Echoes From The Past

By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
(A Column of historical and genealogical anecdotes, stories and family notes.)
Calloway County, Ky.

The Shaw Family

June 13, 1981
Today I am going to reproduce a short history of the Shaw family in Tennessee. This was written by Hazel Shaw for the new Stewart County History that I referred to last week.

"Leonard Shaw, Sr., born in Virginia Oct. 29, 1795, came to Stewart County, Tennessee with other relatives before 1820. He settled on the south side of Prior's Creek, near the Cumberland River and lived there until his death April 1, 1851. He was buried in the old 51mw Cemetery, on a hill west of his home. No known burials in the Shaw cemetery in the last one hundred years. "Leonard Shaw Sr. married Levizy.

They were the parents of eight children: Newton Shaw married Martha McClain; Rachel Shaw married William Fuqua; Carolina Shaw married Jacob Walker; David Shaw married Niecy Rebecca Sills; Vicey Shaw; Wilford Shaw; Harriett Shaw; and Leonard Shaw Jr. married Sarah Ann Futrell.

"Newton Shaw was born 1823 and died 1887. He married Martha McClam who was born in 1826 and died in 1882. He married in Stewart County, Tennessee Oct. 27, 1844. Newton and Martha were my (Hazen's) grandparents. Soon after their marriage they moved to Trigg County, Kentucky.

"Martha was the daughter of Thomas and Martha Futrell McClain. Both were born in North Carolina and migrated to Kentucky about 1810. Newton and Martha McClain Shaw were the parents of nine children: Mary Jane married James Daniel Vinson; Harried married Theron Rushing; Frances married James Ahart; Thomas J. married Ann Ross; Amanda married Thomas N. Futrell; George Ann married William Dilday; Eliza married John C. Page; William B. married Elizabeth Lee Green, and Julia.

"Thomas J. Shaw was born in 1856 and died in 1922. He was married to Ann Ross Dec. 20, 1888. They were my grandparents. Ann was the daughter of Rev. James M. Ross and Amanda Futrell Ross, who moved to Trigg County, Kentucky, from Stewart County, Tennessee about 1830. Kenneth Ross was born in 1801 in North Carolina and is thought to be a descen dant of William Ross, born i Scotland, who came to Martin County, N.C. about 1810. The family of William Ross, or a part of this family, came to Stewart County.

"Amanda (Futrell) Ross was the granddaughter of Nathan and Charity Futrell. She was born in 1773 and died in 1829.

"Nathan, a Revolutionary War Patrior, and Charity were among the earliest settlers in Trigg County, Kentucky. In 1799, they migrated from Northampton County, N.C. and settled on Donaldson Creek, Trigg County. In 1820, Nathan Futrell and family moved to the "Land Between the Rivers" and settled on Ford's Creek.

"Thomas J. Shaw and Ann (Ross) Shaw were the parents of six children: Almeda Shaw married Willie Holsapple; John A. "Pete" Shaw married Vollie Tucker and later Ora Tucker; Docie Shaw married Johnnie C. Shaw; Hazel Shaw; Bruce Shaw married Floy McDougal; and Porter Shaw married Peachie Hendricks and later Vina Hicks. "Miss Hazel 51mw, a graduate of Murray State University and a retired schoolteacher; taught 45 years and her sister Mrs. Docie Shaw, reside in Hardin, Marshall County, Kentucky."

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