Trigg County Family Photographs

From the Collection of Mrs. Ruth M. Hill

Garius Hill the grandson of Ruth M. Hill has generously submitted the following photographs of his family. These page are in tribute to her.

Rev. Frank M. McCawley and his wife
Lucy J. Turner McCawley
children: Ruth and Ovid



Lillie Inez Gilson wrote: March 16, 1999

Energy was established by the Rev. Frank M. McCawley, five miles Northwest
of Golden Pond in Trigg County.  It obtained its name from the fact that
Rev. McCawley; a Baptist minister was a real active person.  Not only was
he a minister but he combined his duties with operating a store, farm and
mill.  Rev. McCawley was born near Linton, KY.  His father had been a
soldier in the Union Army, during the Civil War.  The post office was
established June 10, 1902.  The Post Office was discontinued January 23,
1929 and its business was transferred to Golden Pond.  He was the first
Postmaster there.  I assume that he and Grandma Lucy J. Carr McCawley moved
soon after to the Center Furnace in Between the Rivers.  There he ran the
Post Office and managed the store there until 1935.  Dad (I.B. Hill) tells
the true story that follows:  

Grandpa McCawley had just received a large box of Baking Soda.  He placed
the large box at the far end of the counter.  He would carry just one box
of the soda at a time to the other side of the store and put it on the
shelf.  Dad picked up the crate and moved it closer and Granddad McCawley
began to fuss and tell dad that he wanted to get some exercise.
In Grandma and Grandpa McCawley's later years they lived with Grandma and
Grandpa Charlie Hill below Grand Rivers.

He loved vegetables and would fill his dinner plate with a variety and then
he poured hot pepper sauce around over the plate.  For a long time he had
only one tooth and a half.  He called me daughter and he would say,
"daughter I can eat alright with that tooth & half.

Grandpa had a vegetable garden as long as he was able to work.  The cedar
tree at Grandmother McCawley's grave was brought by him from the farm below
Grand Rivers.  He dug it up and carried it all the way to the Cemetery
(Dixon) and planted it himself.  Cedar Trees were planted as headstones a
long time ago.  Cedar trees have a long life. 

He lived to be 90 years old.  (Exercise is good for you.)

Inez Gilson wrote:
Grandpa F.M. McCawley was most intelligent.  (I believe this is where our
family received its smarts.)  He knew the Holy Bible very well - did in
fact memorize entire chapters.  He preached at Hematite Church Between the
Rivers.  There was a marble pedestal pulpit with the inscription F.M.
McCawley and gave a date also.  I tried to find the marble pedestal after
the church was torn down, (as all buildings were destroyed in Land Between
the Lakes.) but could not find it.  The Boyd Hudson family bought the
building and hauled it away.  I approached them about the marble piece and
they denied having it.  Grandpa was the manager of the store at Center
Furnace.  I was born there in 1931.  Store closed in 1935 forever.  Daddy
(I.B. Hill) lived there in the living quarters with Grandpa McCawley and
Grandma McCawley.  Daddy taught the country (8) grader school at Fulton
nearby.  After Dad and Mother married (Lena McWaters) they lived there and
so did I from 1931-1935.

Grandpa and Grandma McCawley moved near Uncle Ovid and Aunt Josie McCawley
- who lived in Trigg County, between Cadiz and KY Lake.  Later Dad moved
them to a 2-room house close to his store building in Between The Rivers. 
Dad built the house new.  Grandpa was a very active person.  He planted a
large garden each year near their house.  He was known for his long walks. 
He knew just how far he had traveled when he returned home.  This is how he
did know.  (He counted his steps and picked up a small stone and put it in
his pocket after so many steps.)  When he arrived home he could calculate
just how many miles he had gone.  The red hair in our family came from his


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