Trigg County, KY
At Golden Pond

Ferguson Springs School, 1942

Beginning at Top Row, L-R :
Ben Thomas Newton, Bill Fennell, G. C. Fennell, Flem Colson, Billy Lamb, Hassie Higgins,
Glada Holland, Bobbie Lyles, Jane Lyles, Estell Smith, Betty Jane Fennell, Betty Pearl Prescott,
Walline Chambers, Susie Fennell, Jean Fennell, Linnie Ruth Newton (who is holding William Colson),
Shirley Colson, Helen Lamb, Carrie Lane Wallace, Mary Grace Colson, Hyram Chambers,
Joann Lamb, Howard Higgins, Delores Dunnigan, Marjorie Turner, & Freddie Dunnigan.

The teacher was Carrie Lee Lane Wallace, pictured top right.

Photo courtesy of
Mrs. Bill Smith
Trigg County History and Genealogy