All information submitted by Jordan T. Carroll

Pleasant Hill Missionary
Baptist Church Cemetery

Lamasco Quadrangle
4 miles S of Eddyville on Hwy 93
37.03' 02"N Latitude - 88.02'10" W Longitude

Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery Prepared and Revised by Jordan T. Carroll
Copyright 2005
Jordan T. Carroll
All Right and Privileges Reserved
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Note to readers: The land of Pleasant Hill Cemetery was broken with the interment of James Patrick Hall, the donor, in September of 1903. Since this time many have been laid to rest in the cemetery.
I have taken the time to catalog photos of all marked graves.
These photos may be ascertained via e-mail: with a subject line of Pleasant Hill.
Government supplied military markers used as “footmarkers” have not yet been documented
as they have been improperly used. I will later record all data upon these markers for genealogical purposes. All military markers used in proper fashion as headstones have been recorded.

Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Barrett, Archie 10/6/1909-10/6/1909
(son of A.B. and Mattie)

Barrett, George E. 9/30/1885-6/3/1960
Barrett, Anna H. Robertson 4/7/1887-9/8/1959

Barrett, James Robert “Bobby” 10/8/1917-7/12/2000
Married 4/23/1944
Barrett, Leola 3/21/1920-6/7/2004
(daughter of William Henry and Grace Fitts Wells)

Barrett, Luther N. 8/25/1915-8/30/1988

Barrett, Robert 7/14/1888-1/15/1981
Married 10/20/1907
Barrett, Grace 1/15/1890-5/19/1929
(dau. of Isaac Green & Cindarilla Murphy Gray)

Barrett, William I. 11/21/1912-11/12/1996

Beck, Harlan Cash “H.C.” 2/14/1926-
Married 9/16/1950
Beck, Betty Mitchell 4/27/1933-____

Belt, Eston Earl 4/26/1930-3/7/2003

Bloodworth, Clay C. “Pappy” 3/16/1925-11/22/1977
Bloodworth, Arzetta Dunnagan 11/28/1923-7/28/1995

Brinkley, Elizabeth Charlene 9/23/1977-9/23/1977

Broshears, Nina Scott 1897-1923
Broshears, Child of Nina

Browning, C.W. 5/7/1875-4/2/1918
Browning, Sarah Francis “Fannie”
(daughter of S.S. and Nancy West)

Bryson, Bobby Gene 1/8/1938-7/27/1970

Bryson, Charlie L. 12/19/1896-3/11/1989
Bryson, Ruth J. 6/10/1906-9/4/1979

Bryson, Ervie Helton 1891-1940
Bryson, Charles P. 1930-1934
(son of Ervie Helton Bryson)

Bryson, Jack 5/10/1914-8/1/2000

Bryson, Jerry D. 9/30/1947-4/4/2002
Married 8/23/1960
Bryson, Sigourney A. Stovall 8/19/1950- ____

Bryson, Jimmy F. 1/10/1943-_____
Married 6/7/1962
Bryson, Mary L. 10/7/1944- ____

Bryson, Joe B. 2/17/1924-11/26/19??
Bryson, Joyce A. 12/2/1943- ____

Bryson, Pross J. 1894-1984
Bryson, Myrtle E. Gillespie 1906-1988

Burgess, Beulah

Butler, W. John 8/16/1932-4/19/2000
Butler, Dorothy N. Kitchen 3/24/1934-
Butler, John W. 11/7/1952-8/23/1992
(son of John and Dorothy)

Carroll, Jakob May 9/20/1887-3/28/1963
Married 4/29/1929
Carroll, Bessie Lorraine 2/13/1915-7/17/1998
(daughter Of Floyd and Ora Fitts Hall)

Carroll, Kathleen 11/6/1934-/11/6/1934
(daughter of Jake and Lorraine)
Carroll, Magalene 6/7/1936-10/19/1936
(daughter of Jake and Lorraine)
Carroll, Tommy E. 6/12/1947-6/29/1964
(son of Jake and Lorraine)

Carroll, Robert V. 9/13/1933-6/3/1977
(son of Jake and Lorraine)
Carroll, Christine Winters 4/20/1935- ____

Choat, Eugene 1934-1935
Choat, Myrtle Lois 1936-1937

Choat, Remus 1897-1936
Choat, Sallie Dunning 1898-1970

Collier, Betty 1968-1968

Crisp, Lee Roy 12/9/1937-10/5/2002

Crisp, Mary L. Warfield 1/30/1929-3/4/2001

Cummings, Joyce A. Murray 4/10/1934-1/28/1983

Dae, Kenneth H. 7/9/1938-3/23/1990
Dae, Lucille 8/15/1932-3/3/2005
(daughter of Jake and Lorraine Hall Carroll)

Davis, James L. 9/5/1910-8/16/1976
Davis, Lola Barrett 7/19/1917- ____

Davis, John W. 7/31/1912-7/14/1981
Married 1/23/1937
Davis, Beatrice Barrett 9/17/1920-12/26/2000

Dixon, Joseph L. 6/3/1939-2/5/1985

Dixon, Ralph W. 7/13/1898-8/23/1958
Dixon, Nancy Oliver 11/13/1907-7/2/1986

Dobbins, Charles T. 7/11/1861-5/4/1940

Dobbins, James B. 1874-1945
Married 12/12/1894
Dobbins, Florence L. 1874-1948
(daughter of John and Mary Dunning Fitts)

Dobbins, Paul 6/6/1918-6/6/1918
(son of James and Florence Dobbins)
Dobbins, Silas 6/6/1918-6/6/1918
(son of James and Florence Dobbins)
Dobbins, Willis Edward 3/14/1903-5/21/1967
(son of James and Florence Dobbins)

Dobbins, Lewis L. 8/29/1901-6/1/1974
(son of James and Florence Dobbins)
Married 1/23/1922
Dobbins, Hazel Oliver 3/8/1903-5/28/1981

Downing, William A. 9/17/1915-10/18/1986

Duff, Herbert 5/10/1894-5/4/1953

Duncan, R.L. 1/3/1921-5/12/1987
Married 10/27/1945
Duncan, Dora 3/5/1930-11/24/2003
Duncan, Deborah Gaye 5/8/1950-5/8/1950
(daughter of R.L. and Dora)

Dunnagan, Joe D. 10/15/1897-11/9/1973
Dunnagan, Dora Mae Pearcy 10/6/1903-9/29/1987
Dunning, Leslie 1/20/1915-9/12/1988
(son of Levi and Ellen Moneymaker Dunning)
Married 9/6/1936
Dunning, Rebekah 7/24/1917- ______
(daughter of Herman and Viola Parrent Groves)

Dunning, Levi 10/20/1870-10/24/1945
(son of Levi and Cordelia Dunning)
Dunning, Ellen 5/25/1882-2/13/1947
(daughter of James and Sarah Oliver Moneymaker)

Dunning, Levi 3/9/1901-10/22/1983
(son of Levi and Ellen Moneymaker Dunning)
Married 1/12/1926
Dunning, Arlene Barrett 12/20/1909-11/4/1987
Dunning, Norval 12/14/1930-4/25/1931 (son of Levi and Arlene)
Dunning, PFC Hale 6/2/1932-4/30/1952 (son of Levi and Arlene)

Dunning, Robert L. 2/3/1927-2/15/1991
Dunning, Shirlene H. 4/9/1933- ____

Dunston, Ginger 1963-1963

Dunston, Terry Wayne 1/13/1958-7/4/1980

Farless, Lonzo A. 1887-1945
Farless, Lena 1891-1977
(daughter of Oll and Linnie Pierce Fitts)

Faughn, Claude K. 1/18/1911-1/29/2001
(son of Sidney and Reby Hall Faughn)
Faughn, Edna A. Gilkey 5/27/1916-3/12/1986

Faughn, Earl Hylan 2/1/1922-3/28/1992
Faughn, Juanita Joann 8/31/1932- ____

Fitts, Elmer 9/3/1896-11/2/1979
(son of Oll and Linnie Pierce Fitts)
Fitts, Alice 3/3/1896-12/27/1997
(daughter of Laura Oliver Groves)

Fitts, John 3/25/1843-4/2/1928
Fitts, Mary Elizabeth 1852-1925
(dau. of Nahum and Juliann Sheridan Dunning)

Fitts, John H. 12/22/1898-12/21/1976
(son of Oll and Linnie Pierce Fitts)
Fitts, Kathleen 5/1/1900-11/19/1979
(dau. of Rufus and Ora McKinney)

Fitts, Ollie “Oll” 10/20/1870-7/27/1950
(son of John and Mary Dunning Fitts)
Fitts, Melinda “Linnie” 1870-3/28/1938
(dau. of Henry Clay and Martha Stone Pierce)
Fitts, Infant Son 1908-1908
(son of Oll and Linnie)

Forsythe, Hugh Lynn 12/23/1894-11/11/1969
Forsythe, Katie E. Harper 5/9/1903-5/19/1987

Fulks, Burnam H. 5/21/1921-5/22/1969
Fulks, Lois Glass 1/18/1926-_______

Fuqua, Frank

Galusha, Aubrey C. 1915-1982
Married 5/28/1944
Galusha, Polly Noles 1926-2003
Galusha, Bobby Joe 5/18/1940-9/11/1978
Married 5/21/1960
Galusha, Judy A. Moore 9/29/1943-_____

Galusha, Earlie Roe 2.10.1888-4/24/1967
Married 12/26/1909
Galusha, Minnie Pearl 11/25/1887-9/26/1982
(dau. of Henry and Martha Stone Pierce)

Galusha, Hale W. 9/2/1922-1/11/1999
Married 9/1/1945
Galusha, A. Christine 10/4/1928-2/24/1994?

Galusha, Hugh Carney 1921-1971
Married 11/11/1948
Galusha, Nadine Brumley 1929-____

Galusha, John R. 1855-1938
Galusha, Josephine V. Thomas 1860-1935

Galusha, Jonas Elijah 3/12/1891-11/6/1976
Galusha, Mary Anna Gray 8/1/1896-10/21/1984
Galusha, Jonas Elijah Jr. 1928-1937
(son of J.E. and M.A.)
Galusha, Wilson L. 1916-1943
Corporal 1st Armor Division

Galusha, Ollie H. 10/25/1885-1/26/1980
Galusha, Pearl Mckinney 8/18/1890-2/5/1962

Galusha, Opie 12/23/1903-10/6/1977
Galusha, Sallie Barrett 4/11/1911-9/8/2003

Galusha, Robert E. “Bobby” 4/10/1948-1/17/2001

Gilkey, James A. 1/5/1921-3/24/1966
KY PFC Battery D 214 AAA Gun BN WWII
Gilkey, James Lynn 7/26/1972-7/29/1972
(son of James)

Gilkey, Leonard 7/5/1899-9/1/1977
Gilkey, Isadora Oliver 7/12/1905-12/31/1987

Glass, Arva Rhea 9/11/1910-8/23/1974

Glass, Mark Edward 12/2/1939-12/3/1939
(son of Luke and Madie Fitts Glass)

Glass, Phyllis M. 9/13/1949-10/19/1974

Gray, R.T. 1899-1929
Gray, Vadie Dunning 1897-1985

Groves, H.E. 12/29/1890-1/20/1970
Groves, Viola Parrent 2/27/1891-2/9/1953

Groves, Herman Edward 4/28/1932-1/1/1997
(son of H.E. and Viola Parrent Groves)
Married 4/30/1955
Groves, Nellie Mae 5/1/1937-______
(dau. of Lewis and Virginia Malone Colley)

Groves, Laura Oliver 1/20/1873-3/22/1913

Groves, Paul Frederick 6/4/1924- _____
(son of H.E. and Viola Parrent Groves)
Married 12/19/1943
Groves, Rose Nell Holland 5/19/1925-6/19/1986

Hall, Floyd Jefferson 6/18/1893-11/28/1972
(son of Joseph and Anna Morse Hall)
Married 1/21/1912
Hall, Ora Mae 12/17/1892-12/30/1972
(dau. of James and Minnie Ora Davenport Fitts)

Hall, George A. 11/22/1841-8/10/1918
(son of John C. and Mary “Polly” Gray Hall)
Hall, Nancy 7/31/1847-12/9/1930
(dau of Gabriel French and Eleanor Lofton Wynn)
Hall, Charles Andrew 3/30/1867-9/6/1949
(son of George and Nancy)
Hall, Mark W. 1875-1918
(son of George and Nancy)

Hall, Harold Clifton 12/4/1916-11/24/1981
(son of Floyd and Ora Fitts Hall)
Married 1/12/1935 Montgomery County, TN
Hall, Dorothy Elizabeth 6/16/1919-12/21/1995
(dau. of Walton M. & Bertie Gray Stone)

Hall, James Patrick 10/16/1823-9/12/1903
(son of John C. and Mary “Polly” Gray Hall)
Hall, Sarah 9/22/1832- ________
(second wife of JP, daughter of Mildred Pearce)

Hall, Mary Neva 1912-1944

Hall, Noble Herman 1938-1978
(dau. of Duel and Beulah Holt Hall)
Hall, Martha Wright 1941- _____

Hammonds, Edgar L. 1908-1988
Married 4/27/1956
Hammonds, Mildred Nell 1933- ____

Hammonds, Jake G. 7/15/1886-9/25/1967
Hammonds, Ruby Scott 9/30/1895-4/18/1936
Hammonds, Donna Jean 4/18/1936-4/21/1936
(daughter of Jake and Ruby)
Hammons, Martha E. 6/12/1925-________
(Daughter of Jake and Ruby)

Hammonds, James 1880-1945
Hammonds, Mattie N. Stone 1887-1966

Hammonds, Richard E. 1930-1995
Hammonds, Carrie M. 1946-_____

Hammonds, Richard S. 5/23/1930-8/24/1977

Hammonds, William F. 4/12/1933-12/10/1995

Hammons, Charles J.6/5/1926-11/29/1972

Hammons, Ernest Woodson 7/21/1919-7/4/1991

Hammons, John J. 1881-1943

Hammons, Mary E. Browning 1901-1982

Hammons, Raymond A. 1922-1981

Hammons, Thomas A. 9/21/1934-3/24/1944

Hanks, Frank 1892-1963
Hanks, Josie 1892-1966

Hanks, Henry
Co. B 1st KY INF C.S.A.

Hanks, Thomas W. 1/13/1919-10/7/1973
Married 6/3/1944
Hanks, Dollie J. 8/22/1925-_____

Hanks, Woodson 1/13/1919-6/4/1990
Married 9/1/1945
Hanks, Mary 6/13/1929-12/18/2000

Harris, Terry Annetta Wright 11/6/1943-3/10/1985

Hawkins, Lawrence Earl “Sweet Pea” 4/5/1927-1-/26/2001
Married ?/23/1951
Hawkins, Dorothy Jean Lamb 2/14/1927-_____

Hawkins, Willie L. “Bill” 1/16/1904-12/7/1990
Married 6/28/1926
Hawkins, Mayme Mckinney 9/6/1910-12/8/1978

Helton, Tom

Hendricks, Eb 1870-1945
Hendricks, Annie 1890-1968

Hill, Elvert Ronald 9/17/1934-5/26/2004
Hill, Edna Mae 4/7/1946-____

Hill, Rita L. 9/24/1964-1/3/2004
Berry, Joseph L. 11/2/1963-_______

Holland, Linda Joyce 4/16/1949-4/16/1949
(daughter of Billy and Dora)

Holloway, Adell 1912-1989

Holsapple, George P. 2/21/1925-9/21/2003
Holsaple, Mary Virginia Coon 1/9/1933-______

Holt, Paul G. 9/24/1917-5/29/2002
Married 65 years
Holt, Opal 3/12/1918- ______
(daughter of Elmer and Alice Groves Fitts)

Hyde, Manie R. 3/15/1910-12/10/1997

Ingram, Larry Gene 1944-1946

Isaacs, Junior Cooper 11/11/1931-1/22/1932
(son of Serena)
Isaacs, Charles 12/4/1929-12/5/1929
(son of Serena)

Jackson, A.J. 6/23/1886-7/19/1947

Jackson, Dan 1880-1941
Jackson, Minnie 1885-1936
(daughter of John and Mary Dunning Fitts)
Jackson, A.B. 9/15/1926-10/17/1970
(son of Dan and Minnie)

Jackson, Ethel

Jackson, Jerrett Douglas “Doug” 5/18/1982-12/24/2000
(son of James and Mary)

Jackson, Kenith L. 10/3/1937-10/14/1937
(son of Virgie Jackson)

Jackson, Willie 4/13/1905-1/27/1978
Jackson, Belle Goodrich 9/26/1903-9/2/1973
This couple has three unmarked children.

Jeffries, Unknown 1
Jeffries, Unknown 2
Jeffries, Unknown 3

Jones, Morris 1/28/-_____
Jones, Myrtle McCracken 7/23/1931-12/25/2002
Jones, Morris D. 5/3/1955-5/3/1955
(son of Morris and Myrtle)

Joyce, Christopher M. 8/2/1982-1/28/1983

Ladd, Salitha Cordelia 1850-1927
(daughter of Henry and Pernecy Prince McKinney)

LeFan, Lucy 1914-1914

LeFan, W.C. 1888-1955
LeFan, Bessie 1892-1970
(daughter of Bill and Allie Stone)
LeFan, Robert Isaac 6/27/1916-1/16/1979
(son of W.C. and Bessie)

Littlepage, Billie Joe 2/9/1934-4/13/1987
Married 6/17/1955
Littlepage, Margaret L.
(daughter of Jake and Lorrain Hall Carroll)
Littlepage, Billy Lynn 1/6/1972-1/6/1972
(son of Billie Joe and Margaret)

Lofton, Martha Sue 2/7/1941-4/28/1988

Manning, Harry J. 1897-1980

Marshall, Marjorie 2/6/1921-9/14/1991
Marshall, Thomas “Tommy” 9/16/1948-9/6/2002
(son of Marjorie)

McCarty, Infant Son 8/6/1930-8/6/1930
(son of Young and Eunice)

McCracken, Chester Rowland 1894-1979
(son of Willis & Dora McGowan McCracken)
Married 1/20/1918
McCracken, Mamie Mildred 1895-1975
(dau. of Floyd and Susan Caroline Hall Thorp)
McCracken, Lerollin Knoth 2/3/1919-2/10/1919
(son of Chester and Mamie)

McKinney, Aaron 7/30/1908-11/7/1962

McKinney, Alfred Sr. 7/15/1919-5/29/1997
McKinney, Inez “Doll” Sowash 5/15/1921-7/19/1954

McKinney, Archer D. 1/14/1907-2/18/1985
McKinney, Ethel May Oliver 4/4/1903-7/28/1979

McKinney, Bird 1/11/1892-6/4/1952
McKinney, Ethel Oliver 7/9/1892-1/18/1983
McKinney, Sarah Elizabeth 7/24/1927-9/27/1963
(daughter of Bird and Ethel)

McKinney, Emett T. 3/16/1902-11/9/1995
McKinney, Ida Belle Stone 1/9/1902-10/28/1962
McKinney, Nora 7/31/1935-7/31/1935
(daughter of Emett and Ida)
McKinney, Ollie 3/15/1931-3/15/1931
(son of Emett and Ida)
McKinney, Dollie 3/15/1931-3/15/1931
(daughter of Emett and Ida)
McKinney, Opal 8/9/1928- _____
(daughter of Emett and Ida)
McKinney, Dora 7/31/1935-12/30/1985
(daughter of Emett and Ida)

McKinney, Harry Eugene 3/30/1886-11/17/1959
McKinney, Ada McKinney 12/25/1885-4/10/1949
McKinney, Jack 3/4/1905-7/10/1936
(son of Harry and Ada)

McKinney, Henry 1826-1908
(son of John M. and Sarah M. Jackson McKinney)
McKinney, Pernecy Prince 1826-1907

McKinney, Merle 5/1/1926-6/1/1998

McKinney, Oliver 10/3/1925-12/8/1998
Married 9/22/1956
McKinney, Helen Lucille 1/22/1929-1/8/1999

McKinney, Omer 11/12/1917-1/30/1943
McKinney, Robert 10/11/1942-10/11/1942
(son of Omer and Estelene Yates Mckinney)

McKinney, Rufus 7/15/187?-4/6/1944
McKinney, Ora Oliver 2/17/1875-9/2/1959
McKinney, Lenora 6/18/1921-6/12/1940
(daughter of R.M. McKinney)

McVay, Ollie Wilson 1894-1964
McVay, Delcina Herron 1906-1947

Menser, Sandra Bell 8/11/1955-4/22/1971

Meredith, Child

Metheny, William Wesley II 10/4/1926-7/13/1994
Married 5/10/1947
Metheny, Lucille Hawkins 12/13/1928-____
Metheny, William Wesley III 5/31/1951-1/7/1995
(son of William and Lucille)

Mitchell, Enos 1904-1940
Mitchell, Adell Lynch Town 1905-1991
Fitts, Nora Mitchell 1929-1949
(daughter of Enos and Adell, wife of Charles)

Moneymaker, James T. 1844-1927
Moneymaker, Sarah “Sallie” Oliver 1850-1932

Moore, Samuel W. 7/11/1936-____
Married 9/14/1957
Moore, Thelma R. 1/16/1940-10/2/1978
(dau. of Dan and Minnie Fitts Jackson)
Moore, Wilson Jr. 1960-2005
(son of Samuel and Thelma Jackson Moore)

Murray, Annie Taylor 1884-1977 (mother)
Murray, Willie 1917-1986 (son)

Murray, Gathon E. 1902-1974
Murray, Julia A. 1918-1980

Noel, Edna Grace 1/31/1921-1/31/1921

Noel-Hargrove-Bryson, Effie L. Futrell 3/12/1898-3/19/1968

Oates, Bonnie M. 2/13/1941-2/22/1981
(daughter of Jake and Lorraine Hall Carroll)

Oliver, Floyd 1895-1972
Oliver, Millie 1896-1983

Oliver, H.R. 4/18/1894-5/20/1973
Married 11/2/1935
Oliver, Sallie V. Sedberry 2/27/1907-10/23/1967

Oliver, Maggie 5/5/1894-4/4/1952
(dau. of Oll and Linnie Pierce Fitts, wife of Jake)

Oliver, Mary E. Robertson 1881-1949
Oliver, Alfred J. 1903-1944
(son of A.H. and M.E.)
Oliver, W.L. “Bill” 9/24/1907-11/4/1973
(son of A.H. and M.E.)

Oliver, Neely W. 3/9/1875-2/8/1937
Oliver, Aery Prince 2/15/1884-9/24/1966

Parks, Asa F. 2/10/1872-8/4/1969

Pearcy, William S. 3/15/1916-_____
Married 2/25/1940
Pearcy, Vida M. Barrett 9/11/1913-8/8/1964

Pierce, Aubrey R. 1919-1967

Pierce, Edward J. 4/7/1894-3/3/1975
(son of Henry Clay and Martha Stone Pierce)
Married 7/9/1919
Pierce, Maude Mathis 5/19/1897-1/16/1970

Pierce, James Richard 1/2/1944-4/12/1996
(son of Robert and Ida Mae Towne Pierce)
Pierce, Robin Lynn 12/10/1971-12/10/1971
(daughter of Richie)

Pierce, Jim 1885-19__
(son of Henry Clay and Martha Stone Pierce)
Pierce, Margie Mckinney 1891-1965

Pierce, Martha Ann Stone 10/17/1849-9/4/1936

Pierce, Robert Lee 8/13/1913-8/20/1989
Married 7/11/1942
Pierce, Ida Mae 9/21/1912-3/5/2001
(dau. of Joseph Morris & Mae Parrent Towne)

Pinnegar, Clint E. 3/2/1920-10/30/1985
Pinnegar, Virginia D. Hammonds 9/6/1912-2/25/2005

Ramey, Richard Lance 10/27/1938-8/14/2001
Married 2/28/1962
Ramey, Dorothy Christine 8/10/1940- ____
(dau of Claude and Edna Faughn)

Robertson, Alex G. 1884-19__
Robertson, Edna Tucker 1886-1924

Robertson, Arthur 9/19/1911-3/16/1987
Married 9/17/1933
Robertson, Birdie 11/17/1915-3/1/1997

Robertson, Campbell M. 2/12/1911-8/23/1982

Robertson, David D. 5/29/1969-9/26/1955
Robertson, Virgie Mae Harrison 5/4/1882-8/25/1954

Robertson, Edward Ray 6/9/1915-3/6/1987
Married 12/24/1933
Robertson, Eula Mae 8/1/1915-4/6/2001

Robertson, Infant

Robertson, Marcellus E. 10/4/1844-3/26/1914
Robertson, Elizabeth Nichols 3/14/1851-8/10/1914
(Ralls W. Robertson (1810-1861) married Elizabeth McGary 1833)
(Lawson Robertson (1771-1853) married Elizabeth Ralls 1793)

Robertson, Mason 1920-1983
Robertson, Lorene Wilson 1921-1974

Robertson, Nannie Hammonds 2/24/1917-4/17/2002

Robertson, Robert E. 6/16/1915-9/16/1999
Robertson, Dorothy G. 8/7/1921-6/24/2003

Robertson, Russell Spurling 1908-1951
Robertson, Charlene Hammonds (wife of Russell)

Robinson, Charles E. 12/16/1919-5/23/1997

Robinson, Charles S. 2/19/1883-7/19/1961
Robinson, Ora Lee Holmes 7/11/1881-3/15/1959

Robinson, Frank G. 7/20/1917-4/25/1983

Robinson, James F. ????-1952

Rogers, Hulett Burns 3/15/1906-7/7/1967
Rogers, Gerald Edward 5/31/1935-4/4/1976

Rogers, Jane Waters 11/14/1909-7/6/1945

Rooney, William M. 1895-1955
Rooney, Allie LeFan 1912-19__

Rowland, Daniel 1905-1959

Sanders-Stephens, Mayme L.1/6/1901-4/1/1979
(dau. of Alonzo and Bertie Gray Gray)

Scholes, Clarice “Tadpole” 2/20/1933-3/31/2004

Scott, David 1833-1919
Scott, America L. 1/19/1847-6/28/1943
Scott, Tommie 7/14/1885-7/29/1902
(son of America and David)

Scott, Boyce 9/30/1914-2/5/1995
Scott, Margaret L. 9/25/1925-____

Scott, Harvey _____-7/1945
Scott, Cora Barrett 8/25/1875-4/12/1950
Scott, William H.1903-1927
(son of Harvey and Cora)
Scott, Virginia Lois 2/21/1913-10/26/1918
(daughter of Harvey and Cora)

Scott, James H. 2/20/1912-4/2/1968

Scott, James S. 1877-1966 (brother)
Scott, Nida 1874-1956 (sister)

Scott, Johnnie 8/16/1905-7/5/1974

Scott, Lillian 1893-1913
(daughter of William S. and Florence)

Scott, William S. 1863-1947
Scott, Florence Barrett 1874-1945

Sedberry, Morrison D. 5/31/1898-2/13/1973
Married 11/5/1927
Sedberry, Edith F. Town 7/26/1907-1/31/1991
Sedberry, Minnie L. Young 10/25/1870-11/25/1943
(mother of Morrison)

Stone, Allie 1855-1941
Stone, Thurman
(son of Bill and Allie)

Stone, Charles Wayne 10/19/1957-1/20/1965
(son of Edward and Elizabeth Hall Stone)
Stone, Dennis H. 3/23/1955-2/14/1960
(son of Edward and Elizabeth Hall Stone)

Stone, Walton Moses 2/9/1890-1/3/1971
(son of William J. & Sarah E. Cotton Stone)
Stone, Bertie P. 9/8/1885-5/9/1948
(dau. of Robert Garrett and Louisa E. Hall Gray)

Stovall, Ferd A. 1881-1966
Stovall, Nancy 1883-1966
(dau. of Finesse A. and Peachy Ann Barnett Ramey)
Stovall, Bernice Ruth 10/23/1922-4/30/1923
(daughter of Ferd and Nancy)

Stovall, Gabe

Stovall, James Noble 7/26/1921-1/19/1998
Married 5/16/1942
Stovall, Janie Ruth 8/28/1925-______

Stovall, J.J. 1/1/1851-10/27/1920
Stovall, Mariah Smiley 7/13/1849-9/22/1910 (wife of JJ)
Stovall, Joans Holmes 9/1/1864-4/19/1924 (wife of JJ)

Stovall, William A. 1/1/1890-11/4/1978
Stovall, Stella May Davis 4/16/1888-5/10/1957

Teague, Maudie Jackson 2/13/1911-6/5/2004

Terrell, Corinne Barrett 4/7/1907-8/1974

Terrell, Lester L. 12/3/1915-11/7/1997
Terrell, Lea J. 10/18/1913-4/1/1977
Terrell, Elbert L. 1941-1941
(son of Lester and Lea Terrell)

Timmons, Bettie 1932-2000

Timmons, Lou Ruth 6/9/1916-____
Timmons, Claude “Champ” 10/15/1927-1/16/1990

Timmons, Robert J.
Timmons, Maude B. 1/1/1912-1/26/1996

Town, Morris 1879-1963
Town, Mae Parrent 1882-1951

Towne, James M. 3/10/1917-4/9/1992
Towne, Mary E. 3/10/1949-3/18/1952
(daughter of James)

Warfield, James Boyd 11/11/1916-4/2/1938
(son of Hugh and Reba)

Warfield, Malcolm Wayne 1932-1932

Waters, William M.
Waters, Sarah Ada Scott 12/31/1859-3/24/1915
Waters, Zula 9/11/1895-7/30/1905
(daughter of W. and Ada Waters)

Watson, Charles B. 2/16/1913- 4/28/1983
Watson, Virginia K. Bryson 6/4/1922-_____

Watson, Edsal Eugene Jr. 5/2/1961-5/2/1961
Watson, William Bradley 11/19/1962-11/19/1962
Watson, Joseph 8/21/1977-8/21/1977

West, Samuel Stackers 1848-1929 (son of Sallie West)
Married 1/30/1868 in Hardin County, IL
West, Nancy Ratliff 1848-1935
(dau. of William & Susannah P. Gray Stone)
West, Rose Ellen 1887-1925
(dau of S.S. and Nancy)

West, William Washington 12/8/1877-2/21/1959
(son of S.S. and Nancy)
12/23/1894 in Lyon County, KY
West, Ellen R. 10/12/1887-9/19/1918
(dau. of John and Mary Dunning Fitts)

White, Bennie Jr. 10/25/1936-12/18/1981

White, Carlos L. 2/20/1942-3/3/1997

White, Henry Benjamin 1890-1956
White, Macie E. Cavanaugh 1884-1968
White, Henry Benjamin “Bennie” 3/10/1906-8/16/1950

Whitney, Waymon 3/8/1926-10/22/1992
Whitney, Magdalene Jones 9/24/1922-5/8/2001

Wilkerson, Oda Browning Robinson 1903-1980

Wilson, William E. 3/18/1929-7/8/1997
Married 12/23/1950
Wilson, Ernestine 5/27/1933-_____

Williams, Archie Beckham 2/12/1901-1/20/1970
Married 11/25/1937
Williams, Cleo Adeline Stone 6/9/1900-1/2/1987

Williams, Charles Henry 1885-1927

Wright, Glenda Gayle 2/8/1969-5/3/1991

Wright, Terry J. 1913-1967
Wright, Frances E. 1919-1991

Wright, Zola Lorine 1946-2003

Wronski, Victor 3/10/1924-____
Married 7/23/1971
Wronski, Inez 12/30/1926-8/23/2003

Wynn, Nello “Ned” 3/13/1918-____
Married 5/23/1945
Wynn, Mary T. 2/14/1926-____
Wynn, David Nello 9/25/1947-2/28/1948
(son of Nello and Mary)
Wynn, Chester Dale 3/27/1946-6/17/1946
(son of Nello and Mary)

Zollinger, Lois Jones 9/11/1917-5/25/1973


(c) Copyright 2005 Jordan T. Carroll

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