Echoes From The Past

By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
(A Column of historical and genealogical anecdotes, stories and family notes.)
Calloway County, Ky.

Letter Received About Cemetery

April 5, 1982
Last week I had a letter from Meredith Rogers, concerning an old cemetery in which he has ancestors buried. He wrote:

"I want to make you aware of a family cemetery near the Calloway/Graves county line which is not included in your book, or the Graves County counterpart. This cemetery is located at the former Swann community and was used by the Gupton family, with the last burial in 1936. It Is south-southwest of Howard's Store, and approximately 1 miles north-northwest of Lassiter Cemetery No. 5. The cemetery is directly beside the road.

"I also enclose a family group sheet listing those buried there. James T. and Missouri Gupton are my great-grandparents. If you want more information, you might contact my father, Taz Rogers... "I guess I am asking you to include this cemetery with your records. If there is a second printing of your book or other opportunity to make this cemetery known to future generations, please include this information."

I made an attempt to find the cemetery, but evidently did not drive far enough down the road indicated on the map, stopping at the old Bethel church, since I realized that I was in Graves County. Today I called Mr. Taz Rogers to inquire further about the cemetery. He told me that it was indeed in Graves County, about half a mile further on down the road.

However, since the people buried there have connections in this county, I am including the information in this column for those who would like to add it to the Calloway County cemetery book. I will be glad to do the same with any other cemetery which I hear about in the future.

James T. Gupton and his wife Missouri Amazon Anderson Gupton are buried within a concrete retaining wall, but there are no tombstones. James was born in 1849 and died March 10, 1918. Missouri Gupton was born in 1846 and died Dec. 19, 1936. Her obituary, which Mr. Rogers sent along, is included in this column.

Children of James and Missouri were: George B., November 7, 1871 -August 1957, married Allie Guynon, both buried at West Fork; Hattie Leslie Gupton, August 8, 1874 - January 7, 1930, married Spencer Boyd Hackett, both buried at Sinking Springs; Nettle Gupton, October 6, 1876 -December 6, 1944, married Lon H. Snow, both buried at Antioch; Edd Gupton, January 20, 1879

- October 7, 1879, buried in the Swan Cemetery; Minnie Gupton, Sept. 1, 1882 - October 2, 1883, buried in the Swann Cemetery. Her twin, Mayme, September 1, 1882 - November 29, 1892, also is buried in the Swann Cemetery, as Is Ruble Gupton, wife of Er-yin Garrison, March 14, 1887 - March 26, 1908. Allie Gupton, youngest child, August 25, 1892 -1974, married Ethel Garrison Wyatt, and they both are buried in the Lassiter Cemetery on the state line road. -

Missouri Gupton's obituary, as it was pinted In the Ledger/Times in 1936, reads: ''Mrs. Missouri 'Grandma' Gupton., died at the age of 90 on Monday, December 19, at the home of her son, G.B. Gupton, near Coldwater. 'Grandma' had been seriously ill of pneumonia for eight days.

"She is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Lon Snow, near Penny; two Sons, G.B. Gupton, Farmington, and Aley Gupton, Murray. She also had five deceased children; Mrs. Hattie Hackett, Mrs. Rubie Garrison, Miss Mayme and Miss Minnie Gupton, and Ed Gupton. "Mrs. Gupton also is survived by 15 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren. The funeral was held by J.B. Swann and J.H. Churchill at the home of G.B. Gupton, and the burial was in the family cemetery at Swann."

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