct 6, 1942-Oct 16, 1962
    US Army Vietnam
    See Photo

  • Cothron Cemetery
    Kenneth Ray Wright
    Mar 10, 1946-June 27, 1967
    CPL COM 9 MAR 3
    Viet Nam
    "The Supreme sacrifice in Viet Nam"
    See Photo

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