Out Our Way

October 2, 1943

Word has been received of the marriage of Juanita Cummins to John Moberly, U.S. Army, on September 5, in Lexington, Ky. Miss Cummins served at T.C.H, as librarian during the last semester of the 1940-41 year and all of 1941-42.

Eva Dae Allen, a graduate of the 1943 class, is serving as T.C.H. office girl this year.

Since the beginning of this school year, quite a number of former students have visited Trigg County High. Included in this group of returning alumni are Stan White, Jean White, Jean Mitchell, Willie Dale Bridges, Anna Louise Bridges, William Swift, W. J. Hopson, Dorothy Sivills, Margie Brown, Etheline Dunn, Mary and Martha Maddox, Marshall Cooper, Margaret Nell Feltner, Van Rye, Ray Ventura, trim Major, Homer Parrent, Frankie Jones, Sam Ford, Shirley Coopere, and Jean Martin.

Geraldine Greene, who attended T.C.H. year before last was recently married to Pvt. Buddy Smith of Camp Campbell.

Jean Mitchell and Harvey Sizemore were married August 7, 1943. Harvey graduated in 1941 and Jean would have been a senior this year. They are living in Nashville, Tenn., where Mr. Sizemore is employed in defense work.

Agnes Sumner, a '39 graduate, is teaching at Oak Grove.

Dardanella Redick, a '40 graduate, was married this summer to Pfc. Elmer Dale Howard.

Mary Ann Rogers was recently married to Edgar Anderson. Mrs. Anderson, a T.C.H. graduate in 1943, is now teaching at Delmont.

Mary and Martha Maddox have moved to Metropolis, Ill. The twins have attended Trigg County High for the past three years.

Edith Stewart and J. W. cameron, both 1943 graduates were married in May of this year. Mrs. Cameron left recently to join her husband in California where he is serving in the Marine Corp.

Merle Ford, class of '43 was married to Berwick Downs this summer. She is now teachering at Graham.

Mary Hammonds who would have graduated this year, was married this summer to Pvt. Bill Eckers. Mrs. Eckers is now working in Hopkinsville.

Miss Jane Rawls was married on Monday, September 28, to James Hayes, Knoxville, Tenn. Miss Rawls was home economics teacher at T.C.H. last year.

October 29, 1943

More Former students have visited Trigg County High lately. Some of them are:
Wilmuth Francis, Dorothy Siveills, Ethelene Dunn, Margie Brown, Ray Ventura, Jimmie Dew, Willard Fowler and J. M. Towler. Some of our boys in service that have visited are Jimmy Baker, Junior Banister, Robert Hite, Sidney Allen and Wallace Maddox.

Margaret Feltner, 1943 high honor graduate at T.C.H., is enrolled as a freshman at Murray State Teachers College. She is a member of the college band.

Many interesting things were told to the Journalism Class by Edith Stewart Cameron after returning from california where she has been visiting her husband. J. W. He is in the Marines and has recently been moved to Norman, Oklahoma.

Margaret Wallis, a former student at T.C.H.S., is now a student at Draughon's Business College, Nashville, Tennessee. She has written to subscribe to the "Wildcat."

Miss Garvie Malone of Princeton recently visited Trigg County High.

Miss Hilda Hooks and Miss Mildred Kolb, teachers, attended the U.S.O. dance at Camp Campbell, Thursday night, October 28.

Della Lane, a '43 graduate of Trigg County High is now working at the Colorado State Hospital, Peublo Calorado.

Bonnie Tuggle, a former student of Trigg County Hi, has written for a subscription to the "Wildcat."

Audrey Thomas, a former student of T.C.H. was married to George Brown on June 12, 1943. Mrs. Brown left last week to make her home in Nashville.

December 3, 1943

Several friends have visited Trigg County High recently. Some of them are: Jerry Greene Smith, Elizabeth Goode, Barbara Mary frances and Patsy Futrell, Frank freeman, Campbell Wallace, Wilson Bush, Dorothy Orten, Ray Ventura, Evelyn Morgan and Sam Shoemaker.

Some of our service boys who have visited us are: Dempsey Hall, Van Rye, Jimmie Baker, Wallace Gray and Ray Stephens.

Two boys from the Junior Class are now in the Marines. They are Billy Adams and James Graham. They will leave for duty sometime in the near future.

Our office girl, Eva Dae Allen is now Mrs. Futrell. She was married Saturday, November 27, at 4 p.m. at Morganfield, Ky., to Capl. Monroe Futrell. The wedding took place at the Court House with the Judge of Union County officiating.

that thirteen new Beta Club members received club pins after their informal initiation in chapel on November 17?

That we had both Thanksgiving and Friday off for Thanksgiving?

That we enjoy receiving the "Red N'Black," Mayfield's school paper?

That Santa Claus isn't coming to see those students who spell his name with an "e"?

That the Junior say their chaapel program is going to be better than the Seniors?

That Christmas vacation will start at noon Christmas Eve?

That a Young Farmers Class has been organized at T.C.H.S. with several present and former students holding membership?

That there are only eighteen more shopping days until Christmas?

That the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth grades don't turn in their news as often as we'd like?

That the Home Economics and F.F.A. clubs had their formal and informal intitiations on Nov. 3 and Oct 14 respectively?

Club membes stated that even the formal part couldn't be called exactly formal!

That "Roy" and "Fanny" are the only eighth grader on the faculty?

January 7, 1944

Mary Helen Gordon, a former T.C.H. student and journalism student at Murray State College, visited T.C.H. during her vacation and spoke to the journalism class on newspaper writing and publishing.

Thelma Banister, a Trigg graduate was married Friday, december 24, to Orris Hayden Lancaster at Hopkinsville.

Several pupils from the Cadiz Graded School attended Trigg Hi on Wednesday, December 15, becasue of their furnace's being broken. Some of our recent visitors have been Douglas Allen, Charles Henderson, Sam Shoemaker, Ray Stephens, John Minton, Eleanor Darnall, Chappell Aldrich, Barbara and Mary frances Futrell, Mrs. J. W. Cameron, Dollye Feltner and Lillian Adams.

Margaret Nell feltner, a music student at Murray College, spent her Christmas vacation at home in Cadiz. She took part in the Christmas programs at Trigg High. She was an honor graduate of '43.

Jean Gill a '43 graduate, visited here during her vacation. She is now attending Draughon's Business College in Nashville.

Imogene and Ed Dale Riggins, former Trigg High students no living in Murray, have been recent player for the Wildcat Cagers is now a member of the Murray training School team.

Clyde and Louise Turner were in Louisville vacation.

Mrs. Hough left December 17 to visit relatives in and near Baltimore, Maryland. She returned for the opening of school on Jan. 3.

Mrs. J. W. Cameron, formerly Edith Stewart, visited Pvt. Cameron during the holidays?


The Trigg High Band was invited to attend the inauguration of Gov. Willis at Frankfort.

Miss Kolb, Miss Martin, Mr. Holland, and Mrs. Martin missed school because of illness.

Many Trigg Students have been ill since the flu epidemic has struck here.

Some freshman boys are still worrying about Mrs. Watkins' taking growing pills.

Aubrey Woodruff was Captain of the 1938-1939 football team and not Howard Thomas.

Jean Martin, '40 graduate and former office girl at T.C.H. was married Saturday, January 1, to Harold Witty.

Early Perry thought he wanted a "white" Christmas! But now he has decided he'll just take a paper doll. Something the other fellows can't steal.

"Goodbye, Mr. Chips" is the most popular book in the library with the seniors. Especially now after coming back to school after the Christmas holidays they find they haven't read a book to report on this six weeks. No wonder it's popular.

Billy Bush said to John Cowherd Street one morning. "Good morning, Street; pull up a sidewalk and sit down."

Mary Gore's model airplane was a Flying Tiger. Wasn't there someone who wanted to know?

It has been said --- and by "high ranking officials" -- that the boys keep their shower room cleaner than the girls.

Mary Grace Cameron a '43 graduate, visited T.C.H. one day last week. Mary Grace is now employed in a Construction Camp at Knoxville, Tenn.

Mary Redd, a Trigg graduate, was married January 20, to Sgt. Howard Major of Hopkinsville. While attending T.C.H. Mary was a cheerleader one year and a drum Majorette for two years. She was also elected football queen in '42.

At the beginning of this semester Trigg County High welcomed several newcomers: Richard R. Miller, an eighth grader; Kathleen Armstrong, a nineth grader; and Dan Body, a seventh grader.

Jackie Pennbaker, former student of T.C.H.S., now living in Lebanon Junction, was a visitor here last week. Jackie has completed her high school education and plans to enter college this fall. In the meantime she is going to take a labortory technician course at the University of Louisville.

Lois Wynn, who has been attending T.C.H. this year, was married to Marshall Clark Saturday, January 22, at the home of Rev. Luther Sanders, Cadiz, Ky. The attendants were Margaret Wynn and Eura Joyce.

Carolyn Glenn spent mid-term vacation in Owensboro, Ky.

Mary Phil Egerton is taking an ear treatment at Nashville every Friday.

Jane Futrell attended the Western and Murray basketball game at Murray, Saturday, January 22.

Margaret Mize Bridges, a former student of Trigg County High was a visitor here last week.

Jean Martin Witty was our office girl two days this week, substituting for Eva Dae Allen Futrell.

Nacy Sanders, a '42 graduate, visited T.C.H. last week.

Jean Nunn, a sophomore of Trigg County High left January 25 for Frankfort, Ky., to spend the rest of the week with her father, Representative Joe Nunn of Trigg County. Jean will be back to school Friday.

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