Roy "Shorty" , Minnie, Bill and Sherman "Red" Freeman
Cadiz, Kentucky
about 1927

"Miss Minnie" Freeman,
Betty Jane Freeman, and Jacquetta Freeman
East End Cemetery
Cadiz, Kentucky
February 1941

Miss Minnie
A Lady of Means

If ever you had known her -
Miss Minnie, a lady of means,
You'd guess she had no money,
Just lots of hopes and dreams.
Nice days she'd sit in her swing,
Needles and thread in her hands,
Knitting things for needy folks,
In far and distant lands.

She offered others help and home,
Set a table fit for a king.
She could straighten the house in no time,
Then go sit on the porch in the swing.
She put her heart in all she did,
Never asking anything in return.
Loved little children; they made her smile.
Treated all with kindness and concern.

Miss Minnie, a small woman of statue,
What she lacked she made up with her ways,
Of making you feel welcome and loved,
You'd remember her all of your days.
Her dress front was slightly padded,
It was important to look her best.
A tiny bun on her head, always neat,
And manners that passed any test.

As days, then years began to fly,
She sat more in her swing.
Such a lovely place of pillows and lace,
She'd crochet as she heard the birds sing.
The front porch was her haven.
Her eyes viewed pastoral scenes,
Of cows and lanes and watering ponds,
Miss Minnie was a lady of means.

One day, we heard, Miss Minnie was gone!
Oh, the day came 'way too soon.
That front porch is so empty now,
As the birds all sing out of tune.
No pillows and lace nor even the swing,
Just a porch, as all porches go
But in my mind I can still she her there,
As she knits and hums real low.
I know that she went to heaven
That's where I want to go
To see Miss Minnie, once again
To see her large halo glow
Some nights I dream about her
And always in those dreams
She's swinging high in heaven
Miss Minnie, a lady of means.

Jean Clark~~ ©
July 30, 2001


ELMIRA MINNIE COTHRAN was my great aunt.  She was a fantastic woman!

She was the daughter of ELIJAH and HARRIET PUCKETT COTHRAN and was born January 23, 1875 in Trigg County, Kentkcy.  At the age of 21 she married WILLIAM OTTO "BILL" FREEMAN.  in Trigg County.

Aunt Minnie and Uncle Bill resided in Cadiz most of their married life. 
Uncle Bill worked at the Chevrolet Garage as a mechanic as his sons did also.  During WWII Shorty and Louise both worked for the civil service in different countries.  Red died of pneumonia in 1941.

My daddy - WILLIAM THOMAS FREEMAN - was orphaned at the age of 7.  Aunt Minnie and Uncle Bill opened their home to my daddy and he remained with them until he joined the U.S. ARMY at the age of 15. Serving 3 tours in Hawaii. 

To this union were born two sons, SHERMAN "RED" FREEMAN born May 9, 1898 in Trigg County Kentucky and ROY L "SHORTY' FREEMAN who was born September 27, 1901.

RED married KATHLEEN 'KAT' MITCHELL, January 24, 1928 , Boonveville, Warrick County, In.  They divorced.  Red died of pneumonia in February 6, 1941.

SHORTY - married LOUISE M MITCHELL .  They had no children and both worked for the civil service.  Shortey died in Louisville, Kentucky Jun 10, 1959. 

The family is buried at the East End Cemetery in Cadiz, Kentucky . 


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