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By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
(A Column of historical and genealogical anecdotes, stories and family notes.)
Calloway County, Ky.

More on the Outlands

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I received a very nice letter from Mrs. Euda Bowlan of Tecumseh, Oklahoma last week, stating that she had answered the query from Mrs. Sarah Roper of Louisville, in regard to her search for Outland family history. She says,

"I have Mrs. Roper's ancestors (Futrells and Outlands); I have already sent a lot of this to Mrs. Roper but thought you might want to put some of it in a future article. Mrs. Roper's mother was Lola A. Outland, daughter of Joab Outland (1850-1932), married October 29, 1876 in Trigg County to Sarah Ann Futrell (1857 Trigg County, died March 28, 1931 in Calloway County).

"Sarah Ann was the daughter of Henry Futrell, born July 24, 1831 and died January 6, 1895, in Trigg County. He first married July 18, 1851 to Elizabeth Futrell (1834-1872), daughter of Cullen Futrell and Martha E. Griffin. Henry second married Sept. 2, 1875 to Mary Elizabeth Compton, a widow.

Cullen Futrell(1801-1846) was the son of John and Elizabeth DeLoach Futrell. Martha E. Griffin (born July 27, 1815 in Northampton County, North Carolina, died Nov. 21, 1887 in Calloway County, Kentucky, buried in the Miller Cemetery, near Murray), was the daughter of Elizabeth Futrell (17881853) and Arthur Griffin (1775-1824).

Elizabeth was the daughter of Ephraim and Sally Futrell.

"Henry Futrell (1831-1895) was the son of Richard (Ricks) Futrell (1805-1851). In 1825 he married Sarah Outland (1805-1866), daughter of Josiah Outland and Amy Hale Ricks (1802-1851). Henry was the son of Nathan Futrell (1773-1829) who married (before 1798) Charity Futrell (1777-1812), daughter of Thomas and Sarah Bittle Futrell. Thomas Futrell was the son of John (1715-1788) and Martha Futrell

"John Futrell was the son of Thomas Futrell, born 1670 and died 1739. He was reared in Virginia and moved about 1720 to northeast North Carolina; he was In Bertie County, North Carolina by 1723.

"I have more on the Futrells and a lot more on the Outlands. They date back to 1650 when they came to Virginia from Holland. I got all of this from a book, The Batchelor-Williams Families and Related Lines, by Lyle Keith Williams. It may be in the library there or Murray."

If there is anyone else who would like to contact Mrs. Bowland, her address is 606 N. First St., Tecumseh, Oklahoma 74873.

I also heard from Ed Garrett, of Murray, that he has seen the cemetery in Mississippi where the two young Civil War soldiers referred to in last week's column are buried. He has promised me that If he goes back this summer, he will try to get a picture of their grave.

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