Selected Trigg County Marriages

Trigg County Marriages

Popular Couple
Mr. Brandon and Miss Lester United In Holy Wedlock

Mr Winfield Brandon and Miss Bertha Lester were married Christmas day at the brideÕs home near Wring. Rev. John J. Alexander officiated. Mr BrandonÕs is a son of Robert Brandon, deceased and is an industrious young farmer. The bride is a daughter of R.A. Lester, and is a very beautiful and charming girl. They will live on the Erve Brandon farm near Wallonia.

Mr Joseph L. Walker and Miss Alice Barbara Rogers were married at the brideÕs home in this county on Christmas day. Rev. R.C. Ramey performed the ceremony.

Jack Chewning, an adopted son of John E. Chewning, and Miss Emma Johnson were married in Cadiz last Saturday, by County Judge Bingham. They live in the Long Hollow district.

Made Happy
Hooker Atwood and Miss Mabel Morris Joined in Wedlock

Mr Robert H Atwood and Miss Mabel Morris were married on December 28th at the brideÕs home two miles north of Cadiz. Esq. George L. Cunningham performed the ceremony. Mr Atwood is a son of the late Tom Atwood and is a clever and industrious young farmer. His bride is a daughter of Mr Ross R Morris. She is a very beautiful girl and a favorite in society.

Wilson - Ricks
Well Known Couple Married December 22nd.

Mr Alfred Wilson and Miss Alice Ricks were married December 22nd at the home of the brideÕs six miles west of Cadiz. The ceremony was performed by Rev. E.H. Cunningham, and Mr Forney Wilson and Miss Julia Bridges, Mr Albert Sholar and Miss Ora Futrell were the attendants. Mr Wilson is an only son of Alley Wilson deceased, and is one of TriggÕs most substantial young farmers. His bride is the beautiful daughter of Joe Lee Ricks, and a social favorite. They will reside on John RandolphÕs farm near Oakland.

Married Tuesday
Mr Piercy And Miss Wallis United In Wedlock

Mr Jesse J. Piercy, son of Henry Piercy, of Cerulean district, and Miss Annie Wallis, daughter of Mr Dick Wallis, of Montgomery, were married in Cadiz Tuesday at the resident of Rev. I.N. Strother. Rev Strother officiated. Both are prominent in social circles of the prospective neighborhoods and many friends wish them a prosperous and happy future.

Van Cleve-Baker
Marriage of Popular Couple Near Julien

The Hopkinsville New Era makes the following mention of the marriage of Mr Thomas Corbin Van Cleve, of this city, and Miss Elsie Baker, of Julien.. Mr Thomas C Can Cleve and Miss Elsie Baker were united in matrimony Tuesday afternoon at the residence of the brideÕs mother, Mrs Julia Baker, in the Julien vicinity. It was on of the most interesting nuptial events of the year in South Christian society. The ceremony, which was performed promptly at 2:30 o'clock was beautiful and impressive, the officiating clergyman being the Rev. Mr Kirtlay. The parlor had been handsomely decorated for the occasion. The wedding march was played by Miss Berta Stowe, and the musical program included a sweet solo by Miss Annie Stower. The maid of honor was the brideÕs sister, Miss Alberta Baker, and the best man was Mr Bernice Penick, of Elkton. The attendants were Miss Carrie Baker and Mr Harry Gaines, Miss Irma Goodwin, of Cerulean, and Mr Frank Baker, Miss Polly Graves of Mayfield and Mr Dan Owsley, Miss Ermine Van Cleve and Mr J. Aubrey Tuggle. The ushers were Mr Emmett Jones and Mr Frank Caudle. After congratulation and good wishes, Mr and Mrs Van Cleve left for the residence of the bridegroomÕs father, Mr J.J. Van Cleve, near this city, on the Clarksville pike, where an elegant reception was held in their home. The bride is a lovely and accomplished young woman and has many friends and admirers in this city, where she was formerly a student at Bethel female College. Mr Van Cleve is a popular young gentleman and a business man of fine capacity. He has a lucrative and responsible position with Terry, White & Company of Cadiz. Mr and Mrs Van Cleve will remain in the county a few days and then go to Cadiz to reside.


Mr Chess Green and Miss Maude Sivills of the Dorcey neighborhood were united in marriage at WeaverÕs Store, Tenn, last Saturday. Esq. John Pryor performing the ceremony. Misses Ophia and Effie Rose were the attendance. The bride is a very popular young lady of the neighborhood, and a daughter of Esq. Andy Sivills, while the groom is a young farmer and stands well in his community.

Prominent People Married At Cairo After Many Difficulties
Bride 19 and Groom 59

After several unsuccessful attempts and much inconvenience and worry, Mr E.D. Osburn and Miss Molly J. Curtis, of the Canton neighborhood, were united in marriage at Cairo, Ill; last Tuesday by Joseph Steagale, proprietor of the Uncle JoeÕs Hotel and an ex-county Judge. Mr Osburn is one of the most prominent citizens in the Canton neighborhood is 59 years old and had been married before, his wife having been dead two or three years, while his bride is a daughter of Mrs Lucy Curtis, until recently of the Blue Spring neighborhood, and is a very popular young lady 19 years of age. Objection to the grooms age, on the part of the brideÕs people was the cause of them going to another State to marry. The following facts concerning their courtship and marriage were given us by the groom. Mr Osburn has been paying Miss Curtis some attention for several months, who until a month or two ago, lived with her mother and sister near Blue Spring. But anticipating their intention, and objecting on account of the advanced age of Mr Osburn, Mrs Curtis rented her farm out about last November and with her two daughters went to Marshall county to live with a married daughter. This, of course, interfered for awhile with the plans of Mr Osborn and his betrothed but they soon got letters to each other and arranged to be married on the 5th of December. At the appointed time the groom went to Marshall county for his bride, but their plans were again thwarted and he was only permitted to see Miss Curtis for a minute or two, and then in the presence of her sisters after which she was locked up in a room and kept until Mr Osborn had gone., although he was compelled to retain there all night on account of the unusual darkness and being in a strange country. He returned home alone, but with the full determination not to be out done in his matrimonial pursuits. Find that the distance was no very great obstacle in the way of these determined lovers, the bride-to-be was then sent to Ballard county to live with her brother, Mr Ben Curtis. This put them to some disadvantage for awhile and all communication was cut off between them. But finally Miss Curtis made arrangements with a cousin in Ballard county to mail and receive her letters for her. Then it was that they arranged the final meeting which was successfully carried out last week. She agreed to meet Mr Osborn at La Center, a station about three miles from the home of her brother, last Tuesday morning. So he in company with Mr Robert Boyd, of Canton took the train and went to La Centre at the appointed time where they were met by Mr Ben Curtis, who, in order to keep his sister from coming to meet them as she had arranged came to meet Mr Osburn. Mr Boyd and Mr Osburn were carried to Mr CurtisÕ home where the young lady awaited their coming. After a futile attempt to persuade his sister to give up her intention to marry Mr Osburn he agreed to go with them to Cairo, where they were made man and wife that afternoon. They came back and spent the night with Mr Curtis and the following day caught a train for Kuttawa and thence by boat to Canton where they arrived Thursday. The Record joins in a host of friends and relatives in extending to Mr and Mrs Osburn hearty congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy life.

Canton Elopers

Mr Ben Wells and Miss Nora Atwood, of Canton, eloped to Dover, Tenn, last Sunday where they were united in marriage. Mr Wells is an industrious, honest, young man, and has been married before, his first wife, who is dead, being a sister to his present one. Miss Atwood is a daughter of Mr George E. Atwood of Canton, and is a popular and industrious young lady. They have returned and will make their home at Canton.

Beautiful Wedding
Miss Gill and Mr Reynolds, Married in Clarksville Last Week

Last FridayÕs Clarksville Leaf- Chronicle contained the following account of the marriage of Miss Mary Gill, of that place who is well and very pleasant known here, where she has frequently visited. Mr and Mrs P. Gill gave a dinner Tuesday in honor of their daughter, Miss Mary Elizabeth GillÕs approaching marriage to Mr Cave Couts Reynolds. Covers were laid for twenty guests, only the immediate relatives being present.


Mr Wayman Mitchell and Miss Rhena Sumner were married last night at 8 oÕclock at the home of the brideÕs parents, Mr and Mrs Ed W. Sumner in the city. Full particulars next week.

Cunningham - Thomas
Prominent Young People United In Marriage South of Here

One of the most prominent weddings that has taken place in the Oak Grove neighborhood, south of here, for quite a while was solemnized last evening at six o'clock at the residence of Mr F.M. Thomas, when his daughter, Miss Bertie Thomas was united in marriage to rev. E.B. Cunningham, in the present of a number of invited friends and relatives. The ceremony was performed by Rev. I.N. Strother of this place, and the attendants were Supt Alfred Cunningham and Miss Annie Patterson. After the ceremony the bridal party retired to the dining room, which had been beautifully decorated and followed by the guests, where a well prepared and an elaborate supper was served which was highly enjoyed by all. Rev. Cunningham has been one of the leading teachers of this county for a number of years and is one of the most promising young ministers of the Baptist Church in Western Kentucky, having done some splendid work along that line in this county during the past week. His bride is the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas, is a very beautiful and accomplished young lady and exceedingly popular in social circles of her neighborhood, and possess many womanly charms to grace the home of the promising young divine whom she has chosen as her companion through life. They were the recipients of quite a number of handsome and useful presents, which betoken their popularity and high standing among their many friends, who join The Record in extending to them best wishes for a long and useful life together. Rev. and Mrs Cunningham till take their departure tomorrow for Paducah, Ky, where he has been called to take charge of the second Baptist Church at that place and will fill his first appointment next Sunday.

E.H. Vanzant, a farmer of Lyon county, came in last Thursday with Miss Eddie Burnham of Trigg county, about thirty years of age, and after obtaining license to wed were married in the County JudgeÕs office by his honor W.S. Randolph. This is the second marriage of the groom who is forty seven years old and well known in his section as an industrious and honorable gentleman. "Princeton Leader"

Mitchell - Sumner

Mr Wayman Mitchell and Miss Rheun Sumner, of this place, were united in marriage last Wednesday night at 8 o'clock at the home of the brideÕs parents, Mr and Mrs Ed. S Sumner, on Lafayette Street, Rev. I. N. Strother, officiating. It was a quiet home wedding, a number of the relatives of both parties and a few intimate friends being present. Miss Forest Major and Mr Douglass Mitchell were the attendants. Mr Mitchell is a son of Mr T.J. Mitchell, north of town, and is a clever, honest upright young man, and for the past several months has been clerking in the saloon of J.S. Sherrill. His bride is the youngest daughter of her parents, and is a beautiful and industrious young lady, popular with her associates, and well liked by all. They were the recipients of quite a number of handsome presents, which proved the high esteem in which they are held by their many friends. The Record joins a host of admiring friends and relatives in extending to them hearty congratulations and best wishes. Mr and Mrs Mitchell are preparing to go to house keeping in the flat over H.M. Garten & Sons hardware house.

Brayboy - Littlejohn
Popular Young Couple Married Near Rock Castle

Mr Charlie Braboy and Miss Mary Littlejohn prominent young people of near Rock Castle were united in the holy bonds of matrimony last week at the home of the brideÕs father, Mr Charley Littlejohn. Rev. Armstead Moore, of Golden Pond officiated. The groom is the son of George Braboy and is promising young farmer of that neighborhood while his bride is a popular and industrious young lady. They have the best wishes of a host of admiring friends and relatives.

Stevens - Mitchell

Last Sunday afternoon Mr Melvin Stephens and Miss Alvie Mitchell, a prominent young couple living north of town, were united in marriage at the residence of Mr James Allen on Muddy Fork. Rev. John J Alexander, of this place performing the ceremony. Mr Stephens is the son of W.L. Stephens and is an honest, industrious, well behaved young man who makes friends wherever he goes. His bride is the daughter of Mr Thomas J. Mitchell, who lived two miles north of here and is a beautiful and very popular lacy. They had been sweethearts for quite a number of years. Mr and Mrs Stephens will make their home for the present at Mr AllenÕs where Mr Stephens is engaged in sawmilling.

Mr Thompson and Mrs Thruston Married at Princeton.

John C Thompson and Mrs Olivia May Thruston, of Cadiz were married in the county clerkÕs office at this place Saturday night 9 o'clock. Rev. H.B. Smith, of the Christian church performed the ceremony in the presence of several witnesses. The contracting parties met here by appointment, the groom coming from Cadiz and the bride from Sturgis where she had been visiting. The groom is the son of Mr Mose Thompson, well known in Princeton. They left for Cadiz Sunday afternoon. "Princeton Leader"

Mr and Mrs Thompson reached Cadiz Sunday afternoon, and have taken rooms with the parents of the groom on West Main Street.

March 2, 1905 *****
Returns to Kentucky For His Bride
Mr Wallace and Miss Luton Married Last Sunday

Mr Charles M. Wallace and Miss Lena Luton were married last Sunday at the home of the brideÕs father, Mr D.C. Luton, near Cumberland church between the rivers. Esq. D.D. Creekmur performed the ceremony in the presence of a few invited friends. Mr Wallace is a son of the late A.R. Wallace and is a brother of Green T. Wallace. He formerly lived in this county, but went West about a year ago and located near Seattle, Washington, where he is engaged in farming, and returned to Kentucky on the 14th day of February to claim as his bride the girl he had wooed and won before leaving to seek his fortune in the West. He is a fine young man and has many friends. His bride is the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Mr and Mrs D.C. Luton and is a social favorite in the community where she lived. They left yesterday for Washington State, where they will make their future home. While regretting their departure from our county, many friends join The Record in wishing for them lifeÕs choicest blessings in the far away Western home.

Cadiz Attorney To Marry
Nashville Lady Some Time in April

Hon. Max M. Hanberry, one of the most prominent attorneys of the Cadiz bar, will be married early in April to Miss Cordie Francis, of Nashville. The marriage will take place at the home of the brideÕs mother in Nashville, and will be a quiet home wedding. Miss Francis was reared near Roaring Spring in the county, and is a lady of many womanly graces. Mr Hanberry enjoys a splendid practice and for a number of years has been prominent throughout Western Kentucky both in politics and in the practice of his profession.