When Lake Barkley was impounded the Allen cemetery was moved by the Corps of Engineers. Graves were moved to the Little River Relocation Cemetery, East End Cemetery, Siloam and Bush Grave Yards.


Allen Betty, no stone

Allen Tom, no stone

Grace Allen,, no stone

Allen William Albert, no stone
age 79 - 4 Jul 1926 h/o Mattie

Allen  Martha A "Mattie," no stone
Age 61 - Jun 7 1927  w/o W. Albert

Allen Willie, no stone
Age 30 -Aug 18, 1934


Allen George S., 6 Jun 1851-14 Sep 1916
h/o Margaret Caroline "Carrie" Kirby Allen

Allen Margaret G., 1861-1950

Allen Georgie Louise, 1888-1891

Allen Mamie Louise, no stone

Allen John I, no stone

Cain Lucy, no stone (moved to Bush cemetery)

Freeman Mahala Allen w/o David , no stone (moved to Siloam Cemetery)

Allen Elizabeth "Betty" Turner, 1825-1893

Allen Robert .Heaton., 1821-1898

Allen James Lee, 1863-1944 (moved to Siloam Cemetery)

Allen Mary Lee, 1869-1933

Allen Lallie, no stone

Allen Finus, no store

Allen Olive Bessie, 1887-1909 (moved to East End Cemetery)

Atwood Odie, 1892-1912 (moved to Bush Cemetery)

Cain *P.H., 1838-1914 (moved to Bush Cemetery)

Cain Jane, 1849-1929 (moved to Bush Cemetery)

Cain Selty, 1887-1918 (moved to Bush Cemetery)

Cherry George, no stone (moved to Bush Cemetery

Cain Lonny, no stone (moved to Bush Cemetery

Cain Pont, no stone (moved to Bush Cemetery

Cain Sudie, no stone (moved to Bush Cemetery


Sumner John, Feb. 15, 1827--Jan. 12, 1857

Sumner Terece, wife of John, Aug. 6, 1827--May 14, 1863

Coleman Ira M., Nov. 13, 1883--Nov. 28, 1893

Coleman Alfred B., March 13, 1823--December 10, 1910

Coleman Alpha Thomas, Nov. 1, 1823--Feb. 19, 1917

Guier Elizabeth, died Nov. 22, 1858, aged 62-7-17

Coleman Lola Alma, Oct. 7, 1886--July 12, 1887 (stone gone)


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