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Calloway County, Ky.

The Cook Family of Calloway County
May 17, 1980
Last week I reprinted a letter from a woman wanting Information on the Cook family in Calloway County. I had said that although I had information on Cooks who had migrated from Stewart County, Tennessee, to Calloway County, I could not find a connection between the two lines. At the request of a reader, I will summarize what I did find about the Cooks I had mentioned.

James Jefferson Cook, the sixth child of Thomas and Milly Marcum Cook, was born in Bedford County, Tennessee, June 5, 1812, and died in Calloway County, Kentucky, January 8, 1906. He was living in his mother's home between 1830 and 1840. Jefferson, as he was known, married Charlotte E. Short in 1845 or 1846. Charlotte was born November11, 1820 and died in Calloway County on November 30, 1906. The couple had seven children.

J.J. Cook moved to Calloway County in about 1855. Evidently a party of emigrants all left Bedford County, Tennessee at the same time. These people included Jefferson Cook and his family, Thomas Cook and his family, and the family of Mary or Folly Cook Wilson. It is not known for sure if the mother, Milly Marcum Cook was a part of this group; she was still alive in 1850, but after that, the record is not available.

In 1857, two years after Jefferson Cook settled in Kentucky, he bought 80 acres of land for $700. from G.B. Levier. This farm was located on the waters of the east fork of Clarks' River. He had also purchased another 50 acre tract in 1860 for $450. in the northwest quarter of Section 29, Township 3, Range 6. Jefferson's brother Thomas, also bought 50 acres of land adjacent to his brother at the same time.

In 1871, J.J. Cook bought 24 more acres from John Harris. Jefferson Cook died in January of 1906 and his wife Charlotte followed him in November of that year. Both were buried in Palestine Cemetery.

Seven children were born to John Jefferson and Charlotte Cook.

They were:
(1) William T. (Sept. 23, 1847-March 28, 1926). He married Nancy Angeilne (June 5, 1858-July 13, 1930). They had four children: Albert H., Ada, Ida, and Altie.

(2) Robert Andrew (Feb. 19, 1849- Nov. 26, 1908). He married Nancy C., who was born about 1854. Three children were born to this couple: Lula, Bulah, and Charlie.

(3) Albert Jefferson (August 23, 1851- ?). No marriage or death date is given, so he may have died In Infancy.

(4) Marilda Cook (December 21, 1861-Feb. 24, 1862). (5) Samuel Lee Cook (1864- 1866).

(6) George Washington Cook (May 11, 1865-Oct. 7, 1900). George married Ada Jane Barnett (June 4, 1870-June 11, 1958); both lived ln the Shiloh community. They had two children: Ode Bell and Velina Victoria.

(7) Mary Clementine Cook (June 22, 1870-Oct. 15, 1953). Mary married James Isaac Smith (December 18, 1865- Dec. 18, 1957). Five children were born to Mary Cook Smith: Hardin, Lona Alice, Gardie Edgar, Toy, and Denny Forest.

Mary Cook Wilson, sister to James Jefferson Cook, also migrated to Calloway County, although It is not known positively If she came at the same time that her brothers did. She married James R. Wilson, a varnisher who was born in Georgia about 1840. The 1870 Calloway County Census shows a James R. and Mary Cook Wilson living in the Wadesboro area. James must have died between 1870 and 1880, because Mary is shown as living with her nephew William T. Cook in the 1880 census. She died sometime after 1880, although the exact date is not given.

Next week I will continue with John Jefferson Cook's brother Thomas, the other Cook family member whose Wed in Calloway County.

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