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By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
(A Column of historical and genealogical anecdotes, stories and family notes.)
Calloway County, Ky.

The Green Family

Nov 3, 1979
This week, I am going to give a brief outline of the Green family. This material was getten from research done by Jesse Ross. It is interesting to me to go through some of the family trees that have been collected, because they are all so Intertwined - a researcher can start with one family name and find himself branching out into many other familiar families.

Colin Green was born in Stewart County, Tennessee, about 1800. He lived in Indian Mound, where he married Miss Winnie Hogan on September 3, 1839.

'Cohn Green died April 22, 1857, and was buried in the Indian Mound Cemetery. The next year, his widow Winnie, moved to Trigg County, evidently to live with her son Samuel.

It was here that she died on August 9, 1879, and was burled in the Dixon Cemetery, in what is now Land Between the Lakes. Her grave ls unmarked by a tombstone.

'Cohn and Winnie Green had five children: William L, Samuel Davis, John, Elijah Jeremiah, and James Green. Their families are briefly outlines below.

William L. Green was born August 22, 1839. He married Eudora Marshall May 2, 1860. Eudora Marshall Green was the daughter of John and Martha Biggs Marshall, and she was born February 24, 1838. William Green was a Confederate soldier, serving In Company H., 8th Arkansas Infantry; he was wounded and taken prisoner for two years before returning home in 1867.

William and Eudora Green bad five children:

Cynthia Susan (Futrell), born 1861;
Sarah (Compton), born 1862;
Mathew, born 1866;
John, born 1874;
Martha Letisha (Evans), born 1880.

Eudora Marshall Green died February 15, 1916, and William Green died July 26, 1927; both were burled In the old Ricks Futrell Cemetery, near Laura Furnace, Land Between the lake.

Samuel Davis Green was born October 27, 1844. He married Miss Mary Josephine Futrell, daughter of Perry and Elizabeth Colson Futrell. Mary Josephine was born October 13,1850. Samuel and Mary Josephine Green were married October 10, 1867.

Samuel Green was also a Civil War veteran, choosing to fight on the side of the north. He and Mary Josephine were to be parents of 21 children, 18 of which died in infancy, while three lived to adulthood.

Elizabeth Pinkie Green, sixth child of Samuel Green, was born April 29, 1874. She married William B. Shaw on January 31, 1890. William Shaw, who was born April 18, 1866, was the son of Newton and Martha McCIain Shaw.

Pinkie and William Shaw had six children: Kelly, born 1891; Maude (Berkley) born 1894; Roselia (Litchfleld), born 1897; Luther, born 1901; Roy Tony, born 1903; and Homer, born 1906.

Pinkie Green Shaw died October 25, 1915, and Is burled in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, as is William Shaw, who died December 17, 1916.

Mary Winnie Retter Green, seventh child of Samuel and Mary Josephine Green, was born October 12,1875. She married Robert Lee Ross, son of Reverend J. M. and Amanda Futrell Ross, on October 4, 1892.

Robert Lee Ross was born May 25, 1871.

Retter and Robert Ross were the parents of eight children; Beulah (Holland), born 1893; Emma Josephine, born 1895; John Davis, born 1897; Mary Better (Garland), born 1899; Katie (Fox), born 1901; Prentice, born 1980; Bertha (Hendon) born 1906; and Jesse, born 1908.

Robert Lee Ross died June 3, 1914, and was burled in the Dixon Cemetery, Land Between the Lakes. Retter Ross later married Samuel David Shaw in 1925; he died In 1942, after which she was married Augustus Cullen Jones in 1945; Retter Green Ross Shaw Jones died April 19, 1956, and was burled next to her first husband, Robert Ross in the Dixon Cemetery.

Next week, I will continue tracing the Green family.

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