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By JUDY MAUPIN *- Echoes From the Past
(A Column of historical and genealogical anecdotes, stories and family notes.)
Calloway County, Ky.

Inquiry On The Wilsons of Calloway Co

Nov 1, 1980
I have been receiving quite a few requests for help in getting information about families in this county lately; one of the most recent ones came from Mrs. Ira E. Lew, 108 Trevecca Lane, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830. Mrs. Lew writes:

"Your column in the Ledger is well worth the spiraling cost of subscribing to it. I do enjoy the purely genealogical ones as that is my interest. My roots have been in Calloway County for 150 years, and some of the families I am researching in the area include: Holland, Skinner, Hood, Miller, Hay, Billington, Wilson, Allbnitten, and Burton on my mother's side; and Barnhart, Jones, Andrews, and Redden on my father's side. However, I will limit this letter to one family and the descendants of one generation, i.e., Marquis deLafayette Wilson and his descendants.

"Marquis deLafayette Wilson was born in Tennessee (Bedford County, I believe) on October 25, 1799. He married Anna Calhoun Neal, who was born on January 26, 1802 in North Carolina. They probably were married in Bedford County, Tennessee about 1818. Fires have destroyed the courthouse records of that period. A child, Jonathan Alexander, was born in August, 1819. Subsequent children were Mary Jane (born 1830), Charles (born 1832), James Kinkaid (born May 12, 1834; died July 19,1918), Albert Gallatin (born August 16, 1836; died August 5, 1894), Virginia Neal (born 1838?), Amanda and Frank.

"Marquis deLafayette Wilson sold his land in Marshall County, Tennessee and moved to Calloway County, Kentucky in 1853. Family tradition says it was because he was opposed to slavery. He and his wife both died in Calloway County, Kentucky in 1887 and 1872 respectively, and are buried in the Dale Cemetery.

(Daughter Mary Jane married late in life after 1870 to a Mr. Reed in Southern Illinois, James Kinkaid married Martha Jane Hogue. He died July 19, 1918 and he and his wife are buried in the Dale Cemetery. Albert Gallatin, my ancestor, married Mary Melissa Patterson, died August 5, 1894, and is buried at New Providence, Kentucky. Virginia Neal possibly married a John Gingles, and Amanda possibly married a Burney Wilson. I have no information on Charles or Frank. Jonathan Alexander married Charity Sugars MeLemore in 1840, and he died in April, 1891.

"The above information is what I know on this family. The following is what I do not know and would like to find out. I do know there are many descendants of M.D. Wilson still in Calloway and surrounding counties, and perhaps they can help in compiling the Wilson family from M.D. to the present.

1. When and where did Marquis deLafayette Wilson and Anna Calhoun Neal marry?
2. Who were their children in addition to the ones mentioned above? The late Gordon Wilson of Bowling Green, Kentucky, stated that only some of their children came to Calloway County with them. Others were already grown and married, and remained in Marshall County, Tennessee.
3. Who were the spouses of Mary Jane, Charles, Amanda, and Frank; and are there any descendants on these lines?
4. "I'd be appreciative of any information or leads you or your readers could provide on this family. And I'm also more than willing to share the information on all the other family lines I am working on."

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