LYNN,W. C. - C.S.A.
January 12, 1905
Mr. W. C. Lynn Returns to Trigg County After An Absence of Forty Seven Years

We had the pleasure yesterday morning of a call from Mr. W. C. (Tobe) Lynn of Dallas Texas, who is here on a visit to his niece, Mrs. J. W. Mc Kinney.

Mr. Lynn was born and raised on what is now known as the old John Dyer place, on the Cadiz and Canton pike, four miles west of here. He was born in 1837, and lived in this county until 1858, when he moved to the Purchase country. He joined the Confederate army in 1861 and went through the war. After the war he located in Ballard county, where he was married to Miss Mollie E. Holt, aunt of Mrs. Mc Kinney. In 1871 he moved to Texas, where he has since lived, this being his first visit back to Kentucky, and his first visit to Trigg county since he left it in 1858.

Mr. Lynn has been living in Dallas for thirty three years, and his wife and three of his eight children are still living. He is a carpenter by trade.

He is a most interesting conversationalist, and this was one of the most pleasant and interesting calls we had had for a long time. He will be her about a week longer.