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By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
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Calloway County, Ky.

First Generation of Millers in County

October 25, 1980
This is a summary written by Ernestine Bucy, of her findings concerning her Miller forebearers in Calloway County.

"With the help of Mrs. Mary frances Stubblefield, Miss Era Miller, and Mrs. Imogene Paschall, I have been able to account for the First Kentucky generation of the Family of Jacob and Zellah Miller ( born 1780,1781) who came from Randolph County, North Carolina in the late 1830's.

"The Millers setted an area between Murray and Hazel east of Highway 641. The Miller-Hicks road cuts through land they once occupied. A house, built by Ephraim Miller, stands abandoned on the south corner at the junction of the Miller-Hicks road and the Old Part-Murray Road. Across the road on the north corner, Hayman Miller's house once stood.

"Jones Miller (born 1815) and his brother Hayman (born 1816) reared their families in this Kentucky-Tennessee border area and the Miller sons and daughters did not stray far afield through the 1880's.

"Zelah E. (born 1843) daughter of Jones and known as "Zilly," married Clark Robinson and had two sons and two daughters. They are listed by the initials M.A.F., M. J., A. W. and Joseph in the 1880 Census of Calloway County.
R. Bartholamew (born 1846), called "Thal" went to Texas and I have no further information on him..

"William Jasper Miller, called "Jack," married Susan Caroline Brush and had Henry Haman (1873), Andrew J. (1874), Jones T. (1876), Lear A. (1878), Gemima A. (1879) and Martin and Susie, He is buried at Old Salem Cemetery.

"John Randolph Kirk Miller (1848) married Rose Anna WEst and had Alsie Ashberry (1871), Marion Irven (1865) and Ernest Houston (1888). He is also buried at Old Salem."

"Nancy C. (1852), another daughter of Jones, married Gilbert Hart, and had several children. the 1880 census lists only James T and Obediah. Henry Hamom (1856) married Viola Hood and had Manliff, Clough, Mary, Bascombe, and Lulu.

"Alsey Ashberry, the last child of Jones Miller and Jane Kirk Miller, died at the age of 11 and is buried beside his father at Martin's Chapel. Hayman F. Miller (1816) died at the age of 38, leaving a widow and eight children, one of whomw as crippled. The family remained intact, with the older children substituting for the missing father. Only four of the eight married.

"William A. (1840), known as "Arch", fought in the Civil War on the Confedereate side. (The Millers in randolph County, N.C., had been slave holders.) He died in his old age at a veterans hospital in Louisville.

"Sarah E (1842), called "Sally", was cripped, but sat and did fine needlework for the family. She never married. M. Susan Miller (1844) married John T. Gunter and had nine children, identified only by intitials in the 1880 census: J. I., A. S., A. B., J. A., R. H. E. S., E., Lorena and Ann.

"Ephraim J. Miller (1846) married twice. The first marriage to g. Alice Clanton produced his children James Humphreys Miller (1877) and Lula B. Miller (1879). A second marriage was to Sarah Eula Rogers. Mary Frances Miller (1848) married T. M. Barber. Their children were H. N., Alice, Ella, and Irie.

"Alsey B. (1851) called "Als," also married tiwce-- sisters Zulu E and Laura E. Allbritten. I have no record of any children.

"Zelah Parmelia (1854) , the last child of Haymand and Mary Moore Miller married Thomas Marshall and died giving birth to their only child, Miller Marshall. Celia Miller (1852) was what was then termed an "old maid school teacher" who taught and helped rear her sister's child Miller Marshall. She is buried at Martin's Chapel.

"Life in the early days was harsh and took its toll of young men and young mothers, but the line of the German immigrant, John Frederick Miller, who came to Virginia from Germany in 17u38, continued through the 1880's in Kentucky. It continues to this day."

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