The Rose Family Bible Records are provided by Linda HOWELL Tirado,

From ROSE Family Bible:

Milton ROSE, born 10-16-1855, married Emiline C. Morris (who was born 
11-4-1860) on 11-2-1880 in Minister Effin Watkins' parsonage.  Mrs. 
Sarah ROSE was in attendance.  Milton died on 8-13-1892.  Emiline died 
on 2-28-1939.

Milton and Emiline had four children:  James Theophilus ("Ophi") ROSE, 
born 10-16-1881 and he married Maud C. Martin on 1-23-1910 (he died on 
1-22-1967 in Wood River, Illinois); Joseph Carl ROSE, born 3-3-1884 
and married Lily M. Pepper on 12-25-1904 (date of death unknown); 
Bracey ROSE, born 11-25-1885 and married Bertha _______, marriage date 
unknown (he died 9-22-1936) and Ina Elercie ROSE, born 9-7-1887 and 
married Wylie Alexander Howell on 12-11-1904 (she died 1-24-1960) and 
(Wylie was born on 11-25-1882 and he died on 2-16-1954).

This is from a family bible in possession of my brother, Kenneth Wylie 
Howell, who lives in Clinton Township, Michigan.  This was given to 
him by my mother, Margaret Elaine SCOTT Howell, after my father, Frank 
Milton HOWELL's death in 1986.  My father was one of Ina and Wylie's 
ten children.

Although this information is not in the bible, I think Milton 
ROSE's father was Theoophlis ROSE and I believe he shows up in the 
1850 Trigg Census.

Linda HOWELL Tirado