Pugh Flat, located one mile East of Highway 139, 5 miles from Bumpus Mills, Tenn. opened in the I 880s. The original building, on donated plot by a Mr. Stagner, began sessions in a log structure with daubing and shingle roof, in late I 880s. Mr. Will Hooks, teacher in photo, invited all ages on picture day.

In 1905 Pugh Flat Church was organized in the schoolhouse - Bro. Pruitt pastor. When revivals and school sessions conflicted, a brush arbor was erected nearby. Teacher and students lined up and marched over to attend midday services. This custom was continued, since parents and teacher weren't "told" it was illegal - there's separation of church and state - Aren't we grateful they had freedom to attend - thank the Lord!

No "outhouses" were provided at first and privacy by opposite sexes was sought on opposite sides of the playground. Pugh Flat had no monopoly on "outdoor plumbing."

Pails or split baskets held lunches shared by all family members. Slates were used by most. Math, penmanship, reading, and spelling were all mastered to the tune of a hickory stick. Maude Shelton McKinney, remembered an example of their spelling. Our mother, at age 92 - The word - honisoitquimelypense. Quite a word!

A flu epidemic after WWI in 1918 forced the closing of the school in Oct. and classes didn't resume that year.

The loghouse was replaced in 1910 by a weatherboard structure. An iron bar running the length of the room caused much trouble, according to Mrs. Louise Feltner, Teacher. Boys used it for a chinning bar! A platform across the front had a long recitation bench where each class was called to be taught and heard. Their programs for holidays were performed with sheets for curtains. In 1920 Mrs. Feltner's school opening was postponed by parents and trustees in order for students to harvest crops. Flexible Calendar, Cooperative board and parents - Two outhouses now eliminated cases of poison ivy.

The last building with a porch (and a 7 months session) lasted until approximately 1944 when the government bought surrounding farms for a military base, Ft. Campbell. Students were bussed to Union or Cadiz.

The land and school building were bought by Murray Shelton. Building was moved.

Teachers include: Dates approximate
Will Hooks very early 1900s, Nannie Wilson early I900s,
Annie Patterson 1910, Addie Rose, Jagoe Thomas 1912,
Birdie Burke 1918, Lydia Cox 1919, Louise Can 1921 -(Feltner), Anna Feltner, Ella Thomas, Lucille Thomas,
Julia Thomas, Charlie Feltner, Eunice S. Howell, Montana McKinney, Annie Can Williams, Frank Wolfe,
Mariah Smith last teacher.

Information collected from Louise Can, Bertha Francis Lowe and others. - Verna Scott
* - Trigg County History Book Volume 2

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