Wildcats Boast 4 Wins Out of 7 Games

James Guess
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Trigg High's Wildcat team had chalked up
4 wins and 3 loses as it closed its season for the holidays.

Coach Lee Redden began his first season with the Wildcats with a squad of 15 players, the tallest regular being five feet 11 inches. His team piled up 219 points in seven games for an average of 31 points a game to 25 points for their opponents, who have an average of 36 points a game.

When the 1943-44 season opened, Coach Redden found himself with but four regulars of last y ear's team. He immediately set out to develop his small, ambitious players. Some had never played on a team, this being their first year at Trigg County High, but they are turning out nicely, according to Coach Redden's report. Looking into the Wildcat's scorebook, we see that they haven't made a bad start after all with 4 wins out of 7 trys.
Regulars of the last years' Wildcat squad are Captain Winthrop Hopson, Frank McAtee, James Guess and H.C. Hunter. Last years' second stringers and this years' beginners are Tommy Cunningham, Henry Richardson, Joe Boren, Jackie Smith, Rex Francis, Marvin Dunn, Kiedell Bridges, Robert Thomas, cecil Vansaandt and G. T. Wallace who is the tallest man on the squad, standing six feet three inches.

The pre-holiday record of the Wildcats is as follows:
Wildcats 27, Cobb 25
Wildcats 43, Eddyville 42
Wildcats 30, Pembroke, 44
Wildcats 39, So. Christian 35
Wildcats 27, Kuttawa 38
Wildcats 37, Sinking Fork 30
Wildcats 16, Lacy 38

Checking up on some of the players we find that James Guess, foward, has an average of 14 points a game. Captain Winthrop Hopson, who plays the center position, is known for his famous jump shot, which he tried without success against Lacy. Frank Mc Atee and Henry Richardson, the snappy guards for the Wildcats this season, have shown good ball playing in all the games, but did their most outstanding playing as they worked the ball up and down the floor in the South Christian and Sinking Fork games. Tommy Cunningham, the little forward with the speed of lightning, is very fast on defense or offense. Joe Boren, who substitutes for center and has started for center in the last two games shows his abiity to get off the floor.

H.C. Hunter, the only boy on the squad to receive his call for the ARmy, will be leaving to play on a bigger and better team, having Uncle Sam as his coach.

According to the referees, the Cats have always displayed the best of spsortsmanship in their contests.

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